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Williams Sonoma gift card - what would you do?

what fun - if you are fully stocked - do you need to buy a gift for an upcoming wedding?

need a new tablecloth?

new cutlery (silverware)

a cutting board? (that's on my list for sure where our local kitchen shop gives b-day week discount)

i like the W-S "sanding sugars" for baking - esp the red flecked with gold - handy thru fall and winter - even a bit of spring and summer it works.

i notice you say "pretty happy with my knives" - why not be super happy~ makes a world of difference.

about 23 hours ago
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I Guess It Was Inevitable-Artisan Perogies

yes - we are definitely "pedaheh" - the "d" is almost an "r" - like peraheh - but it has a flat sound to the first E - so the r/d blends - I can't explain in typing

the "heh" part for sure does sound like what horses eat.

our mum relative definitely has a certain way to say it - and she is adamant about that specific way of saying it - and she is born raised 80 yrs ago Edmonton - tho her family origin is eastern Europe.

the best part is debating who is best - which family has best recipe , which grandma made it the best etc - this may sound contrived (stereotyped) ie from a movie - but it is not. I have been to many events (from weddings to memorials and Christmases (we celebrate in January)) where the discussion is all about the food! lucky me who just arrives and observes the conversation (yay a day of no cooking!)

menus always include -


the poppy seeds with sprouted wheat and honey (I can't recall name of this dish right now)

the beetroot horseradish sauce


any good price for freshly made sweet and sour spare ribs ?

our Chinese mum swears (well no she doesn't really) but for sure votes with her wallet re: the New Town Bakery Steamed BBQ pork buns.

I hope the businesses will be up and running soon. I cannot imagine where one would start a clean-up recovery.

there are several New Town locations? this is the only one I know - in Vancouver Chinatown.

I Guess It Was Inevitable-Artisan Perogies

good to know that stuff we grew up being "forced" to eat is now 1. cool & 2. expensive! - like salmon (poor people food in our small town in those days) - and real Okanagan fruit - and real homemade bread (I remember just about dying of shame when a rude Gr 2 classmate held up my "artisanal" home made bread Woodward's pnut butter sandwich for the entire Wonder Bread-fed classroom to view - and mock!)

re: perogy - in our Edmontonian family, we call them "pedaheh" (this is more a phonetic spelling than a true spelling) - it's a Ukrainian dialect word - here is a blog article http://zahlicious.com/2013/01/31/word...

if anyone in the Okanagan, Jane (of Jane's Farmhouse) makes the - no THE best - Grand Forks style borscht and cabbage rolls and pedaheh. In Kaleden (on Hwy 97, east side of highway) and at Naramata farmer market sometimes. here is an article about her -

Please interpret this menu pricing....

i thought that the "Kabob / Chargrilled" matched the 22/12 format - so I thought that was the initial point of this styling.

It is the same format.

what's wrong with a dollar sign?

a decent graphic designer who keeps the objective (and not their creative ego) in the forefront can make a big positive difference. The top couple of lines need to be reworked, for example.

also agree w/ other commenters about the weight of the meat for some, not other. why not all.

Apr 20, 2015
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Alibi Room - Vancouver - where to park car?

hi - I looked at their website - but no info about the safest, convenient public parking.

I don't like driving around in circles looking for a meter -

so is there a safe public parking lot nearby?

thank you

Do you remember...

... wasn't one of the reasons The Cannery restaurant closed was due to the heightened requirements for port security ie MARSEC

(for what it's worth - even BC Ferries posts its MARSEC level at all the ticket booths etc)


Why do people find it so strange to take photos of your food?

agreed. How many of these photos are blog fodder?

in a public venue, i don't mind the neighbor table having a photo of the birthday cake and candles and the person of honor - however, the use of these silly phones all the time - has become annoying. Sit down, visit with your dinner guests and enjoy the artistry of the grown and prepared food (and the skills and resources and lives it has taken) with your senses, not your camera.

that said - sometimes i take photos in my own kitchen to record a technique or an outcome etc - that's for me and not bothering any guests, either at my table or in public venue.

there are some group meal times on our private cottage property where we photograph the farmers' market salad we've made (several young chefs involved) and so forth - we are not bothering anyone and it's simply a fun reminder - not a blog money-raising photo.

Apr 01, 2015
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2015 [Old]

thank you - and your recipe suggestion sounds great!

Mar 31, 2015
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2015 [Old]

Hello - QUESTION - current shelf price at TJ's re: pesto

... my friends recently cross-bordered some TJ Pesto for us (being deprived of some of the TJ products up here in Canada)

pesto - the one in the jar with gold metal lid - I would like to repay $ them.

"Trader Giottos Pesto alla Genovese" (net weight 6.7 ounce 190 grams)

can someone tell me asap - what is the CURRENT SHELF PRICE in preferably Oregon, please? (US dollars - I will convert to Cdn)

ps - yes - I call it a "Yay" - hence the cross-border shopping

thank you.

Mar 30, 2015
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Need to find group lunch resto in Harrison Hot Springs for Sat/28

where did you go?
i remember another Sb car outing report from last year - I like to hear of the "off the beaten trail" spots that those of us who originated in small towns feel comfortable in?

ps - if you are planning any trips - I hear the North Cascades Ntl Park aka WA Highway 20 is almost open - pending any spring melt flood / avalanche - check out the WSDOT website for official news. A beautiful drive with an overnight required somewhere (BC or WA)

Cow. Bay Dim Sum!

any reports yet?

i am familiar with the area - and that old (1970's?) hotel

(is the Masthead still down there?)

Goodbye Mad Men....sniff....sniff....

what about some "bite size" iceberg lettuce wedges - here is an article from Bon Appetit 2013.

lots of inspiration - including the original blue cheese & bacon crumbles

Mar 09, 2015
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Edible Flowers in Vancouver?

hi KarenDW - my violas (which I believe are edible) are in bloom now - they face south in sheltered spot in a pot at the coast -

chives looking good too. (edible leaves and flowers)

these 2 plants over-winter pretty well in a sheltered spot at the Coast BC.

i seed my own - from the seeds at West Coast Seeds in Ladner BC

click here for the seeds

1970's ish Bon Appetite recipe

agree - crown the hound -----
and yes, old cooking books/magazines with multiple dog-eared pages stuck together ; )

what's the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

i make my own from MaMade mix - originally from England - not sure source these days - I don't like the super glue texture of overcooked jams etc - and this way I can choose how "loose" I want the final product - I have also made it with splenda sweetener instead of sugar for diabetic guests.

I do not add as much sugar as they say to on the tin - I just cook it a bit longer, and yes, it is a slightly less glue-like product in the end. Then i freeze it (instead of canning it) esp if i have used less / no sugar.


Mar 07, 2015
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Goodbye Mad Men....sniff....sniff....

my 1960's cooking aunt made cherry olives - basically - fresh cherries on the stem (keep the stem ON) - then in a sweet pickle brine

they are good - tho not terribly elegant as one has to "spit the pit" somehow.

agree with a fondue station - watch for the drink crowd mixing with open flame - maybe use a heat tray instead? (safety)

I love an old book i have in my recipe collection - the "I hate to cook book" by Peg Bracken - I also found another at the rummage (used store) all about planning a shower (oh wait - i just figured out the roman numerals - 1941) - for any occasion - not just baby / wedding.

I also have a vintage 60's Better Homes & Gardens cook book - which would be really helpful esp because it has photos

maybe a "guy" station - can you barbecue? that is one of the chapters in the BH&G - with the guys bbq and the ladies fixing salads etc.

cherries jubilee?

baked alaska?

i remember my grandmother would do an hors d'ouvre with asparagus - basically, take a good quality white sandwich loaf, sliced - trim the crusts - then I suggest you freeze the bread - then while frozen, butter each slice - roll with a steamed and trimmed asparagus spear in it - pin with a toothpick (basically bring two opposite corners together across the asparagus spear) - put in a hot oven til the bread is toasted looking and crisp - serve asap.

and then any vintage church fundraiser recipe book will have those rolled up sandwiches (one big can of salmon, drained, mayo, chives, etc)

What does a vintage Sunset (from Menlo Park, CA - the epitome of the 1960's lifestyle in CA "the magazine of western living") suggest? http://www.sunset.com/food-wine/kitch...

have to have something with Grand Marnier liqueur - some sort of dessert?

bites of waldorf type salad on individual small lettuce leaves (cos type lettuce - like what you use for caesar salad


the popular party game for the women's side of things was the unwrapped canned good - ie take the label off - kind of funny (and you can always code the bottom of the can in advance (and keep the labels separately) if you end up giving to your food bank or some other charity)

in the "I hate to cook book" - they suggest an appetizer of a good quality steamed artichoke - then cool it off, select the best looking leaves, daub with some good mayo (flavor with curry if desired) - and some shrimp on the top of that - you get the picture.

soup station to offset the alcohol? when was gazpacho popular? or a bisque?

Mar 07, 2015
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1970's ish Bon Appetite recipe

there is this version page 294 in Martha Stewart "Entertaining" (was this her first book? I think so - red cover - color photos etc)

I remember making this years ago when Martha first came on the scene - and adding some finely chopped lemon zest to the ricotta mixture - which I might have adapted from Bon Appetit (I know I subscribed to both Bon Appetit and Gourmet and also Sunset at the time)

and for sure, the nutmeg matters. And dry spinach, thawed.

here is a quick typing of Martha recipe -
serves 24 as part of buffet (it is on page 294)
you need a large cookie sheet - i would line with parchment these days -

you can adapt accordingly -

"this is probably the most popular buffet dish we make ...." she writes

2 medium onions
2 tbsp butter
2 x 10 ounce pkg frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained
2 lbs whole milk ricotta cheese
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1/2 cup coarsely chop parsley
2 tbsp fresh herbs that go with chicken (my words here)
2 tbsp finely chopped lemon zest (my addition)
ground nutmeg to taste
salt and pepper to taste
16 halves of chicken breast, boneless but WITH SKIN ON
(I found this part confusing I remember - and I can't recall if i bought 16 whole breasts or the more common these days - 32 halves with skin on)

saute onions til soft - cool slightly - mix in other ingred except chicken - now gently lift the skin and "stuff" the cheese mix under the skin - (approx 1/3 cup per half breast) - oven 350F preheated - bake approx 30 minutes.

serve warm or cool - the photo in the book shows a buffet table with a big platter of this item sliced across the grain - (end)

I see there is another Martha version on the website -

ps - edit to add - I quickly checked my vintage "silver palate" books - but nothing similar in those books - and also - i do remember in the early 1980's my friend's mother making chicken with Rondele cheese - in similar fashion as this (above) recipe. maybe no lemon, onion, and extra other seasonings given that Rondele is already salty and garlicky etc)

Mar 07, 2015
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Vancouver wedding venues

i agree with LR"s suggestion - and for sure, Cecil Green is quintessential old Vancouver - gorgeous old building - and wow, the best view of our westcoast ocean and mtn scenery - stunning. I know people who married there ... well worth the investment in the venue.

where would your guests be staying?

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

we like this place - http://www.onemoresushi.com/

it is sit-down (take out avail) - and it is on the SECOND floor - it is busy - you can see that it is popular with the UBC college prof type managers (profs?) having lunches with students / staff. (lots of MEC Gortex & backpacks ;


you access it by the staircase next to Starbucks (elevator avail too) - then cross the "cat walk" - as shown in the map on their website http://www.onemoresushi.com/

NB - this is NOT the place on ground level across the little courtyard from Starbucks - that place - tho seems popular and busy - is questionable in our opinion.

Every week sushi?

Hello - what do you mean by 15% too big?
I wonder if you are speaking of slices per nori sheet after rolling it - eg for a normal piece of seaweed nori - I would think 6 california roll type style (the only ones our kids eat) is "normal"

also - thank you B-Telephone re: the teriyaki chicken - that is one of our Asian Vancouver BC Cdn tastes - not sure if authentic - tho for us is kind of a fast food item equivalent - we like it!

to the previous poster about North Van (Westview) - thank you - will check it out one day when on the Upper Levels - is that near the Safeway?

I also like the take-out sushi in Caufeild (yes, that's how it's spelled) --- West Vancouver BC - just a little spot near the Cobs bread, BC Liquor, Starbucks, pharmacy etc and other shops in Caufeild - if after work on your way to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay - or en route to Whistler (and tired of Squamish) - stop by - plse note - no gas station - which of course is an advantage to Squamish if heading northbound hwy 99. http://www.caulfeildvillageshoppingce...

Please help me shorten my list!

hello - I have read thru the comments and as a born-and-raised Vancouverite - I don't understand the appeal of poutine, esp served out here near the Pacific Ocean. That's back east kind of food. Save your money and use it for something truly local - I see many recommendations here on this thread.

HNY: what did you nibble on NYE?

that's a fun question - and now that I can take time to think about the past busy weeks -

Happy Ukrainian Christmas Eve today - Jan 6

here is our NYE menu ...

the usual hummus for those who are no dairy etc
the also usual brie
and some gluten free crisps - I think some trader joe product

then we had home made vegan organic borcht with optional mashed potatoes and optional really good sour cream to honor our roots, so to speak

(I am a big fan of the organic carrots from the boarding school in Lillooet, BC - consistently the best and a decent price too


on the side for those who like meat in their borscht - I had traditional Keilbasa sausage cut in to diagonal slices and browned in a pan

a traditional citrus, lettuce w/ hand made poppy seed dressing salad a la Neiman Marcus lunch restaurant (a diff family tradition from Texas)

and to honor our NYC guests, from LongIsland (pronounced in their Italian way ie all one word) prosecco at the midnite hour with some good ice cream and a big splurge on some of those fresh raspberries from the supermarket (not within our 100 miles for sure) --- and what else, a dash of TJ's MIDNITE MOO sauce over the ice cream! (garnished with tiny leaves of fresh mint still surviving in our garden at the coast)

The Garden of Eatin' Spenard, Alaska-looking for info

Hello - I replied to your other post in this thread - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/529461

i meant to add to my prev reply in the other thread that
1. I think it's a great name - I've never heard of another Garden of Eatin' (tho lots of Chat and Chew and Suds and Grub etc


2. I think it's also great that you're curious and finding out the info like Sandy who worked there.

Quonset Huts are fascinating to me.

and also - have you checked with the fantastic museum in Anchorage? It is one of the best I've been in - and I bet they have a photo archives

was your family in business at the Garden before and/or after the famous earthquake in March - 1964? What brought them to Alaska?

Downscale Grub in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Etc.

Hello from Vancouver BC Canada
we feel a great similarity in the way our province (like a state) used to be and the way Alaska still is - we visit often (in the summer) up to Anchorage and Denali etc.

out of curiosity I googled Garden of Eatin' ----- did you do the same? I found this interesting book on Google books ---- we even have Quonset Huts in BC Canada that people have "adopted" for various purposes - like a recording studio and a car detailing shop that I know of - plus the usual yard "shops" to repair logging equip etc

try this link for the book - otherwise just google "Garden of Eatin Alaska" https://books.google.ca/books?id=DNfz...

Topanga salsa to go: still great after all these years (Vancouver)

and remember this place (12th and Granville)

Costco - Vancouver BC - "flaked almonds" - are they out of stock?

I can't find "flaked almonds" (not slivered almonds) - with or w/o the skin - at Costco Vancouver BC locations.

does anyone else miss them?

I wonder why they are not there.

they are common for many baking, candymaking, cooking, snacking uses.

if you do see them - please let me know which location. I believe they are normally Kirkland - a large bag - I would guess about 4 lbs (2 kilos) ---- I don't know the code number as I recycled the bag I just emptied - not expecting to have a shortage ; )

Where to buy food-safe clay for e.g. sealing crockpots?

... is it safe to tightly lock/seal a crock pot? (a previous poster discusses a flour-water paste method meant for a clay cooker which makes more sense as the clay has some breathability, correct?) -

I would think a modern slow cooker needs to breath otherwise you have rigged a cooker without a release valve. (and we'd never use a pressure cooker without a release valve)

then again maybe I'm over cautious --- cuz I'm the one who melted the plastic control dials on my fancy brand name slow cooker ----- it went to recycling the next day and never again do I cook while out of the house for extended time ; )

Kelowna for Christmas any Restaurant suggestions

this is an excellent topic - not all of us cook or care to be in a big gathering (my older friend was telling me how last year she was included in a 30-people plus gathering and it was a bit frantic busy for her what with plates perched on guests laps and kids running around)

back to your question - I would suggest treating yourselves to a night at the Naramata Heritage Inn, Naramata BC

I don't know what meals they serve on Christmas Day - etc - however, here is their contact info

edit to add - here's another place to contact that has a nice atmosphere / unique setting - in Summerland

of course, there is the Lakeside Inn down on the water in Penticton - I assume they have food service that day - we've been for business lunches etc and it's nice for a small town like Penticton

any updates about Methow Valley / Winthrop WA?

wow, I'd be surprised too ---- we went at lunch so saw only that menu ---- definitely stick with the Mexican items

again, for us, at the Duck Brand, it's the warm weather (summer obviously), the shady deck, the overall atmosphere in Winthrop.

ps - in our home town near Vancouver BC, we have families from India (South Asia) making pizza in two different businesses: one a chain franchise, the other a proprietorship - and doing a decent business from all the take-out one sees going out the door - so who knows what "fusion" one finds next in these small Pac NW towns.