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Sablefish versus Alaska Black Cod

great question - not mundane at all
I am in the understanding that sablefish is a fancy menu name for cod and is desirable if sourced in BC

I have eaten it - gently cooked. I don't really like "smoked" flavor so what we had at a restaurant was poached, I believe.

I don't know about its "Oceanwise" status (Vancouver Aquarium) so you'd have to check.

remember that "sable" is French for sand - and cod usually live at lowest level closest to ocean floor, is that right? (that's why they are called "groundfish")


Fraser Valley Slow Food Cycle Tour

i have not personally cycled this area - however, it sounds like fun - do they have a 'sag wagon" or at least a vehicle that protects you and carries your purchases

I really like this episode of Lynne Crawford "Pitchin In" - the goats are amazing - and the herb farm - I think you should go - and stay safe in this heat - and report back

have a look at this video

Good Chinese Take-out

i really like these two recent threads (the other about elder parents moving from PG to Oakridge area) about non-fancy practical food - it's the way many of us grew up and still enjoy (as others have commented) here in BC.

sometimes - and this applies to ALL genre (and all price ranges and venues) of food sales businesses and also charities who provide food - I do check out the official health reports -

the reports are certainly a good reminder of what many of us have learned in various workplaces (not just hospitality) (eg basic: wash your hands well and often and esp before returning to work or changing duties) - and esp what NOT to do in our own homes or cottages. etc. Esp when creating meals for compromised elderly or other guests who have specialty requirements)

that said - the one report I cannot find is BC Ferries - which serves food to thousands of guests in various ways out of many places in the VCH and more remote areas like Vanc Island health area.


McCormick Mapleine Crescent Brand

i like the Watkins Vanilla (clear) artificial extract - sometimes I don't want the beige - brown color that results from using the dark regular vanilla -

so let me know what you think
also --- if you don't have a Cdn tire nearby - just google - I found an independent rep in North Van - maybe there is someone near you.

let me know how it turns out ; )

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

yes, I see what you mean - Google maps etc are handy for sure.

maybe we will instead go to the Pier 73 at the Delta Hotel nearby - I think one can sit outside on a nice day - plus that parking lot has some shady trees etc -

plus they have a friendly concierge dog working in the lobby in the mornings - her name is Cessna https://twitter.com/CessnaHotelDog

BTW - I notice that the Delta says that location will no longer be managed by their brand after Nov 2014 - I know the property itself sold a couple of yrs back - but I can't figure out which brand it will become (ie which new management) -- I hope it maintains its low-key BC atmosphere and cleanliness and friendliness (and the kamaaina prices for BC locals)

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

what's your fav menu item at the flying beaver?

also - is there parking in the shade? my friends are heading to Cal and have their dog (who is flying cargo on same plane) - so we just want to have lunch before their late afternoon flight - and give the little dog a quick run around before he is crated for the airport adventure.

McCormick Mapleine Crescent Brand

I realize you have your heart set on the McCormick brand (which appears to be avail at Walmart over the border) - have you ever tried the Watkins flavorings? I think they are good

here's the artificial maple extract:

avail at Cdn Tire?!

BC Specialty Foods database website

with all the recent searches for Saskatoon Berries etc - I came across this website (actually, I was checking out the line-up for the annual Naramata Bench tailgate party and one of the sponsors is on this specialty site)

anyway - I typed in Saskatoon - and for those who go over to the Island, the search results incl this farm that makes pies (AND JAM, LR) in Cobble Hill - and up in the North Okanagan, there's another farm up in Armstrong BC (also check out Village Cheese if you go to Armstrong BC)

what a handy and interesting website to browse around on.

ps this year's tailgate party honors the 25th anniversary of Sandy Wilson movie, My American Cousin www.naramatabench.com and http://www.mynaramata.com/show5006a/T...

Saskatoon berries in Vancouver?

for those with fond memories of prairie-grown Saskatoon berries, have you seen this episode of Chef Lynn Crawford's show - http://www.foodnetwork.ca/shows/pitch...

Saskatoon berries in Vancouver?

I know that black currants aren't Saskatoon berries - however - if you have a taste for the more tart berries - try the cassis at Elephant Island over in Naramata
it's a lovely venue - young people have their own table (as in under age) - and a shaded patio - no pretense - old Okanagan style - family orchard (where they kept the trees - a big deal up here in rip-it-out lifestyle vineyard country ; ) ... see globe & mail article a couple of years back)


well, I hope the OP doesn't mind us diverting over in to this realm ;
)it's fun to talk about local seasonal - and such a short hot season it is. Smokey too. I hope everyone's pets, crops, and livestock are safe - not to mention the forest flora and fauna.

Saskatoon berries in Vancouver?

we are out in Nara (across from SLand)

however - I looked at the Penticton Farmer Market website and can't find the older couple on the list (there is no list - gee, you'd think there'd be some info - maybe that market is on social mediae (spell?!))

I know that this older couple who were at the mkt lived up on the Mt Baldy road east of Oliver - ideal elevation for wild Sask berries -
we don't usually buy preserves so I didn't pay much attn. - however - does Summerland Sweets have a Sask berry preserve? fun to walk out to the trestle from the shop (NOT during steam train time obviously - which is a great trip but not enuf time to visit Summerland Sweets - have to go later in the day)


the other place to call ahead to about Sask berry preserves is Tickleberries - down in OK Falls - they have all that stuff in their little gift shop - even us locals have to stop there - a nice break on a warm day - careful if you're pulling in/out ACROSS the traffic on Hwy 97 -

EDIT to add - I wonder - the OP cites the flavor of Prairie Sask berries - I have never tasted those. I know only what our local First Nations friends tell us are Saskatoons, and a vanishing species in the Cdn Okanagan Valley (due to land use I think) etc - and I wonder if they taste similar to the Prairie version - I don't know personally never having picked any on the other side of the Rockies. I know that the birds love and make loud arguments with each other about the ones we have on our place (most naturescape homes have Sasks up here as they are drought and cold freeze and heat tolerant and have a pretty spring flower after a long winter) - and some of our Interior Salish friends have picked and enjoyed and told us about going out with grandparents in 1960s (pre-development OK Valley) to pick up the hills around here.

Need Vancouver Ethnic Restaurant for 10 on short notice

I am glad I read this thread because I wondered if it was just me - Banana Leaf is awful (service, food, venue, noisy, crowded, dark and old dirty looking place, incl bathrooms etc) - we went to the one in Kits - and wondered why our host had invited us there. end of that story.

Saskatoon berries in Vancouver?

hi LR - see your cherry pie thread for my suggestion for a jam I think you might like.

also - if you are going to Okanagan - Saskatoon preserves are common at the gift shops and farmer markets - I know of one couple who come to Penticton Farmer Market (Sat mornings, north end of Main St near the big hotel) - I think they are from the Oliver Mt Baldy area.

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

good idea LRapper - and you're working out there for how long ; ) ?

where are you staying when you come up here?

check out this casual option closer to downtown - nice views

definitely not fancy
(Jericho Sailing Club)

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

agree with Kinnickinnik - must be sour cherries - lighter color - smaller - they grow at the coast and also in Okanagan - not many orchards have them - but I know of one or two lone ranger sour trees out there

that reminds me - cardinal jam - I bet you'd like this LRapper:
in a large heavy pot, place equal parts
1. pitted sour cherries
2. red raspberries
3. red currants
sugar - not sure exactly how much - the old recipe needs lots of sugar - but I bet we could add less today (tho a runnier jam) - no pectin in the old recipe

cook down (stir so not to scorch it) in to a jam and process (I would freeze it)

maybe use this as a guide - make sure you don't mix black currants in with red rasp --- maybe blackberries and black currants? (what color are Oregon's Marionberries?) http://seasonalontariofood.blogspot.c...

the currants are essential - they add a certain je ne sais quoi to the overall flavor spectrum

What discontinued products do you miss?

I made the mistake (big time) of buying the "brown" label Pellegrino when I was hoarding what was on sale (it is 1 dollar per can up here in Vancouver area) - and thought I was doing a cool thing by giving it out at Hallowe'en to some of the neighbor kids (we don't get more than a 12 little costumed guests) - anyway - I cracked one open myself the next day - and realized to my HORROR that it was this funky weird vermouth herbal flavor! UGH - and I can take some vermouth flavor in my life but this - for kids! I immediately went around to the neighbors and redistributed something more palatable to any age - like spooky blood ORANGE ; )

they can DIScontinue that brown herb flavor any day in my opinion.

... learned me not to NOT actually read labels, that did ; )

Jul 13, 2014
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What foods have you made and then decided store bought was good enough, thank you, based upon cost, time, and taste?

not to mention the fruit fly mess and hot kitchen

Jul 13, 2014
Georgia Strait in General Topics

What discontinued products do you miss?

in Canada, there is a Nestle ice cream flavor called Rolo - which really is based on a chocolate bar type product - but if you like caramel and choc, this might do the trick for you


Jul 13, 2014
Georgia Strait in General Topics

What discontinued products do you miss?

reply to really old post here - but it is fun to re-read - the Wink beverage - I do recall that we had it in Canada too. The closest (I have a thing for citrusy flavors) is Pelegrino soda pop in the grapefruit flavor!

Jul 13, 2014
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Would love some help on really beautiful settings and budget finds in Vancouver and Victoria? Breakfast, lunch, drinks and apps? Someplace with a special setting we won't see in Los Angeles? (Even if we have to put up with good, not great food?)

yes, Anatolia Express (downtown) is small in square footage, but little tables all offer views thru the HUGE window overlooking the harbor (maybe not so much the mountains due to the coverage of the huge convention center roof) --- this is handy for winter weather. In the well-covered outside area there are a couple of tables usually and for sure some permanent benches with interesting history plaques and I think some sort of cell service where you can dial in to learn more info about the history etc. For those not familiar with the area, watch both ways before stepping in to the various "lanes" on the large sidewalk outside Anatolia Express - half is for cyclists/bladers, the other half for joggers/walkers and view gazers ; ) Some people are determined to make their max speed limit ; )

and what about that great gelato ice cream at the Fairmont Pacific Rim (not Fairmont Waterfront) hotel building www.bellagelateria.com

Cowichan Wineries and Lake Shawnigan groceries?

this place is not in the cowichan valley but it is very popular - you could drive up the back roads from Duncan thru Chemainus and Salt Aire to Ladysmith where you re-join the Island Hiway

this pub is popular and very pretty as you can see. Our senior parents enjoy coming here with their friends for lunches.

Vancouver Island off-the-beaten track?

make sure you go up to the cowichan valley - check out the thread that is recent here re: Cowichan and Shawnigan Lake

this little and scenic ferry route might make part of a nice circle tour - Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay (Brentwood Bay is kind of near Butchart Gardens - and Mill Bay would be a gateway to the Cowichan Valley farms, wineries etc. Then come home to Victoria over the scenic Malahat Drive (the major highway) )http://www.bcferries.com/schedules/ma...

Cowichan Wineries and Lake Shawnigan groceries?

I'd count on the Thrifty Foods in Mill Bay (near Shawnigan Lake) http://www.thriftyfoods.com/

fish from Cowichan Bay - some restaurants too.

if you venture further, head out to Maple Bay and Genoa Bay (the Shipyard is casual bar/restaurant as is Genoa Bay Café.)

there is the farmer market in Duncan on Sat mornings -

if you're not there on Saturday, stop by the 'old farm market' south of Duncan http://oldfarmmarket.ca/index.php?opt...

the balsamic vinegar from Venturi Schulze is a splurge - delicious!

have a look at the official tourism website for Cowichan Valley - there is a link for wine & food tourism

ps - for an interesting hike, go and see the historic Kinsol Trestle (was RR trestle, now part of the TransCanada Trail near Shawnigan Lake
)http://www.kinsol.ca/?directions-to-t... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsol_T...

Vancouver Island off-the-beaten track?

Genoa Bay Café - access by car from Duncan BC area - or - apparently - water taxi from Cowichan Bay - here is trip advisor with the details - our family and friends enjoy this spot

Anchorage downtown recc?

just came back - we have visited several times - and always enjoy Bridges near the train station in downtown Anchorage

take a taxi there and back - taxis are plentiful and I know that between the train station (next to Bridges) and the Sheraton, it's about 5 dollars - so if you're staying at the Captain Cook - it might be 8 or so dollars.

nb - make a reservation and ask to sit near the window and watch the people fishing in Ship Creek that runs literally below the restaurant (hence the Bridge name)

the halibut is good
the salmon is good (seasonal king salmon)
smoked salmon mac and cheese

I suggest you go early as it does get busy and fairly noisy

Denali - which hotel are you staying at?
it is very touristy in the village just outside of the park entrance

if it is nice weather, and you're staying at the Princess Lodge - the outdoor patio at the Base Camp Bistro is good - we had salmon and green salad - it was touristy, yes, but the scenery and friendliness of the servers is great. the salmon was fine.

a couple of years ago, we did attend this dinner show at Denali Lodge - it is cute. Your elder companions would likely enjoy it. http://www.princesslodges.com/ameniti...

remember, it all costs more than we are used to down here in the Pac NW - but the fish is well worth it both at Bridges (Anchorage) and in our recent experience at the Denali Princess Lodge.

my fav thing to visit it the official Denali Ntl Park sled dog area - follow the paw prints painted on the sidewalk - line-up and get on the bus that goes out to the kennels - it's free and make sure you make it in time for the sled dog demo show - fascinating.

there is a casual café at the park visitor center near the gift shop

don't bother with the tacky boardwalk tourist shops and noisy crowded restaurants across the highway from the Princess Lodge - if you must have souvenirs, the Alaska Geographic gift shop at the National Park Visitor Center is very good and supports park programs, too.

This Season's Best Rosé-Cabernet Franc from Hester Creek

Sam - have you tried any Painted Rock (east Skaha lake - south of Penticton)
just curious

another destination winery in the planning (maybe already open for overnight - not sure)

lovely site - was once the biggest apricot orchard in the Brit Empire, so local legend says - when you view from across the lake - you can see how that could have been the case


This Season's Best Rosé-Cabernet Franc from Hester Creek

I notice how many of the wineries have made the best advantage of the opportunity where zoning allows peaceful (ie non late-night parties and festival noise) tourism accommodation - I wonder what it's like at Hester Crk

burrowing owl?

where else.
I suppose i'll have to get out of Nara once in a while and book ourselves on a stay-cation in the OK Valley ; ) (I wish they offered Kama'aina rates)

Vancouver bars/pubs with tasty foods and NHL finals

you don't have to apologize for ANY hockey up here ...
hope you find a great place to cheer with cheers.

any of the suggestions already posted seem fine to me for this purpose -
you can't go wrong at most of the chains like an Earls - not a place to write home about in terms of fancy cuisine - however - I bet you'll have fun, find shared camaraderie in hockey fan-dom ... and a decent meal & drinks.

then again - I was just in a Korean-run Japanese style mainly take-out resto in our town - and the two big TV's are fully 'on' - so Lotus Rapper has a good point. there's a certain democracy in hockey up here ; )

Great BBQ ribs in Vancouver ?

geez, I'd buy a lot more printer toner and paper supplies if there were ribs at our local shop ; )

ps - I noted on the calendar that the Guide Meridian location is super handy and easy to find - basically straight north of Target and Costco - and a few traffic circles south of the popular Edaleen Dairy - it specifies location-dates on their calendar (rib web URL)

thank you - I think we are going on Sunday so it appears no ribs that day - however, we will check out some oysters at the fav place on Chuckanut Dr.

thank you!

Great BBQ ribs in Vancouver ?

hi LR - where is Bare Bones usually parked in BLI?

are they open on Sundays?

I know where T-Joes is located

does one just call their hotline ph number?
318 something

ps - edit to add - I think I just answered my own question - looks like 'no Sundays"