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Dinner for 18 in North Sydney

Catalonia in Kirribilli - really good tapas, not too expensive and a good wine list - you could take over the whole upstairs or patio

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

kmh, Russian Dressing is a US deli and restaurant staple, a combination basically of ketchup and mayo, along with onion, tabasco, sometimes paprika, sometimes worcestershire sauce, depending on the establishment, or the brand of bottle!

In restaurants or diners, when you ask for a salad it's usually amongst the 5-6 options available...

Have a look here for a recipe:

And have a look here for a discussion on it:

Leo, have you tried the delis around Bondi? I haven't yet, but maybe you can find what you're looking for there... Also there is a deli up around St Ives that looks promising, but haven't tried it yet..

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

Now go try Flavours of Peking in Castlecrag, in the Quadrangle shopping village, some of the best fried dumplings around, just straight up Miller Street, across the bridge, left on Sailor's Bridge Road, right on Eastern Valley Way, second light is Edinburgh Road, turn right. Park. Eat.

Australia travel/eat suggestions

Melbourne has Rockpool Grill, Sydney has Rockpool Fish - both still fine dining, just not 10 course degustation menus...

Have a lookf or yourself rach_g:

Beef Base/ Chicken Base in New Zealand???

Shepherd's Pie, Cottage Pie, either way, lamb base does not exist, so you would you beef or chicken in either pie...

Having said that, look into commercial kitchen suppliers, Maggi or Knorr makes a good base, but usually it's only sold commercially in large 1 kilo tubs...

If you can't find it, try Bovril for a beef base, it's pasty like marmite, but it;s beef extract, in the supermarket... in th UK they have a chicken Bovril, but haven't seen it in Australia, no idea about NZ, sorry...

Sydney Food Itinerary


I find it's very hard to compare to a French Michelin 3*, totally different food, but it's great that you liked it so much.

I didn't dislike it, it's just that from all the write-ups and some reviews saying the "best restaurant in Australia" etc... I expected a bit more maybe? or different, not sure, it just wasn't "it" for me, or many others I know...

I also found the wait staff to be incredibly patronising

Even Vue du Monde in Melbourne I found I liked better.

Anyway, glad you liked it

Sydney Food Itinerary

Have you been to Tetsuya's?

I have found tha everyone that has been, myself included, has found it slightly dissapointing...

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

For Mexican go try Flying Fajita Sistas in Glebe, Mex and TexMex, both done well

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

Yep, Fook Yuen is still very good

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

yes, I always forget the name!

Is the Chinese resto in there any good?

Chinese Shreded Crispy Duck (UK Style)

If you come to Sydney, BBQ King has what you are after, just stop them before they pre-wrap your pancakes.

Have you had the duck at Royal China in London?

Moving from San Francisco to Sydney

Great choice! We're just down the road from you in Lavender Bay - it's a great area - have you discovered the food shopping at the North Sydney station mall? Great butcher in there - also have you been to St Honore? some of the best sourdough in Sydney, they have just moved a few doors to 40 Miller Street

Where to live??!

cool, how about tues or weds dinner?

have you been to Flying Fajita Sisters?

Where to live??!

I got a bit waylaid, actually... but was planning on trying some this weekend and next week, as OH is out of town...

Are you game?

Moving to Sydney. Best Place to Live?

We ended up in Kirribilli, couldn' be happier, everything is 'here' and of it's not, it's 10 minutes away!

Where to live??!

Hi Danielle,
We just moved form London about a year ago - We live in the Lower North Sore, Kirribilli is good little village with lots of restaurants and shops - lots of apartments to rent, most of them with water views, think harbour bridge, opera house, lots of boats...

It takes me about 20-25 minutes to drive to North Ryde from here, and commuting in the morning you would be going against traffic -

Here is the best part, you can hop a train and be in the city in 5 minutes, or a ferry and be there in 10 minutes, and if you miss your last train home, a taxi is about $15 dollars, whichis pretty cheap for here!

Be prepared, Sydney is expensive! more expensive than London in almost all respects -

Like kmh said, anything else, ask away!

Anybody have an opinion of the most romantic restaurant in Sydney?

Milsons in Kirribilli has great food, it's low lit, very good acoustics, so you cannot hear what teh next table is saying, and the service is great


The Mexican food suppliers listed are great, but they don't have fresh chiles, they do have dried... but to make chiles rellenos, you really need the fresh, sometimes they have canned, but it's not the same, they fall apart when you stuff them and don't taste as good...

Will go have a look at the Campsie store... if I can find Campsie!!


I'm interested in finding this out as well - I haven't found any in Sydney or Melbourne yet, as a matter of fact, there are many Mexican ingredients that are not available over here, unnless canned or bottled.

There are things like Jicama that you can find in Chinese markets, but poblanos and other chiles I haven't found

Unique Australian Foods

If you're going to the supermarket to find the "true Australia" you will be sorely dissapointed - you will find Velveeta, Philadelphia, (Kraft have a huge plant down here) Paul Newman dressings, Heinz ketchup, Old El Paso, Cheerios, ramens galore, sauce packets, Barilla, and dependingon the area, a little Manischevitz section, or polish section, etc...

So using your logic, you will find that Australia is surprisingly similar to the USA in terms of food in the supermarkets, even down to the strip malls the supermarkets are in...

Why not just focus on eating good food that may or may not be available in the US, but with a different spin...

It's not like Mexico where the cuisine is totally different with many different ingredients -

Nobu Melbourne?

You are so right, jellyface -

The service at Nobu Park Lane was horrendous, which is why I preferred Ubon at Canary Wharf, much better service and better views -

As for the celeb spotting, I haven't been here long enough to have recognized a local celebrity if they bit me... so no worries there!

Did you notice there were no saketinis on the menu here though?

Nobu Melbourne?

True to his original restaurants in New York and London, is what I meant - the menu is almost exactly the same, and surprisingly, the taste of the food is incredibly similar - talk about quality control...

None of it is "authentic" in the true sense, as his food is a mix of his Peruvian/Japanese background, but the food is excellent -

Definitely worth a trip to Melbourne..

Fresh horseradish: Where can I buy in Sydney?

If you're going up to Northbridge for Antico's anyway, go upstairs to the Woolworths - in the Eurpoean/Kosher food section they have imported Krakus Polish Horseradish in a jar - it's really good as a substitute if you can't find the fresh stuff - it's a little jar with a white top and a white and blue label -

Good luck on your search

Fresh horseradish: Where can I buy in Sydney?

A bit off topic, PhilD if you are in London, Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nicks food Halls all have horseradish, as do a lot of the green grocers along Stroud Green Road in North London

Back on topic, I think I saw horseradish at the David Jones food hall, maybe worth a call?

Nobu Melbourne?

Well, I have now been...


All the dishes are true to the original if not better, some have different names, but easyto figure themout - the Black Cod with Miso is delicious, as was the ceviches and sushi, tempura, etc...

The service was great and the room pleasant, except considering it's riverside, I would have expected a view, but it is on a lower ground floor - nomatter, still great!

Canadian foodies looking to dine well -- Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

Rockpool (steak)
Vue de Monde
France Soir

Rockpool (fish)

Nobu Melbourne?

Has anyone tried it yet?

We have booked for Friday lunch -

Chocolate in Sydney (or perhaps wider)

Yesterday I discovered San Churro in the Chatswood Westfield Mall - top floor, next to the Myers entrance in the mall - I had a dark chocolate milkshake which was awesome, but the selection of chocolates and chocolate sauces is incredible- - the churros looked very good also - they also sell a huge selection of bars ranging from 30-70% and with some flavoured ones.

It's a bit of a hike maybe,, but worth it for the chocolate

Rockpool Reopening - Great!

The Melbourne grill is fantastic also - the grilled lobster is amazing...

I'm also looking forward to the Sydney one -

Melbourne Steak

France Soir on Toorak Road - the best steak frites I found in Melbourne - but better book soon if you wnat to go, it will be a busy weekend!