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Bestsellen's Cote De Boeuf & Roasted Bone Marrow vs. Barberians??

Agree. Love Jacobs. Jacobs is "one of them".

Bestsellen's Cote De Boeuf & Roasted Bone Marrow vs. Barberians??

I'm going to take the other side of that "trade". If I'm not mistaken Bestellen is supplied by Cumbrae's. Very few steaks can compete with Cumbrae's - and Barberian's is not one of them IMO.

I'm a food first, wine second diner.

Good Sushi at Bay/Dundas: Think Cafe Michi Chirashi...

Was here last week for dinner. Food was very good and the sashimi & sushi were very fresh. Definitely on the "rotation" for downtown spots. Excellent value as well.

Where to buy the best steak?

I have not. I think you would enjoy a Cumbraes t-bone. If anything it could be a fun blind tasting, between the two. Paired with the wine of your choice without the markup!

Where to buy the best steak?

I've performed multiple blind steak tastings (rib-eyes) and cheese boutique has always landed at the bottom. They look great but are incredibly bland relative to others. Their cheese and charcuterie selection is top notch IMO.

Cumbrae's was the hands down winner in my recent tasting and I simply don't go anywhere else when I want to spend. For decent value I go to Bruno's. My 2 cents.

Café Boulud closing for renovations

I dined there almost 6 months ago and it was my only time , but I found the food very good. Certainly within the quality of a top 20 restaurant in Toronto. Just my opinion.

Diwan at the Aga Khan Museum

LOL - not to be a prick but you could always avoid CH for 24 hours...

Zen News

Beauty, thanks. Never heard of this place, but will go asap.

Zen News


Zen News

An existing or new resto @ Bay/Dundas?

Sidenote: What I love about Yasuda, apart from the great food, is that he refutes the snobs who "never" eat previously frozen fish since he intentionally freezes all his fish, even in Japan.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Fantastic. Cuisine really is world class.

If I had $500 in Toronto...


Drupatis on Yonge

FYI - asking for "hot" at a WI restaurant is akin to asking for suicide. Most should request "slight peppa" or to completely control the heat ask for pepper sauce on the side.

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

I concur

La Boulange at Starbucks

I ordered the pain au chocolat as well (side note: I actually ordered it as a pain au chocolat out of habit and the server was confused, but I don't fault them for that) and I concur. It was terrible.

Mar 31, 2015
Apprentice in Chains

Sunday Brunch: Colette or Montecito?

Was it $50? That seems very expensive.

Salt Wine Bar

I went, I enjoyed, I'll be back. The Lamb Merguez was excellent great flavour and juicy. Beef Short ribs and octopus were cooked perfectly. Piri Piri shrimp were okay, I prefer more piri sauce. I wish I discovered this place earlier.

Bar Raval (with pictures)

I was fortunate enough to have some spare time to squeeze in a quick visit. I found the dishes very good to excellent. Their squid in pork fat is the best squid I’ve ever eaten – cooked perfectly al dente with a little salt and lemon juice to accentuate but not overpower the protein. I prefer his octopus (Galician style) here than at Isabel (where I think it’s a bit overrated). The bacalao con tomate is simply “honest” home cooking. Again the execution in cooking the fish is what stood out to me. A little too much tomato flavor for my taste buds, but I could easily get by that. If I lived in the area I’d be a regular – but the place is very small.

Salt Wine Bar

Does that mean you like the restaurant? Any standout dishes worth trying?
I have no idea if you are criticizing me, CH or just venting for the sake of it. If me I'm confused how you would assume that's my opinion of CH.

I live way in the suburbs and with 2 young kids so my days of frequent dining are long gone. The menu looks really intriguing, but given that my opportunities to dine are slim, I don’t take as many “chances” like I once did. Sure I lose some of the “fun” but there are individuals on this board who provide valuable information to me.

Salt Wine Bar

Has anyone dined here recently? I couldn't find any reviews within the last two years. I'm thinking of dropping by.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

It was a debate I had with justxpete that made me return to Cumbrae's for one "last chance" in a blind tasting. They won so handily that I rarely buy anything else since.

Did you pair your wine? Curiously what did you drink that evening? I tried a glass of the 2000 Nichols Merlot, Vinas del Sol Vineyard it was excellent.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

It was a weird situation because I thought it might have been the edges and the lighting was dark, by the time I was at the halfway point I realized my initial suspicion was correct. I was pretty full, so I didn't want another. In hindsight I should have just noted it to them.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

I was there on Wednesday; best fine dining restaurant in the city IMO.

I ordered the short course as my experience with the long (also back in September) had me bursting at the seams. I noticed the Japanese influence at the NYE dinner and the shift is quite apparent now. I was served Hamachi, Tuna, and Uni - all excellent interpretations.

My biggest disappointment was the beef which was brutally overcooked for me - near medium well, which rendered it chewy rather flavourless (though there were some pockets of fat where I detected the classic cumbrae flavour) - I didn't say anything.

60th Birthday Dinner in Toronto (Most Memorable Restaurant Experience)

Splendido is the perfect special occasion restaurant. IMO they are putting out the best "fine dining" plates in the city (and they are cheaper than Hashimoto!). I returned a couple of days ago and it was fantastic. Their service is stellar; I'm certain they will do their best to ensure your experience was memorable.

Upscale Toronto Indian Restaurant

Estufarian - I scanned posts, it's in your top ten so that's some high praise. You recommend the Kale salad; anything else?

Best Banana Bread

I really enjoy Richtree's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. I'm not sure if its what you are looking and by no means am I an expert in this area.

Drupatis on Yonge

They serve my favourite doubles in the city and are the closest to what I've had in Trinidad (tuna puna). I've only eaten at the original Rexdale location and one of the Brampton locations. I assume they are consistent across the GTA.

Going to Jacobs and Co tomorrow - Learn Me On Steak!

Agree Jacob's Ribsteak is amazing. For "value" I go to Octagon.

Not to take this too off thread - I like Cheese Boutique for charcuterie and cheese items, actually they are my favourite. However, IMO their steaks are so overpriced and flavourless compared to Cumbrae's. Just warning you because I too thought they looked great but after 3 strikes (1 was a blind tasting), I'm not going again.

Also, in terms of "bang for buck" cuts consider the top sirloin or a hanger steak. Different flavour profiles, but just throwing it out there.

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

Sushi Kaji
Khao San Road
Hawthorne Food & Drink

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Though I am not surprised, this is still great to hear. I'll be there on NYE.