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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Crust Recipe - How do I get that Buttery Goodness?

As an expat Chicagoan, my 10th anniversary dinner tonight is riding on this crust recipe. Midst proofing the dough, though, I could already tell that this recipe is 100% the proper consistency and precisely what I needed (with a little butter) for a perfect "Old Chicago Pizza" (i.e. Paul's 79th and Cottage Grove deep-dish pie, a/k/a my gold standard forever and ever for the genre) to recreate such a piece of wonder in a Brooklyn kitchen. I confess, though, that I am using Scott Conant's tomato sauce recipe fortified with some extra garlic and a combination of local Bay Ridge and buffalo mozzarella. Wish me luck that our crappy oven doesn't go on strike halfway through baking!

Mar 29, 2011
ene in Home Cooking

Madrid / San Sebastian / Barcelona - help me pare down

Hi, Frodnesor: Quick question: What are the dates of your March trip? I just returned from Barcelona hours ago and *might* be able to assist with regard to your Barca needs. I did not want to begin posting only to have someone berate me for not realizing that the poster was already abroad (it has happened before, and is one of the reasons I am an infrequent poster. Apparently, unlike some others, I am not clairvoyant. It is a cross that this Brooklyn girl must bear).

Mar 09, 2009
ene in Spain/Portugal

Real Sichuan food in Bay Ridge

I have been to Grand Sichuan House several times since opening and I could not be happier to live at 79th and 5th in Bay Ridge.

The steamed pork dumpling are exemplary. The fresh ginger and scallions used in the dumplings is incredible, and the skins, to me, are absolutely perfect. The scallion pancake is most likened to a slightly thinner version of New Green Bo's. I have had the julienned jellyfish with scallion, mung bean noodle with spicy pepper sauce, sliced pumpkin with ginger and scallion, loofah, sweet potato cakes, and the wonderful shredded chicken with sour cabbage. Their soups, particularly the shredded pork with pickled cabbage noodle and the fish fillet with pickled mustard green noodle soups, are wonderful and a welcome change from my 4th and 86th pho addiction, and the shredded potatoes in vinegar sauce is unlike any version I have yet had (blanched shredded potatoes with slivers of pungent green chile in a clear vinegar sauce). I will try to start working through the casseroles soon (the beef and turnip looks particularly good), as well as the plethora of lovely fish dishes being offered. Oh, and the dry and salted crispy pig intestine is very well-done; the best version I have had outside of China. Also, their brown rice (you will be offered either white or brown) is perfection; nutty, perfectly cooked and a wonderful compliment particularly to the vegetable dishes. If you happen to find yourself in and around 86th for shopping or en route to the Dyker Heights holiday houses (a lovely stroll down 86th from the restaurant and not very far at all), this is a wonderful stop. And the complimentary pot of green jasmine tea is quite lovely, as is the ending of perfectly juicy and vibrant oranges. I knew this place was going to be special. I just wasn't prepared for just how special it truly is. Enjoy!

Grand Sichuan House
8701 5th Avenue (btw. 87th and 88th)
Brooklyn, 11209
(718) 680-8887
Mon.-Thurs. 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Fri. & Sat. 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Sun. 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m.

Dec 10, 2007
ene in Outer Boroughs

Burger-Sized Soft Italian or French Rolls?

Thank you so much, Cheese Boy. That is an excellent recommendation. I was planning a day in Queens tomorrow in search of some candidate rolls, and the Portuguese suggestion will allow me *many* more options. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sep 21, 2007
ene in Manhattan

Burger-Sized Soft Italian or French Rolls?

Good morning, and greetings from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Okay...this is an odd request: I have eaten at an absurd number of bakeries in Brooklyn and beyond, but have a very specific request with regard to the *best* burger-sized soft Italian or French rolls in the five boroughs. I am participating in the Build a Better Burger competition in Napa Valley next week and have yet to find a truly earth-shattering, burger-sized Italian or French roll to take to the cook-off. Does anyone have any favorites for their burger needs? I am willing to do a lot of traveling this weekend to find *just* the right roll. I have encountered several excellent contenders, but am curious as to whether or not any Chowhounders have any favorites. Thank you very, *very* much for any suggestions you might share.

Sep 21, 2007
ene in Manhattan