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Best steak in Westchester - that isn't charred? Regardless of price

With price as no issue - where can you find the best steak in Westchester?
Thinking about one where they don't char the outside so that it tastes like charcoal.

Where do you think the best steak comes from?

BBQ or American or Pub style food at a place that has a parking lot

Looking for a good place for BBQ/Burgers in Westchester that also has a parking lot - since there will be multiple people coming in on Motorcycles.

Southbound BBQ was the original choice - it would be perfect with a parking lot and BBQ - but it has since closed.

Price is open.

But looking for a place that could accomodate 10 -12 people.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2009

I notice Equus says their restaurant week menu is only Sunday thru Friday. Are most of the restaurants following that same structure?

next 2 weeks: hudson valley restaurant week.

So what was the dinner menu?
I am dying to know if I should go here or Blu.

Great spot for lunch near Mandarin Oriental

We will be in town for a business meeting and hope to lunch afterwards. We are staying at the Mandarin Oriental near Columbus Circle.

Looking to keep it under $100 per person. Great food, great ambiance, great service, great wine in that order.

Thanks for your input!

Mar 25, 2009
Kirkcollm in Manhattan

Best Cuban in Westchester?

Is it currently closed?

Just moved to East Williamsburg/Bushwick - where should I eat?

Taco Hacienda.
Ugh. Had the worse meal ever there.

I would not suggest this place.

Feb 10, 2009
Kirkcollm in Outer Boroughs

Best Cuban in Westchester?

Where can you find the best cuban food in Westchester? Is there anywhere that is better than city?

Looking for something that has great flavor and reflects the culture. Food first, followed by ambiance.

Unique Dining Experiences - I.e. themes, etc

Hi, I did a search, but nothing came up. I am looking for some unique dining experiences.
For example, the ninja restaurant or trailer park.

I also looked at Aspen since they have some interesting dishes, but their current menu looks boring. I would love some really unique NYC restaurants!

Mar 24, 2008
Kirkcollm in Manhattan

Recommended Restaurants in Spring Lake, NJ

THank you all for your help!

Feb 08, 2008
Kirkcollm in New Jersey

Recommended Restaurants in Spring Lake, NJ

Going to stay in Spring Lake, NJ for a pre-V-Day weekend.
We are staying at the Chateau Inn, and would love some reviews, recommendations, or definitely not's for that area. Would love to walk to a few if possible, but also open to driving.

Good clubs/bars in the area would also be great!


Feb 07, 2008
Kirkcollm in New Jersey

Nice place in Atlantic City for one year anniversary

Hi there,

Heading to AC the second weekend in November and looking for a nice $50 per person type of restaurant in AC. Somewhere with ambiance, and that is not to clichey for AC.

There are no other requirements as both are omnivores

Also would love some suggestions on bars!

Oct 29, 2007
Kirkcollm in Mid-Atlantic

Best cheesecake in NYC?

I have a friends 30th birthday party coming up....where can I get the best cheesecake?

Mar 15, 2007
Kirkcollm in Manhattan