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Vancouver wedding venues

i agree with LR"s suggestion - and for sure, Cecil Green is quintessential old Vancouver - gorgeous old building - and wow, the best view of our westcoast ocean and mtn scenery - stunning. I know people who married there ... well worth the investment in the venue.

where would your guests be staying?

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

we like this place - http://www.onemoresushi.com/

it is sit-down (take out avail) - and it is on the SECOND floor - it is busy - you can see that it is popular with the UBC college prof type managers (profs?) having lunches with students / staff. (lots of MEC Gortex & backpacks ;


you access it by the staircase next to Starbucks (elevator avail too) - then cross the "cat walk" - as shown in the map on their website http://www.onemoresushi.com/

NB - this is NOT the place on ground level across the little courtyard from Starbucks - that place - tho seems popular and busy - is questionable in our opinion.

Every week sushi?

Hello - what do you mean by 15% too big?
I wonder if you are speaking of slices per nori sheet after rolling it - eg for a normal piece of seaweed nori - I would think 6 california roll type style (the only ones our kids eat) is "normal"

also - thank you B-Telephone re: the teriyaki chicken - that is one of our Asian Vancouver BC Cdn tastes - not sure if authentic - tho for us is kind of a fast food item equivalent - we like it!

to the previous poster about North Van (Westview) - thank you - will check it out one day when on the Upper Levels - is that near the Safeway?

I also like the take-out sushi in Caufeild (yes, that's how it's spelled) --- West Vancouver BC - just a little spot near the Cobs bread, BC Liquor, Starbucks, pharmacy etc and other shops in Caufeild - if after work on your way to the ferry at Horseshoe Bay - or en route to Whistler (and tired of Squamish) - stop by - plse note - no gas station - which of course is an advantage to Squamish if heading northbound hwy 99. http://www.caulfeildvillageshoppingce...

Please help me shorten my list!

hello - I have read thru the comments and as a born-and-raised Vancouverite - I don't understand the appeal of poutine, esp served out here near the Pacific Ocean. That's back east kind of food. Save your money and use it for something truly local - I see many recommendations here on this thread.

HNY: what did you nibble on NYE?

that's a fun question - and now that I can take time to think about the past busy weeks -

Happy Ukrainian Christmas Eve today - Jan 6

here is our NYE menu ...

the usual hummus for those who are no dairy etc
the also usual brie
and some gluten free crisps - I think some trader joe product

then we had home made vegan organic borcht with optional mashed potatoes and optional really good sour cream to honor our roots, so to speak

(I am a big fan of the organic carrots from the boarding school in Lillooet, BC - consistently the best and a decent price too


on the side for those who like meat in their borscht - I had traditional Keilbasa sausage cut in to diagonal slices and browned in a pan

a traditional citrus, lettuce w/ hand made poppy seed dressing salad a la Neiman Marcus lunch restaurant (a diff family tradition from Texas)

and to honor our NYC guests, from LongIsland (pronounced in their Italian way ie all one word) prosecco at the midnite hour with some good ice cream and a big splurge on some of those fresh raspberries from the supermarket (not within our 100 miles for sure) --- and what else, a dash of TJ's MIDNITE MOO sauce over the ice cream! (garnished with tiny leaves of fresh mint still surviving in our garden at the coast)

The Garden of Eatin' Spenard, Alaska-looking for info

Hello - I replied to your other post in this thread - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/529461

i meant to add to my prev reply in the other thread that
1. I think it's a great name - I've never heard of another Garden of Eatin' (tho lots of Chat and Chew and Suds and Grub etc


2. I think it's also great that you're curious and finding out the info like Sandy who worked there.

Quonset Huts are fascinating to me.

and also - have you checked with the fantastic museum in Anchorage? It is one of the best I've been in - and I bet they have a photo archives

was your family in business at the Garden before and/or after the famous earthquake in March - 1964? What brought them to Alaska?

Downscale Grub in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Etc.

Hello from Vancouver BC Canada
we feel a great similarity in the way our province (like a state) used to be and the way Alaska still is - we visit often (in the summer) up to Anchorage and Denali etc.

out of curiosity I googled Garden of Eatin' ----- did you do the same? I found this interesting book on Google books ---- we even have Quonset Huts in BC Canada that people have "adopted" for various purposes - like a recording studio and a car detailing shop that I know of - plus the usual yard "shops" to repair logging equip etc

try this link for the book - otherwise just google "Garden of Eatin Alaska" https://books.google.ca/books?id=DNfz...

Topanga salsa to go: still great after all these years (Vancouver)

and remember this place (12th and Granville)

Costco - Vancouver BC - "flaked almonds" - are they out of stock?

I can't find "flaked almonds" (not slivered almonds) - with or w/o the skin - at Costco Vancouver BC locations.

does anyone else miss them?

I wonder why they are not there.

they are common for many baking, candymaking, cooking, snacking uses.

if you do see them - please let me know which location. I believe they are normally Kirkland - a large bag - I would guess about 4 lbs (2 kilos) ---- I don't know the code number as I recycled the bag I just emptied - not expecting to have a shortage ; )

Where to buy food-safe clay for e.g. sealing crockpots?

... is it safe to tightly lock/seal a crock pot? (a previous poster discusses a flour-water paste method meant for a clay cooker which makes more sense as the clay has some breathability, correct?) -

I would think a modern slow cooker needs to breath otherwise you have rigged a cooker without a release valve. (and we'd never use a pressure cooker without a release valve)

then again maybe I'm over cautious --- cuz I'm the one who melted the plastic control dials on my fancy brand name slow cooker ----- it went to recycling the next day and never again do I cook while out of the house for extended time ; )

Kelowna for Christmas any Restaurant suggestions

this is an excellent topic - not all of us cook or care to be in a big gathering (my older friend was telling me how last year she was included in a 30-people plus gathering and it was a bit frantic busy for her what with plates perched on guests laps and kids running around)

back to your question - I would suggest treating yourselves to a night at the Naramata Heritage Inn, Naramata BC

I don't know what meals they serve on Christmas Day - etc - however, here is their contact info

edit to add - here's another place to contact that has a nice atmosphere / unique setting - in Summerland

of course, there is the Lakeside Inn down on the water in Penticton - I assume they have food service that day - we've been for business lunches etc and it's nice for a small town like Penticton

any updates about Methow Valley / Winthrop WA?

wow, I'd be surprised too ---- we went at lunch so saw only that menu ---- definitely stick with the Mexican items

again, for us, at the Duck Brand, it's the warm weather (summer obviously), the shady deck, the overall atmosphere in Winthrop.

ps - in our home town near Vancouver BC, we have families from India (South Asia) making pizza in two different businesses: one a chain franchise, the other a proprietorship - and doing a decent business from all the take-out one sees going out the door - so who knows what "fusion" one finds next in these small Pac NW towns.

Hominy in Vancouver?

i've bought the Goya brand - and also buy a couple of cans when i go over the border - as someone else has already said - odd how something so common in USA is hard to find up here in CDA

... have you ever made - the "tamale pie" or "hominy casserole" (usually the same end result) - horrifying for some - tastes pretty good for a once-in-a-while kid-friendly treat ; )

ingredients: canned hominy ... Fritos! ... canned (or homemade chili with beans, with or w/o meat ... grated cheese

just google - here are a couple of examples:
1. Dinner Doctor cookbook - page 267 - that's the one we use sometimes
2. another - http://mrsamandareed.blogspot.ca/2012...

(some recipes ask also for canned mushroom soup and velveeta - we've never done that - yet ; )

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

QUESTION - which supermarket? (name) ---- I am not very familiar with the new Richmond.

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

wine gums --- Maynards are our fav. I don't know why wine gums have that certain appeal - but they do.

I will definitely refer back to your posts for future upcoming reference - thank you for taking time to tell us your travels.

lunch West End or downtown today?

now the question is - where did you go? somewhere with cozy indoor dining - given that rain downpour yesterday?

one thing I look for in our soggy winter climate is a place with space!

I can't stand it when the windows are all fogged up (unless it's a bakery early in the morning - isn't that a good sign?)

and the tables are all so crowded together that the wet coats and umbrellas brush up against other guests.

Coronation Grapes - sightings?

... if you are looking this year, IGA Marketplace has "Fresh BC Coronation grapes - 2 litre carton - $3.99" in their flyer this week Sept 26 - Oct 02, 2014. (participating stores in excluding Whistler location - so says the back of the flyer) www.marketplaceiga.com

ps - have you tried the grapes that taste like cotton candy? I got some at the supermarket recently (here in BC) ... green seedless - truly, they did have that cotton candy taste - kids liked them for sure. Not something I'd put on a cheese & fruit platter ; )

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

I agree with your point LittleFlower

Sep 26, 2014
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

well darn. I will have to save up every empty grinder (they do come undone and I dishwasher them (no heat dry))

then again, where do I obtain chocolate cocoa beans ; )

YES - I did see the cinnamon sugar grinder and bought a few for the upcoming gift basket season.

Sep 26, 2014
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]


has TJ's discontinued the "built-in grinder" of sugar/chocolate/coffee beans? it was always in the "grinder" section - next to the cinnamon/sugar grinder. What? it made the perfect gift let alone we used it in our own home.

I am in the Pac NW region.
thank you in advance if you have any info.

Sep 26, 2014
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

i am referring to the JAR of instant ---- I think they still have the little packets - but they already contain the milk and sugar - and we don't like milk and sugar in coffee.

the little packets are good and sure handy tho - I make them in to iced coffee (or frozen cubes if I have leftover) in the summer

Sep 26, 2014
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Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

yes - that's it - Big Scoop - I do recall going to what I thought was named Big Scoop in the years between 1975 and 1978.

that's what I thought it was called at the time - tho maybe it was Mr Roberts - but that name doesn't ring a bell in my mind.

there was a Big Scoop in Horseshoe Bay too - near the ferry (and what used to be a Texaco where there is now a Starbucks.)

and that great bakery on 41st - just west of West Blvd - Moores. I wish they still had all those tea cakes (little sweets and savouries)

and I remember going to the McD's on Boundary and Lougheed (near Knight and Day) for a school crossing guard "reward" outing - that would have been approx 1974 or 1975. I had never EVER been to a McD's before - yet the other kids in grade school had!

and there was a great drive-in on Burrard - on the east side just on the north end of the bridge - they had "Deluxe" burgers - the way a burger should be - anyone remember that place? again early to mid-70's

Victoria Station anyone? that was a chain. fun tho for parents of teens and the kids too.

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

i had totally forgotten Tomato Cafe ---- I have the recipe book - I like a couple of the recipes in it -

Favorite brown bag lunches that don't require reheating

i used to have a long commute starting at 4:30am - so my easy to carry (no car, all transit system) were

1. cereal! in a tupperware type container (I think I even went as far as adding the powdered milk so I could just add water later at lunch break - I know - cringe - but I will tell you - I saved money and it was a mid-day comfort) I have a hankering for grape nuts or raisin bran.

2. cold pizza - cut the typical pie shape in half from tip to crust - fold over - make a sandwich. Works for me.
the thermos is a good idea. make sure it's a W I D E mouth thermos if you like real soup.

Sep 25, 2014
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any updates about Methow Valley / Winthrop WA?

re: duckBrand - i have a system for restaurants - we ask for a table - we are seated - then I always say "I am just going to wash my hands" - and I check the restroom (and wash my hands ; ) - hopefully restroom is reasonable if not better (a good sign) ----- and I glance at the kitchen and the rest of the place as I walk thru because often the restroom in many smaller/older places is in a corridor around the back near the storage room (you get the idea) - gauge the staff interaction etc - return to table - and then order or leave with a polite apology excuse. I've never left any place in Winthrop area because one can tell from the get-go I think in most small town places. (that said - I have not read any county health inspections for Winthrop area)

anyway - the DuckBrand was decent for the price - not "I'm going to drive all the way just to eat there" but pleasant, friendly and clean and certainly the deck is the attraction - it was spicier Yucatan style food. She happily substituted my preferred corn tortilla in place of flour tortilla, so that's a good sign. The guacamole was for sure homemade in appearance and taste in my opinion - and the fresh salsa - it was definitely fresh tomato, onion, cilantro (unlike the odd salsa at the Carlos up the street)

Sun Mtn - main dining room - definitely - and make a reservation if you have a preferred table (view, sunset, etc or special occasion) - we always splurge once.

Mazama - oh, next time, I'll try a bagel - the baguette was delicious and decadent for sure.

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

was there a restaurant where the Mark James high-end mens clothing store was? on Broadway near Olympia Pizza I think.

I think the building burned didn't it?

i think somehow the clothing store was associated with the restaurant - and then there was some connection to a place in Langley (the proverbial "in the country" for the country set)

speaking of which - where was the "Keg in the Country" - at Thunderbird horse place?

the first mcdonalds? (boundary road?)


and those ice cream places - remember the old one in west Kerrisdale strip - the door opened on the corner of the building - is that 41 and Elm? and they had the faded backlit photos of every possible combo of ice cream and sauce and sprinkles and bananas etc

i know we've been around the block on Woodwards Malted cones ; )

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

yes, I am with you on that one - for sure a NAY.

however - I am thinking that for me, it was the packaging - not the actual product.

I found the actual pump (spray nozzle) very hard to press down (sore older hands) to make it spray and then it was just annoying from that point onward. Yes, it dribbled down and then the bottle was hard to hold on to etc - as you have pointed out already.

the reason I like spray in general is then it's not all over my hands - it seems simple.

so maybe I just need to buckle-up and use a lotion-oil type product that is not greasy etc.

YAY - sure love the French pump hand soap - looked in August - found in Sept in OR WA stores - french orange honey or some such "flavor" -- tho I often have to save the pump top part from previous bottle just because I can't get the TJ pumps unlocked - they are hard to open to make them pump.

Sep 21, 2014
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Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

was just in the Bellingham WA State location

YAY - the sample person was offering - the pineapple salsa (it's been their shelves (ie offered for many years not out-dated) a long time - and she mixed in the frozen piece of some sort of pre-cooked pork - the Mexican Carnitas and put it in a slow cooker to keep it warm for sample service purposes - but it would work at home too if you're a slow cooker person. The Carnitas pkg says it's microwaveable --- I have tried some of their other "pre-cooked meats" and never again - but this one, turned out well.

has TJ's discontinued the "built-in grinder" of sugar/chocolate/coffee beans? it was always in the "grinder" section - next to the cinnamon/sugar grinder. What? it made the perfect gift let alone we used it in our own home.
I see someone earlier on this thread has YAY'd the lemon pepper spice grinder - we also use the "everyday seasoning" grinder

the one I threw out after one single rotation of that grinder was the south African - maybe it is traditional but to us smelled like burning tires (kind of like hot brakes down a steep mountain road) or roofing (you know when you're in a neighborhood and they're applying tar roofing?)
we just did an informal taste test on the TJ's frozen mac - yes, if it's handy - it's decent --- tho I'd skip the "no guilt" - what's the point if you're already set on Mac and Ch. (so our conclusion is that we mix one tray of each into a larger container, reheat, etc - to make it "moderate guilt")
the jar of instant coffee is pretty good - either hot or cold - tho I wish they offered a DE-caf version - there are many of us who are either restricted or prefer no-caf in our lives. Incl choc. and is it bird/eco friendly? Instant coffee has come a long way since our grandfolks' day for sure.

thank you

Sep 21, 2014
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What can I do with whole milk powder?

we grew up in developing country that did not offer safe dairy milk - (other than the recent "Tetra Pak" technology which is still not to our taste) .... so we would buy the sterilized water and add milk powder that came from our "first world" safe-food different country ---- so I have lots of experience from a few decades ago

and so now back here in North Am, I use it on the boat (not enuf room in a Koolatron / Dometic for cartons or dependable cool temps) - or an overnight camp trip (clean water plus a shaker jar (any clean heat proof jar with lid) equals really fluffy milk for coffee, tea, cereal) - or the proper Bodum type frother

also - we used to eat pancakes - and so I'd make my own pancake mix at home based on Better Homes and Gardens old "Favorite Pancakes" recipe (the classic red gingham plaid book) - and then add a bit of oil and an egg at the site (usually outdoors cooking somewhere remote where we did not have access to a store (let alone a drive-by place) and had to pack lightly too and be food-safe (ie not much fridge capacity)

French toast at an off-grid site - easy - eggs, milk powder, water - shake it up - dip the stale "campsite" bread - cook, eat, enjoy the scenery.

we keep some at home in our emerg kit (we live in earthquake area) for extra protein and sugars in our bottled water in case of emerg ---- or if our power goes out - which it is known to do.

sometimes I use it to enhance a chowder and I've run out of milk and don't have time to run out to get more. From the gas station. Bread pudding, strata - same story.

Sep 21, 2014
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Beef Stew - what are your secrets or tips for making a really good meal?

I think the first thing is having quality ingredients - don't have to be expensive - could be your neighbor sharing some fresh-dug-up potatoes or carrots, for example. Or being at the farmer market as they close-up and want to sell the last few items.

we are in the Pac NW so have lots of berries - so sometimes I add a spoonful of blackberry jelly (but likely not if I've added tomato) or crabapple - or currant! (See below in my post re: Silver Palate Navarin of Lamb)

sometimes I add a bit of cocoa or cinnamon - that works with tomato in the stew

cumin - sometimes

good quality horseradish as a side to traditional English beef stew (i don't add it in the actual pot because some guests don't like the flavor)

kind of like "themed" stew - you know which tastes go together depending on the protein and other ingredients you are working with.

to freshen and brighten it up at the end (ie just before serving), I always add a couple of handfuls of really good quality petit pois (small frozen sweet green peas - we can't grow them in winter so I have a brand I go to at the supermarket) - that works for beef stew, turkey soup, even chicken curry. You could add some chiffonade fresh (uncooked) baby spinach or tender fresh (uncooked) swiss chard which we can grow in our region in a sheltered spot - kind of like the age-old parsley garnish but edible.

and YES to the people who have already said it tastes better the next day (and yes, I too struggle with the meat texture - unless I buy boneless beef short ribs - tho some people might like bone-in ... we don't because of senior dinner guests who find it easier (safer from our POV) to eat boneless and trimmed.

do you rememeber way back - in the Silver Palate cookbook days - the first cookbook has a Navarin of Lamb that is wonderful. Of course, we have more access to ingredients these days - (I think they had to use frozen pearl onions (or frozen snow peas) - i can't recall exactly.)

i think there was a pork & fruit ragout in the same book that had apricots and/or prunes - but it had too much vinegar taste for our country palate.

(edit to add - i think the google link BELOW is the 25th anniversary edition which might be more useful today than the original - I shall have to check it out one day) ---- meanwhile - check out the Silver Palate book here on Google - you can search the index

Sep 21, 2014
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