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Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

I went back, it was indeed spectacular. Not much to add - the service, plating, quantity and quality of food is world class. The portion sizes and quantity of amuses/snacks is reminiscent of a Michelin 2/3 star experience. I’m hesitant to pick a favorite but the Egg & Madeira might be it. The smoked trout and sweetbreads were also highlights for me. I’m forcing myself to choose among an array of outstanding dishes to provide some input. Splendido really is a Toronto gem. I was dining at the bar and struck up a conversation with a gentleman from NYC who put the meal on par with haute-NYC. I say this only to provide context for the quality of the meal.

I informed them I could only afford to indulge in two glasses of wine as I had a 40 min drive home. The sommelier doubling as a bartender (I’m terrible with names), offered several tasting choices before selecting the right wine for “me”. Upon scanning my bill at home, I realized they “comped” me for the first wine. I’m slightly embarrassed as I feel I under-tipped! Anyway – this is just another example of the service the team provides.

If there’s a downside it’s that the “long-menu” is a lot of food. After 4/5 courses I already knew I was in trouble.

Finally, Splendido is a great place to have a solo meal. If you wish to enjoy a great meal in solitude, with your own thoughts (or a book), you can do that. However, dining at the bar and conversing with the bartender or Victor (assuming it’s a slower night and he’s got time to visit) is a great way to pass time learning about wine, their approaches/opinions on food and industry experiences. Again - I'm assuming the possibility of doing this on a Saturday evening is less likely vs a Wed night when I went.


For a fine Japanese/French style dining experience, I highly recommend you put Yunaghi on your to-dine list. $80 for 9 courses is very good value and it was one of my top 5 meals in Toronto this year (Chiado, Actinolite, Splendido and Casa Victorira would round out the list to give you perspective of where I stand). The restaurant, takes up the former Ici Bistro location on Harbord/Manning – so it’s small.

There is very little “sushi” to be spoken of here, Think Kaji, without the sashimi and sushi courses. Plates are very artistic, on par with any of the top restaurants in the city, that also stand up well on the palate both in flavours and textures. On several occasions, there were textural or temperature counterpoints that worked magnificently together. A perfect example of this would be their “Hassun (Appetizer Combo)” composed of 6 small appetizers on a singular plate: Shrimp Jelly (soft and cool), Saba Sushi, Octopus & Mustard Cured Cucumber (chew and crunch), Black Sesame Tofu , Onsen Quail Egg (warm and creamy), Chicken Miso Pate w/ Baby Turnip Cup (soft and crunchy).

The wine list is very small and heavy focus on locals so oenophiles may have problems (I did not ask about corkage). Portion sizes are small, so those with voracious appetites might leave underwhelmed. I departed content, but I can envision, similar to the complaints about Actinolite, CH’s leaving disappointed. There are some growing pains, for example wines for the wine pairing were served mid course, instead of in advance and at times I could not understand the servers, however this was easily rectified by sitting with the menu for our meal.

Dress code is very casual. I was dressed in khakis and a blue blazer while every other gentleman was in shorts!

Conclusion: I will go back in a heartbeat.

What is going on with Splendido?

I know they catered a wedding on Sat Sept 6th if that is the date you are referring to.

Best liver and onions in Toronto?

I think BIff's version of Liver is fantastic.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Thanks. I haven't been in 2014. Looks like I'll be returning in a couple of weeks.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Any recent reports about Splendido? Anyone else serving better (or "finer") food at the moment?

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

If you could indulge in one more question - what price point do you define as middle range?

Please help me plan the ultimate 3-day dining experience in Toronto. Specifics within:

I'm just giving options for far superior food - with a "decent" view, since 360 is not a choice I would make (to each his own of course). As noted by bytepusher, Canoe is closed on weekends.

Please help me plan the ultimate 3-day dining experience in Toronto. Specifics within:

I concur CN Tower is really not worth the food. The Chase Scaramouche and Stock all have views of the city. I have not dined at Stock, but I would place Scaramouche ahead of the Chase in terms of quality of service and food. Edit - I am assuming a meal with a city view is a priority.

Casa Victoria - A Michelin Star Calibre, Cantonese 'Surf & Turf' Chowmeet

Well played!

Casa Victoria - A Michelin Star Calibre, Cantonese 'Surf & Turf' Chowmeet

Not much to add here:
+1 for the oysters. For me it was the stand out dish and the best preparation I've eaten as well. I also loved the flavour and crunch from the "Chinese Gathiya" (that's what I'm calling them) they added a nice counterpoint to the middle soft part of the oyster. I will drive the 30 mins with my wife just to share a plate of a dozen of those oysters over a glass of wine.

The squab was excellent. I was a little disappointed because it required work with the hands. I have no problem eating with my hands but all my previous experiences with squab have been "de-boned" enabling little work with utensils. Being such a small bird prepared with enormous flavour, each bite could not satiate my palate as I worked my way through the bones. I was getting a little frustrated. That's my problem not the restaurants, it was delicious.

I "cheated" with the fried rice, adding some chilli sauce to give a kick. I detected a smokiness to the dish which really complimented the existing flavours.

Curiously Charles, what did the restaurant do with the pig's head? Several of us on the table were willing (anxious) to taste the ears and crispy cheeks.

I encourage anyone to take Charles up on his offer - it was a superb meal.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

By coincidence I was working near KSR today. I felt compelled to check them out again, given my previous mediocre experience.

The Khao Soi was as good as ever, perhaps my previous experience was just a "blip". I noticed they now offer an optional Thai pickled veg (cabbage) that adds a mild sour compliment to the dish - which I enjoyed. This restaurant is now back in my rotation for the entertainment district.

FWIW - The restaurant opens at 11:30am, at 11:56 there was only one table available. They are not starving for diners.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

The criticism is laying on thick.

Charles (and anyone else) please keep posting these types of events, regardless if it's $10/pp or $100+/pp, whether or not they include CH guests, regular menu or exotic off menu items. I enjoy reading about these events. I hope others will agree.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

my mistake

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

Thank you for the reply Estufarian and the additional information on the wine. As a side, I have enjoyed Ste. Michelle's Chardonnay - can't remember the year though.

Sadistick - I believe KSR made CH's top 10 list in January, in fact I think it was #1! So the odds of self-promotion IMO are very low, given that this restaurant is well enjoyed by the CH community, well before this dinner took place.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

That's a fair point. Also I should concede - I guess it doesn't matter whose recipes they are using, if they are executing well and satisfying most people's taste buds that's all that matters.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

Thanks for the review Charles. Curiously, why does KSR receive so much recognition for essentially copying Nuit's recipes (after her departure) while Sukothai goes relatively unmentioned - have they significantly changed their menu since?

Am I the only one who found KSR portion size and quality slightly declined since Nuit's departure?

Final point - I did not know that Dr. Loosen has vineyards in Washington State!

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?

I'm throwing this out there as an option since it has not been listed. Try, Hawthorne Food & Drink. Chicken is soaked and cooked sous vide in buttermilk for 2 hours then fried. The result – an extremely juicy interior with a well seasoned crunchy exterior. The contrasting textures are marvelous.

Disclaimer: I do not eat a lot of fried chicken. My experiences are limited to KFC, Popeye's and Church's. I'm willing to admit I like Popeye's!

ACTINOLITE - An Updated Review with Photos

Thank you for the review. It does a good job of setting my expectations.

richmond station -- what to order?

I was just there today, the lunch special was very good value. I ordered the chilled asparagus soup and roast beef main. TorontoJo I wished I read your post - I didn't even look at the dessert menu.

Whut youse alls thunk? Zagat article on Mississauga

Fair enough I'm just saying none are worthy of a detour for 416'ers, or north and east 905ers.

Whut youse alls thunk? Zagat article on Mississauga

I've visited 5 of the 7. Good reco's for local chowhounds sure, but of these places are worthy of a detour. Lion City is good, Gourmet Garden (in scarborough) is better (if it's still around - I haven't been in a couple of years. Leela's is excellent, but so is Drupati's (locations in Brampton, Rexdale and Pickering) and other local spots in the east. My favourite dosa place remains to be Guru Lukshmi. I don't think SB or DP are "that" much better then other south Indian/SL places (e.g. anjappar chiettinad). Speaking of Indian if anyone cares, my favourite biriyani in 'Sauga goes to Tandoor Express.

best brunch places in Toronto?

Well that sure is a positive review - I will definitely try to squeeze in a visit. Thanks.

ACTINOLITE - An Updated Review with Photos

Me too.

best brunch places in Toronto?

Is Beast on anyone's list? I'm intrigued by their menu and would like to visit

ACTINOLITE - An Updated Review with Photos

Any recent updates? I will be there shortly.

Cumbrae vs Whitehouse Meats


Cumbrae vs Whitehouse Meats

That is a fantastic option. I just drove by yesterday but didn't stop for because of the parking - darn wish I knew. Though I do like to talk to the butcher and chose my own steaks.

Cumbrae vs Whitehouse Meats

OK - to be clear I'm not questioning Cumbrae's quality. I was merely questioning justxpete's assuredness. Personally, I think Cumbrae's is excellent.

Not to sound rude but I don't care if the entire world of chefs things Cumbrae's or Restaurant X is the greatest in the world - all I care about is what I like lol. I don't need the validity of others to stand by my opinion. Edit - Not that you all do either

Cumbrae vs Whitehouse Meats

I've engaged in two separate blind tastings of rib-eyes with purveyors across the city (Bruno's, Oliffe, Pusateri's etc) and I can tell you Cumbraes did not win in either. Cumbrae's had a distinct grassy flavor one tasting and a blue cheese tasting another - how's that consistent? My point was only to have you think about your perceptions (i.e. most people think they like something but in blind tastings discover it's not necessarily the case) but you are so confident in your own opinion I'll leave you to enjoy what you enjoy.