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question - best flour tortillas avail in Greater Vancouver BC supermarkets?

hello - I like the plain and simple Guerrero corn tortillas - usually out on the non-fridge shelf in every supermarket south of the 49th (at least in the Pac NW that is)

I did a bit of research - not a taste test in our house - but I read some articles -




... so next time at the safeway on Guide Meridian (Lyndon) or pretty much any supermarket in BLI - you'll find Guerroro - they are about 7 inch diam. There are white corn and yellow corn types. I freeze them and use them a few at a time - they may make some of our US neighbors cringe (esp if they can get real ones) - however, for us Cdn's - they are pretty good and better than our local supermarket options (tho as S Salmon says, it would be interesting to go to Poco (see above). That was one of our jobs as kids was to find the tortilleria (tortilla factory) in the small Mexican towns we lived in way back when - it was a big conveyor belt that made a very distinctive squeak-squeak rhythmic sound - and it flattened, cooked, and flopped them off at the end (corn) - there were many ladies working on the line - I think pinching off and rolling little balls of dough to go in to the machine and at the finish end making sure the tortillas were stacked and sold. We always took a wicker basket and a clean tea towel and they were sold by the kilo, having been weighed on a "balance" type of scale.

about 9 hours ago
Georgia Strait in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Small Birthday Cake or Cake Dessert reco

yes, I think you'd do well with Papa Haydn's ... I have many a calorie invested way back in the early days at the original location (east side of Willamette) - interesting history

we'd go to Roses too for the really tall layer cake - it was up somewhere near the Ringside off Burnside - can't remember exactly ... there are a couple of current incarnations - don't know how good or if popular any longer http://www.eatatroses.com/history/

and the Rimsky Korsa Coffee Haus in Sellwood area

this is interesting to read - highlights from my PDX era - way before cool hip foodie city ;


- we still go down there - and it's changed - obviously - but still fun small city.


about 23 hours ago
Georgia Strait in Metro Portland

ISO clear glass Norpro corn dishes in Vancouver

hi GE - I happened to be down in Gibsons Landing - up on the Sunshine Coast BC - and the lady owner Karla at "The Seasoned Kitchen" nice boutique says she is placing a Norpro order now - and can get a box of four (4) of these for $28.xx Cdn plus taxes.

you have to order in boxes of 4 and she needs to know soon so she can place her entire order.

she says she expects her order to be here in 3 or 4 weeks (late Aug)

do you work downtown? (like near Burrard & Georgia - Hotel Vanc)

how about if I leave it with you that you call her directly - let her know yes/no - I would think you could order-pay over the phone - and request shipping maybe (or I'm sure if you work downtown someone is going in that direction and could meet you at the Hotel Vcvr on Georgia - Burrard etc)

start here - maybe give her a call whether it is YES or NO, ok, then she knows she can go ahead accordingly -
PH Karla at Seasoned Kitchen, Gibsons BC ... 604 886 7724

hope that helps - now bring on those Chilliwack cobs!

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - new restaurant - Notch 8

re: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - Notch 8

... a report about this new restaurant - esp for those who have to organize corporate meals downtown.

... as many of you know, the venerable Hotel Vanc has been undergoing significant renos of the lobby and porte cochere (the drive-in covered valet area off Hornby over to Burrard)

there are many more "DESIGNER" boutique stores in the lobby now.
the elevators and Concierge are still where they have always been (same people too - good news)

Griffins is long-gone (thankfully - never really liked it - too loud, too crowded, to un-cozy comfy for a meaningful dinner - ie screaming family next to us taking our elderly parents who are hard of hearing out for special anniversary dinner was our experience - food on the floor, food on the chairs, everything that could be happening was happening at our neighbor table - and then it was not even cleaned up by staff after the loud family left so we had to sit next to the mess for the remainder of our special meal)

so - over the winter - the "roof" was open - now it is closed (unless special function) and the former lobby lounge and 900 West venues have been reconfigured in to "Notch 8"

you may wonder - Notch 8 name - it is the most "open" or "high" speed on a locomotive - so they are channeling to a degree their RR heritage - fair enough - and it is tasteful - no kitschy rr decor - it's subtle.

I am not a food-beverage professional - other than being a self-appointed professional customer - so I noticed how they have designed this one room (formerly the lounge and 900 West)in to various sections - which indeed makes sense I"m sure from a staffing and kitchen POV.

*the bar with tall chairs and tV screens - dang - they are for sure an eye diversion - esp if you are there with folks who keep track of tv sports - or kids who can't not look at a screen no matter what it is.
*the lounge with upholstered wingback and other chairs for tea or drinks and light meals
*some proper dining tables - some are nicely secluded for a small corporate lunch/dinner/breakfast.
*some sheltered "nook" type tables reminiscent of a vintage sleeping car on train - very private (tho the bench seats are upholstered in fabric and make it hard to clean - and hard for guest to slide across the bench gracefully - I'd prefer a leather type surface. These are THE tables to request if a very private corporate lunch etc - no eavesdroppers ; )
* and finally, a private dining room - Scotch lounge in the style of a dark vintage library (reminded me of the Library Bar at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, except MUCH lower ceilings) NB - the library dining room is for some reason not "accessible" to guests with significant mobility limitations

if you are booking for corporate - ask to see the tables at the back of the room - closest to the valet parking drive-thru. Or the very private "booths" (see above)

the service was very pleasant - attentive yet not invasive - we were lucky to have an experienced server - that certainly makes a difference. We had late lunch 2pm on a Friday - so there were lots of cruise ship type tourist older people (having drinks and comparing shopping from the hbc) - some corporate socializers - some families - the usual mix. It was busy.

the live music started at 5pm - it was OK - and we usually enjoy it- but they have taken out the piano - so it was a Nora Jones type folk singer with guitar - well, she was professional in her presentation and obviously talented - however, I am not sure her style was conducive to 5pm on a Friday afternoon at the end of a work week when most of us have some celebratory energy to expend (we were all falling asleep with her lullabyes ~)

the food was very good - it's hotel food - however, I know I can count on it - and they do have a menu with a local emphasis - grown, caught etc.

although the salmon option was apparently farmed Atlantic - maybe the recent drought has something to do with that. I was surprised given that 1. Salmon is a given in Vancouver - and 2. the website says "WILD BC SALMON" - so maybe the server was mis-informed or there was a change that day.

another guest at our table enjoyed the halibut

others enjoyed the fresh oysters - a "flight" - very good.

the shared beer yeast bread is hard to resist and avail for a fee - as far as I can tell - I was not in charge of the invoice. It was a bit hands-on awkward for sharing - so if you are with corporate guests -ask your server to divvy it up better than the way we experienced it. ie make it in to slices.

the salad greens - apparently local - were nice and fresh -

drinks delivered exactly as ordered incl good old tap water with lemon slices on the side.

prices were as to be expected at a major downtown hotel - we were happy with the all-round experience and would go back for corporate or personal.

for those of you looking for fabulous Vancouver views - this is not the place - however, for those of us who live here - it is fun and perfect for winter rainy wet weather for sure when you can't really see any view outside.

the a/c climate control seemed fine to me - tho an older guest (our parents are always cold) may need a sweater.

i did not see where the coat check has moved to - but I'm sure there is one at the valet.


thank you.

Closed restaurants, cafes, etc.

I wonder - are some changes due possibly to price of real estate?

in other words - why keep an old building / parking lot if it is zoned and possibly opportune to build for more revenue.

this theory may apply more to the ABC and the McD's on the above list than some others.

or branding - megabite pizza? i did not go there - so maybe it was worthwhile - but the name is funny clever in its day (ie it's dated, no?).

Wine service in Vancouver Restaurants

... on a diff note - I am looking for a "dog friendly" resto in downtown area for visitor friends who insist on taking Barker Bowser everywhere w/ them - I have read about Dockside - did you happen to notice any companion dogs tied next to the outermost patio tables there?

i realize dogs cannot be on the official part of the restaurant patio (thankfully in my opinion) - UNLESS a bona fide service animal in uniform.

thank you.

question - best flour tortillas avail in Greater Vancouver BC supermarkets?

yes, thank you both
I see on the Santa Rosa website - that they show "avail at IGA" - so next time I'm in the small town at the cottage coast - I will check out what they have.

I know IGA is usually pretty good about carrying "local" boutique type products (from produce to cheeses etc)

will report back w/ findings - we grew up in 1960's mexico (west coast, north of Puerto V ---- ) so we will activate our taste memories!

question - best flour tortillas avail in Greater Vancouver BC supermarkets?

... we just want plain flour tortillas (no enhanced colors or flavors) - which supermarket easy available brand do you recommend?

we are making quesadillas on the BBQ grill at the cottage. IGA supermarket is close, and a couple of small independents (well stocked) too.

I like to use corn tortillas normally (I am well supplied with fav brand from WA State) - however they are smaller diameter and kidlets would like the "real tortillas" (the large diam flour ones)

thank you.

ISO clear glass Norpro corn dishes in Vancouver

Hello - how many of these dishes are you looking for?

I might have a lead on some - will find out later today or tomorrow morning hopefully - and get back here with price Cdn dollars.

isn't that interesting - all that Norpro stuff is from Everett WA apparently (well, the company is there - not making the stuff there - we all know where a lot of that comes from ; )

Wine service in Vancouver Restaurants

with due respect - I think that the branding for this particular restaurant is about highlighting "local" (or BC in any event) - and "Oceanwise"

it's a fun location - no doubt - I hope your guests enjoyed beautiful Vancouver BC

here is more info about their brand mission - which explains the menu design. (see link below)

being an Okanagan person - we enjoy supporting the local wine growers we know - the ones that take care of their farms and the natural environment, treat their neighbors respectfully (roundup etc over-spray and cannon noise), etc.

one of our favs is "Elephant Island" in Naramata - fruit wines, certainly, but not the way our grannies made them! (over sweet). Another is Nichol, one of the first farmgate wineries in Okanagan.


ISO clear glass Norpro corn dishes in Vancouver

ok, got it - haha, did they forget to cook the corn before its big modelling photo gig? (the one w/ butter on it)?

ISO clear glass Norpro corn dishes in Vancouver

have you looked at
Home Hardware - in fact, even if not on the shelf- go and ask at the back of the store and they have the computer where they look-up in their master catalogue for you - and then bring it in the following truck delivery usually - that's how the Home Hardware is in our small coastal cottage town nr Vcvr.

or - of all places - you never know -
Cdn Tire

EDIT to add: how about London Drugs - I have not personally looked but I know they have lots of that Norpro brand don't they? (in the kitchen/small appliance section)

is it possible for you to post a photo so I know exactly what I'm looking for in my various rummage travels ; )

thank you.

full pig roaster -- Gelderman Farms (cannon-free blueberries too)

I am not in any way associated with this business - I want to say I was impressed (and fully ready not to be) by a large event I was invited to recently - and it was large pig parts roasted etc - quite amazing and tasty - from this farm out in the Valley.

they supply the raw meat and the cookers

apparently they also sell fertilizer (see website) - and cannon free blueberries (an important consideration to those of us who live near vineyards and blueberries etc)


so if roasting large animals for a large crowd is your thing - I'd for sure look in to this.

ps - from what I understand the cooks started at 6am with refrigerated meat - and then turned it in to fully cooked pulled pork at 330pm.

I don't think the cooks had to stand there over the cookers the entire time - tho obviously for safety etc - someone has to take shifts to supervise the process.

it certainly was tasty and tender. I can't make it like that

ISO clear glass Norpro corn dishes in Vancouver

I think your post is great - and i am nuts about rummage (second hand) stores - i see all sorts of things like this - that people paid good money for - and have either downsized or demised.

rummage is my "museum of modern N Am culture"

so if i find any - for sure will figure out how to contact you - tho it might be next year's corn crop ; )

restaurants in Victoria/Vancouver with dog friendly patios

any updates on this topic - specifically vancouver - ideally west of main st - I looked to see if Vancity Buzz had a 2015 list but I can't find it - thank you.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

our elderly relatives over in the Cowichan Valley enjoy a couple of other spots too - what have you heard about these ones -

1. Maple Bay - I think down in Birds Eye Cove (marinas)- I think it's in an old shed-like building ... the Shipyard perhaps.

2. what is the name of fish and chip place in Cow Bay? they like that place too. Rock Cod Cafe I think is the name.

Oregon-grown Cranberries

in greater Vancouver BC Canada, this gentleman was in the cranberry industry - and he endowed the "JACK BELL FOUNDATION." ... His legacy is a very much appreciated and well-used "van pool" system for the many commuters in our beautiful city

cranberries used to grow out in the peat bogs toward Delta BC.


Sunday evening rec for party of 5

on a different day - lunch? - and very casual - i'd go to Anatolia Express - on the sea walk level on the north side of the newest convention center (the one with the grass roof)

there is a pub next door - some sort of irish theme I think. Yes, that's right - it's called Mahoney's. fab view. Easy walk from convention centers.

steamworks is another casual pub type place at the entrance to Gastown - near the convention centers (walk to it)

Sunday evening rec for party of 5

what about Carderos
beautiful west coast view
you can walk along the sea wall

I assume your 30 dollars pp is in US funds?


Which Richmond Night Market is optimal for food (of course)?

any current updates 2015 night market Richmond BC?
thank you.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

Sharkey's Fish Locker, Roberts Creek, BC
the best.


Road trip Pacific NW

we liked this place last August

excellent oysters
very helpful serving the kids
good beer
great river/ocean view


the glass floor will entertain the kids.

the tram that goes along the waterfront is well worth it

Yakima Area Recommendations

hello - assuming you are going in the height of hot temp season - we go to cool off at this relatively boring restaurant - but it's green (being a golf course) and pretty - and predictable


just go to the mexican restaurants - there are many. Wapato, Toppenish, etc.

the old downtown (around the old historic train station) is pretty - http://www.oregonlive.com/mix/index.s...

there is also the arboretum for a picnic site.
activities with kids:

take a drive thru the Yakima River canyon toward Ellensburg - very scenic.

if your children like trains - check out http://www.nprymuseum.org/ in Toppenish

homemade pizza ideas

Hello Masha - thx for your response - I think we have the same old food processor (smaller bowl) - still works!

i will be devastated the day the bowl or lid etc breaks - ouch. It's one of those machines I use for certain recipes a few times a year.

QUESTION - when you roll out your dough - are you making a _____ inch diam round - thin crust or thicker crust?

Jun 05, 2015
Georgia Strait in Home Cooking

homemade pizza ideas

hello Masha - what is the "windowpane test" - throw it, hold it up, not sure - thank you

if you could provide your food processor recipe - and exactly which yeast - that would be great

my fp is an old robot coupe - smallish capacity - I assume you use the plastic blade? (not the metal one)

Jun 04, 2015
Georgia Strait in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread-June 2015 [OLD]

Trader Joe's handsoap with the pump drives us crazy - what is the top secret technique for opening the pump and making it work?

i have saved pumps from the previous bottle etc

I know there are little arrows (almost invisible at our retired age!)

we like the bergamot french liquid pump handsoap - the foamy one not so much just because of the foamy texture . i know that sounds contradictory - i just had not previously used foamy soap -

so anyone with advice about opening the bergamot liquid handsoap - please reply

Jun 04, 2015
Georgia Strait in Chains

Quark (German Farm Cheese)

Ms Scorpio - you inspired my curiosity - so I bought some Liberte brand at our local IGA the other day

it certainly has a "tang" taste - a combo of soft (spreadable) cr cheese with heavy sour cream - and maybe some more tang like heavy yogurt? Very smooth and full (cream) texture (mouth feel).

how do you use Quark?
I an see it on baked potato ----
or as a dessert somehow with fresh fruit or a compote?

what about for "high tea" instead of devon cream?

Vancouver to the Okanagan and back

good suggestion for casual

being a BC road tripper - i've always enjoyed this blog

Vancouver to the Okanagan and back

what day of the week are you driving EAST - then back WEST? (we know you're late afternoon heading east to YLW. What time of day heading back to YVR? this makes a difference in drive time to get in/out of the metro VAncouver area.

i agree with Waylman and other locals here - it's only a few hours - part of it (east of Hope BC) on a beautiful mountain freeway - I would get out of metro VAncouver (tho your timing looks like it will be rush hour - but there are ways fr YVR out to the Valley to get you going toward Hope) - bring a picnic from the supermarket (there are lots out in the Valley en route, pretty close to the freeway - if you like Cheese, then look for the local cheeses - etc you get the picture.)

you say nothing (EDIT - I meant to type you said "little") of value - I am not sure if you have been to BC before - it is as big as WA, OR and CA put together. And very scenic mountainous for most of the province - so we prepare for that journey. The Coquihalla (freeway east of Hope) will be gorgeous at sunset time - it is dark here by about 930pm so you'll be fine making it to Kelowna.

where are you staying in YLW? It will take you about 20 minutes drive from the end of 97C (where it meets 97) to downtown Kelowna. If you are going north near the airport and UBC-Okanagan, then that's longer drive.

Best local, veg food on an island.

hi Puffin3 - this is not a "ready made meal" however, I do like the mixes that come out of the Valley there - made by Mitchells - handy for last-minute and smaller households where you don't want a whole pantry full of bulk-size bags of dried peas, beans etc. Good for camping / boating / cottage too.