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Le Bernardin dress code

Update/follow-up to the OP:

I'm going to LB for dinner tonight - can I get away with a nice jacket/shoes/shirt and a pair of clean jeans? Or will I be flamb├ęd?

Aug 28, 2009
00ketan in Manhattan

Ghali Kitchen Closed??

about a week ago the signs said (and i paraphrase): to not worry because he would never make the mistake of leaving the neighborhood again; and that they were just regrouping and rennovating, etc.

watch that space...

Carved watermelons

Hi there -

Anyone know where we can purchase carved watermelons in SW Ontario/Toronto?

Check these puppies out!

QUICK RESPONSE: Healthy, Working Dinner On Eastside

I'm working late for the 1,000,000th night in a row and I'm tired of eating food that's bad for me (although it usually tastes great!). I'm going to step out for dinner in about an hour and I wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion for a healthy resto (prefereably one that's laptop-friendly, whatever that means), so that I can eat and work and relax for a bit. Any cuisine is fine. Nothing too noisy. I'm in Lincoln Heights now, but anything East of Hollywood or West of Alhambra will fly.


Nov 01, 2007
00ketan in Los Angeles Area

LA Contrasts: Abode then Kike's Tacos

everything is pretty good at kike's but they make the tastiest pastor. look for the fresh grilled onions - they're usually kept on the side of the grill - they may look slimy, but they're good. i've been told that the baked beans are good too (in the thermos).

they're open every evening, except Thursdays, from 7ish until business slows (often there after midnight).

Aug 20, 2007
00ketan in Los Angeles Area

Cypriot sausages

Anyone know where to get Cypriot sausages in Los Angeles. I've got a recipe I'm working on...

Mar 15, 2007
00ketan in Los Angeles Area