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Is Good Asian possible in Charleston SC?

Try Pho Bac in North Charleston, located by the ice rink. Great Vietanemese food.

Dec 01, 2009
charlestonfoodiegal in Southeast

Willie Jewell's BBQ, North Charleston, SC

Anyone been? Love to hear your experiences.

Good eats near Blowing Rock, NC

Hi, Mark. We will be staying in Banner Elk next week. Any other recommendations other than MT and LP? Thanks

Boone NC and Surrounding Area

Any suggestions for Banner Elk? I realize the choices are limited, but it's been a few years since our last visit.

ISO Upscale great restaurants in Charleston

Try Cypress, it's a beautiful modern locale with a great menu. Ask to sit near the wine wall, you won't be disappointed. My husband loves their salmon wellington. Their steaks are also wonderful. Their cocktails are tasty and worth the price. Let us know where you and your sister went, report back, ellenost!!

Where do local foodies eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Charleston, SC

Cypress, located on East Bay is nice. It's a modern, sleek place with a menu to please any palate. Most of the restaurants on EB have visable sidewalk menus to view. Definitley try SNOB, and give Pearlz a go, it's gotten better since it's initial opening.

Help! Sunday night in Columbia SC... Looking for something unique - non-chain... willing to drive, if necessary to find something other than Outback

What type of food, price range, etc.? Where will you be staying?

Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs

Update on my previously mentioned JM's. This shop has since closed...I knew something wasn't right there...

Feb 15, 2009
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Vickery's in Charleston/Mt. Pleasant

Not a fan. Just go downtown, where the options are plentiful.

Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs

Maybe you will have more luck in your neck of the woods than we do. Our local JM's is a disgrace. They close an hour before closing. When you do get to place an order, they're out of PICKLES, out of BACON, out of many sub callings...Too bad, b/c the one I frequented in NC was always on PAR. It was the best sub shop around. Here, it's a joke, and one we won't revisit. I sense management issues, b/c the last 3 times we went, the employees were notably disgruntled. FYI, this is in Charleston, SC

Jan 05, 2009
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Arby's, just how is their roast beef made?

I knew good ol' ccbweb would have an analysis for us. For one who despises chains and fast food joints alike, his analyses are always on point.

Jan 05, 2009
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Charleston, SC- Cypress's Winter 3 Course Special

I was intrigued by the special as well... I would love to hear your previous experiences at Cypress, if you can remember a few years back.

Charleston, SC- Cypress's Winter 3 Course Special

There aren't many posts regarding Cypress on CH. This special, running Dec. through Jan. caught my eye. Anyone been lately? If so, please do tell.

Applebee's - Worst National Chain Ever?

I frequent certain chains, and have NEVER been to one as horrible as Applebee's. Everytime we drive by one we turn green...

So, yes, BobB, you're entitled to your opinion.:)

Aug 26, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Promise vs. experience on Hell's Kitchen [Spoilers]

Christina did hold the most promise. I'm glad she won, b/c Petrozza deserves better. Ramsay's ruining his rep. w/ this show.

What Was The First Wine Advertisement That You Recall?

I guess it would have to be "Bartyles and James" for me. It seemed so sophisticated from the eyes of a 5 year old! :)

Web sites for waiters / chefs / etc.?

There was one a couple years back named waitersrant, or something similar. It was heavily posted by disgruntled waiters and cooks, hence interesting reads! :)

Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

Love the show, love Guy...look forward to it. Easily FN's most entertaining show.

Planet Green Means Loss of Some Cooking Shows

No more of my beloved Robert? That show was the only reason I tuned into this channel. Hands down one of the most entertaining, informative grilling shows to date. No news of where we might be able to view him in the future?

Kudos for Hominy Grill in Charleston


Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich-where's the chicken??

Thanks, Emm. I was drawn to them at first for the same reasons as you.

Jun 09, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich-where's the chicken??

I've had it 3 times. It tasted good the first time, so I've had it twice since. In my OP, I said never again, due to the lack of chicken. So, have you had it, ccbweb? I wanted to compare across regions.

Jun 09, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Arby's Chicken Salad Sandwich-where's the chicken??

I've gotten this a few times. Got it again today, hoping I would find CHICKEN! I don't know how they can market this as a chicken salad sandwich, when I only found maybe 5 hunks of chicken on the entire thing. It was drenched in a mayo component, and had huge hunks of apple, as if the mayo drenched apple would trick me into thinking I was eating chicken. Never again...Curious if you've had similar experiences?

Jun 09, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

"Consistently Dormant Staff"?

Chick-fil-a is always consistent. Polite, knowing staff, and food is exactly the same, everytime I go. We never go to Applebee's, b/c the ones here are horrible.

Jun 09, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains

Ready for the Next Food Network Star?

Guy the "golden boy" should ask for a new clause in his contract. He's the only reason people may tune into this show. ME? I watched the first episode...won't be watching anymore.

Gordon Ramsay Opens Restaurant in West Hollywood

Hope it does well, as I am a fan. I've read some reviews of its' soft opening and they haven't been completely pleasant.

Charleston with kids

I'm sorry, I would not recommend Coconut Joe's to my worst enemy. Horrible service, horrible food, ridiculous prices. They're a restaurant that takes advantage of their locale...Take a few snacks to IOP, and then refresh for a nice meal downtown.

Summer is almost here: I need a Folly Beach update

Ahh...the Hideaway, we miss that place so much. We had Lil' Mama's deliver last weekend, and it wasn't bad. Husband got a burger that was big and juicy. I got the tuscan chicken sandwich, w/ grilled chicken, artichoke hearts and pesto.

Restaurant for Special Dinner in Charleston

I'm w/ DavidA, SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) all the way. I would suggest making reservations before you get here, especially if dining on the weekend.

Chick-Fil-A Breakfast?

ITA. Those chicken minis are too doughy. I've gotten them twice. I know this, b/c the first time I ate them. The second time I was spitting dough onto the road. Eat more chicken, not dough...right?
One more thing...I like how you can go through their drive-thru and order just the multi-grain bagel w/ cream cheese. It's cheap and good!!

Mar 01, 2008
charlestonfoodiegal in Chains