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Harvest Moon in Valley Village, any feedback?

Open for breakfast, brunch and lunch Tuesday through Saturday. Lovely, clean space & decor; free parking behind restaurant & post office. Food itself is decent and the staff is very nice.

Favorite dish: Hands down, sweet and spicy bacon.

Things that weren't so great:

I wasn't able to add cheddar to my scramble, even though I was willing to pay extra for it. It seemed like it was because they didn't have a "button" for it on the iPad app that they were using as their register, which was... awkward.

The dish that I got was the House-made Corned Beef Hash & Eggs. Now, I admit that the hash that I grew up with is hash from a can, which I secretly love and sometimes crave. So I was expecting some approximation of that crazy, salty goodness.

Instead, what I got was closer to corned beef and cabbage - large fingerling potatoes and chunks of beef brisket, which were kind of bland. To go with my bland, cheese-less eggs. Which made everything healthy, but definitely not fun.

Hours available here:

More info:

For breakfast/brunch for now, I'd rather go to Charlie's Pantry or Steampunk Cafe, which are both nearby. But I will go back for that bacon.

Waffle House or other waffle spots?

Not sure where you are located, but if you're willing to venture into the San Fernando Valley, there's "More Than Waffles." Not a big fan of the musician that plays there on the weekend, but their waffles and omelettes are delicious!

Their website:

Reviews on Yelp:

More Than Waffles
Encino, CA, Encino, CA

Fresh wild mushrooms?

Are maitakes a new addition to 99? The only mushrooms I've seen at my local 99 are shiitakes, matsutakes and enoki. Oyster mushrooms on occasion. Unfortunately the Whole Foods near me has a pretty sad selection of mushrooms.

The Studio City mushroom stand of yore had morels, bluefeet, and maitakes (mmm they make my lips tingle) in addition to porcinis, crimini, oysters and shiitakes.

More on the mushroom ban:

Thanks for all of the tips! I will definitely check out the Hollywood Farmer's Market and look more carefully the next time I go to 99!

Fresh wild mushrooms?

Went to the Studio City Farmer's Market last weekend after a long absence and was reminded of how much I missed the fresh mushroom stand.

The stand disappeared in 2005 after the mushroom ban but a quick search on the internet seemed to indicate that the ban was no longer in effect?

Are there any other markets in the area that have quality fresh mushrooms (morels, bluefeet, etc)?

Many thanks in advance!