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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - May 2015

I sometimes wonder - when and where will be the first "TJ concierge shopping" with drive thru p/up ---- I agree with all the posts - the parking is a nightmare and the aisles are crowded - it is criminal in a sense that we all crowd in to a place that requires driving and hovering (more exhaust fumes) etc. I like my downtown urban local supermarket and farmer market in many ways - walk to and from not looking strange pulling a little cart of milk and bread ; ) (that's normal in our downtown city area)

1 day ago
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - May 2015

this really has to be the best post i have ever seen about TJ's ---- "My Aunties Shopping List" ---- just the best!

I can't wait to be the topic of a post like yours ; )

only a few more years!

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - May 2015

we shop at TJs in WA and OR - and plan ahead! (as we are from Vancouver BC.)

does TJs still have the QUICK COOK organic brown basmati rice?

(I think I bought the package I am just finishing last fall in Bellingham WA Trader Joes)

if you have not tried it - it really does cook in 15 minutes and retains a nice texture (some go mushy)

(I add it to soup broth - like a brothy poultry soup with veggies etc)

thank you.

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Why is saving at Target so unnecessarily confusing?

you make very good points - i have no solution, sorry to say. I kind of like Target and always spend WAY more than intended there (or online). Like Ikea and TJ's.

and I do use a phone - just not for my whole life any longer. I got my life back, so the companies that try to connect thru every means - they are missing me - but maybe I don't fit their target (no pun intended) market.

May 24, 2015
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Vancouver: Coal Harbor (near convention center)

I think we are more north-south out here than we are east-west in terms of our common sustenance I think (having born and then raised both sides of the 49th)

i would attribute the commonalities to more than just our time zone and relatively mild climate ---- we have food from our shared ocean, our shared rivers, our shared mountain ranges and valleys (largely north-south) - and our work (our BC born and raised dad worked in the forestry industry on both sides of the border as did many other families -

it's interesting that our shared food traditions sometimes have no borders - a good reminder for other topics I'm sure

AND no, we don't add an extra letter or change the er to re or anything on that word "border" ; ) ... in other words, I enjoyed LR's comment about Harbour - above (and a valid point for searches, for sure)

Quark (German Farm Cheese)

i like good cottage cheese (sometimes the batches seem different from week to week, I find) However the sodium content is very high.

is quark equally sodium-filled?

how do you eat your quark (as a spread or a dip, etc?)

i read up about making homemade quark but have not yet tried (I made Feta once - that was a good experiment - as in ... "never again!" - I think because it involved a lot of attention over several days)

is it easier to make quark?

ps - agree with Sam Salmon's comment that even the cottage cheese "frontage" in the display is much smaller ---- seems it's all about the yogurt these days.

EDIT to add --- well, if i would click on your link (above) - then I could see that Liberte Quark seems to have much less sodium than their 2% cottage cheese when comparing gram for gram


Best local, veg food on an island.

here is the menu for Providence Farm - not sure if it's current tho - you'd have to check. This is a very historic and well-operated farm just outside Duncan BC in the Cowichan Valley


Best local, veg food on an island.

I should have been more clear - there are TWO "Gumboots" in Roberts Creek "downtown" (near the store and the little post office etc)

1. the original - the Gumboot Garden Cafe - I have not been in a while because I found it dirty and too casual - the server appeared to have not bathed etc in a long time - not a nice thing to say, I know - however, our dining party noticed. I read some recent reviews and it appears it has cleaned up literally.

2. the bigger, newer Gumboot is right next door - more upscale (if that is possible in the Creek) -- it is in the building that used to be a fancy french restaurant - can't remember the name now. http://www.gumbootrestaurant.com/menu/

I realize both places are not strictly vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free - however, these options are avail - and I know that they do source from some of the local certified organic farms around the coast.

this is the ferry route from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Sunshine Coast, incl Gibsons Landing, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Pender Harbour etc) ---- the next ferry is the Earls Cove to Saltery Bay in order to reach Powell River - then you can take a third ferry from Powell River over to Comox etc. The ferry corp usually offers a pre-purchase special ticket for the "circle route"

Best local, veg food on an island.

are there still the dinners at Providence Farm - also near duncan?

Best local, veg food on an island.

Sunshine Coast - lots of farms, fresh stands at the gate, pay on your honour - not an island. But BC Ferries is the way to get there.

EDIT - meant to say - Powell River too - not an island, BC Ferries is the way to get there. Super blueberry farm on Hwy 101. No propane cannon noise last year. (that's a huge positive for those who know). Many other farms en route.

lots of local restaurants in both of these mainland destinations (ferry only - or float plane or your personal watercraft) - the Gumboot is popular in Roberts Creek, for example


well, they are fantastic (for some of us - not everyone eats gelatin or nuts) - and they come from Cashmere, WA (near Wenatchee)

they have an interesting background story - based on Turkish Delight candy and the local fruit crops of that region of WA.

my friend buys them sometimes here in BC - during candy season, like Xmas - at TBS (the bargain shop http://www.tbsstores.com/ ) or sometimes at LD (london drugs


do department store souvenir areas still have maple syrup and candies like this? Maybe at the Hudson Bay?

i think one time i ate an entire dinner's worth of samples on their "factory tour" in Cashmere WA!

EDIT to clarify - I may be mistaken about the gelatin - maybe it is pectin that makes it "jelly like" - and some comes w/o nuts tho of course is possibly made in a facility that handles nuts. Check Walmart, too.

Southern resto in Marpole - ring a bell ?

LR - this is so funny to see an "ancient" post - from 2010 - then talking about year 2000 approx - i used to work down there Airport Square area - and the most caffeinated coffee in the world in the plaza area of Airport Square - and all kinds of flavours of coffee - it must have been that brand one would get at a gas station maybe now (a name maybe like "van de kamp"?) - anyway - instead of that option - we'd drive like fools during our 28 minute break across Gran at 70th and up West Blvd to Kerrisdale because that was the closest Starbucks in those days(41 and Larch? maybe)- makes me laugh now. so different down there now. Safeway looks nice. Have not been in that one yet. What other restaurants are down that way these days? Excellent 2nd hand charity store for finding kitchen type stuff.

suburb help

... curious to know where you went today (Saturday) for your brunch

frozen fish from China: worth a try?

agree with you about NOT buying from China - more than just food if possible - tho it's difficult. I just planted out my veggies.

Chum is perfectly acceptable if you know where it comes from -

Chilled Pesto Pasta Salad Recipes?

QUESTION - peas - fresh or thawed frozen would be OK too?
QUESTION 2 - spinach - I assume you mean fresh, rinsed baby spinach?

I like the pine nuts -

do you add a dressing?

what style of pasta (what shape) do you use?

thank you

May 09, 2015
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Best suppertime chow and brew near the port in Victoria?

here's another pub on the harbour (I've never been here) - a bit closer to Ogden Point than Spinnakers - the whole point of Spinnakers is that it is the orginal brewpub.


I checked their wine list - and some good ones from Okanagan Valley, BC

Best suppertime chow and brew near the port in Victoria?

i would consider taking a taxi from the cruise ship dock (Ogden Point) over to Spinnakers Brewpub

one of the first in BC - paved the way for the way it is now -

make a reservation - ask for a view table as you are tourist visitors and will want to see the harbor etc.

ps - i looked at the wine list and there are some decent small winery products from the Okanagan Valley, BC on their menu.

Alibi Room - Vancouver - where to park car?

i agree - we have noticed the difference too - EasyPark is better, cleaner, etc.

Williams Sonoma gift card - what would you do?

what fun - if you are fully stocked - do you need to buy a gift for an upcoming wedding?

need a new tablecloth?

new cutlery (silverware)

a cutting board? (that's on my list for sure where our local kitchen shop gives b-day week discount)

i like the W-S "sanding sugars" for baking - esp the red flecked with gold - handy thru fall and winter - even a bit of spring and summer it works.

i notice you say "pretty happy with my knives" - why not be super happy~ makes a world of difference.

Apr 24, 2015
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I Guess It Was Inevitable-Artisan Perogies

yes - we are definitely "pedaheh" - the "d" is almost an "r" - like peraheh - but it has a flat sound to the first E - so the r/d blends - I can't explain in typing

the "heh" part for sure does sound like what horses eat.

our mum relative definitely has a certain way to say it - and she is adamant about that specific way of saying it - and she is born raised 80 yrs ago Edmonton - tho her family origin is eastern Europe.

the best part is debating who is best - which family has best recipe , which grandma made it the best etc - this may sound contrived (stereotyped) ie from a movie - but it is not. I have been to many events (from weddings to memorials and Christmases (we celebrate in January)) where the discussion is all about the food! lucky me who just arrives and observes the conversation (yay a day of no cooking!)

menus always include -


the poppy seeds with sprouted wheat and honey (I can't recall name of this dish right now)

the beetroot horseradish sauce


any good price for freshly made sweet and sour spare ribs ?

our Chinese mum swears (well no she doesn't really) but for sure votes with her wallet re: the New Town Bakery Steamed BBQ pork buns.

I hope the businesses will be up and running soon. I cannot imagine where one would start a clean-up recovery.

there are several New Town locations? this is the only one I know - in Vancouver Chinatown.

I Guess It Was Inevitable-Artisan Perogies

good to know that stuff we grew up being "forced" to eat is now 1. cool & 2. expensive! - like salmon (poor people food in our small town in those days) - and real Okanagan fruit - and real homemade bread (I remember just about dying of shame when a rude Gr 2 classmate held up my "artisanal" home made bread Woodward's pnut butter sandwich for the entire Wonder Bread-fed classroom to view - and mock!)

re: perogy - in our Edmontonian family, we call them "pedaheh" (this is more a phonetic spelling than a true spelling) - it's a Ukrainian dialect word - here is a blog article http://zahlicious.com/2013/01/31/word...

if anyone in the Okanagan, Jane (of Jane's Farmhouse) makes the - no THE best - Grand Forks style borscht and cabbage rolls and pedaheh. In Kaleden (on Hwy 97, east side of highway) and at Naramata farmer market sometimes. here is an article about her -

Please interpret this menu pricing....

i thought that the "Kabob / Chargrilled" matched the 22/12 format - so I thought that was the initial point of this styling.

It is the same format.

what's wrong with a dollar sign?

a decent graphic designer who keeps the objective (and not their creative ego) in the forefront can make a big positive difference. The top couple of lines need to be reworked, for example.

also agree w/ other commenters about the weight of the meat for some, not other. why not all.

Apr 20, 2015
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Alibi Room - Vancouver - where to park car?

hi - I looked at their website - but no info about the safest, convenient public parking.

I don't like driving around in circles looking for a meter -

so is there a safe public parking lot nearby?

thank you

Do you remember...

... wasn't one of the reasons The Cannery restaurant closed was due to the heightened requirements for port security ie MARSEC

(for what it's worth - even BC Ferries posts its MARSEC level at all the ticket booths etc)


Why do people find it so strange to take photos of your food?

agreed. How many of these photos are blog fodder?

in a public venue, i don't mind the neighbor table having a photo of the birthday cake and candles and the person of honor - however, the use of these silly phones all the time - has become annoying. Sit down, visit with your dinner guests and enjoy the artistry of the grown and prepared food (and the skills and resources and lives it has taken) with your senses, not your camera.

that said - sometimes i take photos in my own kitchen to record a technique or an outcome etc - that's for me and not bothering any guests, either at my table or in public venue.

there are some group meal times on our private cottage property where we photograph the farmers' market salad we've made (several young chefs involved) and so forth - we are not bothering anyone and it's simply a fun reminder - not a blog money-raising photo.

Apr 01, 2015
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2015 [Old]

thank you - and your recipe suggestion sounds great!

Mar 31, 2015
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2015 [Old]

Hello - QUESTION - current shelf price at TJ's re: pesto

... my friends recently cross-bordered some TJ Pesto for us (being deprived of some of the TJ products up here in Canada)

pesto - the one in the jar with gold metal lid - I would like to repay $ them.

"Trader Giottos Pesto alla Genovese" (net weight 6.7 ounce 190 grams)

can someone tell me asap - what is the CURRENT SHELF PRICE in preferably Oregon, please? (US dollars - I will convert to Cdn)

ps - yes - I call it a "Yay" - hence the cross-border shopping

thank you.

Mar 30, 2015
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Need to find group lunch resto in Harrison Hot Springs for Sat/28

where did you go?
i remember another Sb car outing report from last year - I like to hear of the "off the beaten trail" spots that those of us who originated in small towns feel comfortable in?

ps - if you are planning any trips - I hear the North Cascades Ntl Park aka WA Highway 20 is almost open - pending any spring melt flood / avalanche - check out the WSDOT website for official news. A beautiful drive with an overnight required somewhere (BC or WA)

Cow. Bay Dim Sum!

any reports yet?

i am familiar with the area - and that old (1970's?) hotel

(is the Masthead still down there?)