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Barefoot Contessa in Canada

The Food Network USA - yes, you can get them no problem. But I am in Canada, and Food Network Canada doesn't have Barefoot Contessa on the schedule anywhere. To add insult to injury, iTunes will sell you episodes - but not if you have a Canadian iTunes account. I mean, they won't even let me pay good money for this stuff!! Any ideas are welcome.

Barefoot Contessa in Canada

I love the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten). Her show - Back to Basics - no longer airs on Food Network Canada. I haven't seen new episodes in months, and nothing is in the schedule.

I'd pay for it on iTunes - but it isn't available for Canadian customers. No DVDs to buy. Nothing on YouTube. What is Canadian fan of Ina's to do?

Cibo - yyc

I was just there last night. We had a very attentive server, but she told us it was only her 2nd night on the job. The place was packed to the rafters at 6pm, so it's obviously very popular, so perhaps they haven't gotten all their servers properly trained.

I do like the the overall concept of the restaurant (despite the lame terminology!), and the prices are very reasonable by Calgary standards. Last night was my 3rd time at Cibo, and honestly, the food was better the first 2 times. I found the pizza (fior di latte) to be a little lacking.

Avec Bistro and Divino?

We went with Avec and it was terrific. The food was great, very flavorful and is interesting while still maintaining the essence of classic bistro fare. We were also very pleased with the level of service. The atmosphere is very appealing - modern but still very comfortable. We'll be back!

Avec Bistro and Divino?

I have been to Divino several times (always a great choice), but never to Avec Bistro. We have a dinner coming up and I am trying to decide between these two. I am not trying to have a "showdown", just a compare and contrast......thanks!

Calgary - Best Fish and Chips

Any thoughts on the best fish & chips in town (non-bar places if possible...thanks!)

Visiting Calgary w/ 4 Yr old

Here are some ideas for dinner, kid-friendly (I have brought my 2 year old to these places and they have been great):
- Borgo
- Il Centro
- Salt and Pepper (Bowness Location; pretty far from where you'll be)

Kingsland Farmers Market is good to grab a lunch, or to pack your picnic.

Prince's Island Park is nice for picnics. It is also the location of the River Cafe, which is generally kid-friendly, especially for brunch.

Fine Diner (Calgary)

We tried this today. Not terribly impressed.

The biggest problem was with the service. When we arrived, they weren't sure if they had a table for us (even though the restaurant was almost empty). Then our waitress made a number of comments that I think were supposed to be 'folksy', but were just plain inappropriate.

The food is just ok. I think places like Farm or Dairy Lane are way better quality than this place. Two of our party had the breakfast burger - and still smelled of it 5 hours later.

All in all, poor experience and I am unlikely to go back. I was disappointed, as I had heard some good things.

The Big Taste 2012 (formerly Dine Out Calgary)

I have been to River Cafe many, many times; booked in for this weekend for Big Taste, but now wondering: should I just cancel? This review isn't very positive! I don't want to waste my evening.


Fleur de Sel - great food -, although it is more on the pricey side. I recently went to Brasserie Kensington, which has a very French menu. The food was good and fine, but it isn't the best I've had, for sure.

Downtown Calgary toddler-friendly

We took our almost-2-year-old to Borgo and had a fine time with it. They were quick to grab the highchair and the service was fast (we got there about 5pm). The family style approach works well with a toddler, I think.

Fresh Kitchen

Yikes. We usually only get the Friday Dinners and have never had a problem, aside from maybe just not liking something (sometimes, they have weird salads). Hmm. Hopefully we will keep having good experiences.

Anybody heard about Borgo Trattoria yet?

I was just there yesterday, and there was plenty of Cincheti (small bites) on the menu. However, I was there for dinner. Maybe it is different in the daytime between 2-5.

Anybody heard about Borgo Trattoria yet?

We went there over the weekend and I loved it. The concept of building your meal up is great, because you can eat as much or as little as you like. I knew about the concept from reading this board, but the servers explain it to you also so no one should be surprised about how the portions work. Everything is served 'family style.'

The food is superb. Flavourful, delicious, earthy. The arancino (risotto balls) are great - I could have eaten a whole bag of those! The bucatini was fabulous - gorgeous fresh basil with wonderful sauce. We were scraping the bowls. The mains (veal/steak) were great. Again, not large in and of themselves, but they go well when you build the rest of the meal around it.

The service was kind and efficient. The prices are good. We had a great meal for a very reasonable price, especially by Calgary standards. It is nice to see top quality food at fair prices.

This is a great addition to the city and I hope they keep up exactly what they are doing.

Fresh Kitchen

I have been going to this place for years now and I really like them. Yesterday, we had their Thanksgiving meal (24.99/pp) - everything was great - from the butternut squash soup to the pumpkin pie. We have their Friday night dinners regularly and, minus the occasional misfire, they are a delight. I love their concept and I hope they stick around.

Fresh Kitchen
2042 42 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2M7, CA

What's up with this place (Calgary)?

I drive by it all the time and it doesn't exactly look busy. It's a good spot, though - someone open up a little bistro, please!

Chowhound Board Challenge! Fantastic meals under $8!

A sandwich from Janice Beaton. $7.50?

Palm Springs Family Friendly

We are planning a trip to Palm Springs this fall with our almost-2-year old. My husband and I have been there several times, so are familiar with many of the restaurants. However, we may dine out a few times with the toddler. Any recommended places? We were thinking the Adobe Grill, perhaps?

Also, we need recommendations for very good take-out. Ideally, gourmet take out. We will be staying in Palm Desert, at the Marriott Desert Springs. Thanks.

Sep 22, 2011
shopwinedinefine in California

Model Milk - Calgary

Does anyone know if it is opening soon?

Piq Niq

I have been several times over the years, maybe only 1X in the last year or so. It has always been a lovely place to spend an evening.

Cassis Bistro - Calgary

Has anyone been? If so, do tell!

Notable reservations

Ah, you're probably right - it's the best way. I just get annoyed when I want to reserve a table and cannot! (I sometimes dine with people who are not willing to "chance it"). Appreciate the clarification.

Notable reservations

I have been to Notable a few times and have liked it. However, every time I call for a reservation - no matter how far in advance - they tell me that their allotment of reserved tables is full. I find this a bit suspicious. Do they have some business plan to avoid reservations and cater to walk-in traffic?

ISO the best sandwich in YYC

Janice Beaton has really great sandwiches. This week, I had one with brie, bacon, & caramelized onions (with a side of coleslaw) for 7.50.

Hannis for take-out?

I live in the MRU area and happened to see a take-out menu for Hanni's in the mailbox. Is it any good?

Very good restaurant in Calgary?

Perhaps look into Il Sogno, which has wonderful food, low lighting, and is quite romantic (I think). Rush is also good, but 'trendier'. If you get a booth at Rush, it can be romantic. Rouge is a converted house, with a fireplace, so it is romantic, too.

Il Sogno
24 4th St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3R7, CA

Il Sogno

I have been several times, although not in the last year. All of the times I have gone, it has been superb.

Halifax - Gourmet delivery?

My brother attends Dalhousue/lives in residence. I would like to have a gourmet basket delivered to him - I was hoping for cheese....?

Noble in Calgary?

Looking at the hours - I assume they are open for brunch on weekends? Does anyone know?

Brava Bistro Disappoints

I have found the service to be uneven, as well. Sometimes spectacular, other times quite slow and inadequate.