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Looking for All-Dressed Potato Chips, Canadian Snack Foods

I'm new to the Bay & have an upcoming guest who would love some of these chips. Has anybody seen them in stores? East Bay preferred, will travel to please.

Little Spice Thai Cuisine, near BWI

I found out about this place while looking for a place to meet up with traveling family members near BWI. Now I'm going to offer to drive people to the airport so I can go back! Little Spice Thai Cuisine is in a nondescript strip-mall in Hanover, Maryland. The three of us who went were all very, very impressed with the quality of the food, the lovely presentations and the interesting menu that made it very hard to choose. We started with a Green Papaya Salad - it was tart & hot & perfect with snappy green beans & peanuts for contrast.

We tried the Masaman Curry with Chicken and dove into get every last bit of the succulent pieces of potato. The Spicy Drunken Talay (seafood drunken noodles) were amazing, with juicy scallops, tasty mussels and calamari. I'm going to dream about this dish. If you need a meal on the road between Baltimore & Washington DC (it's off 95 & the parkway) Little Spice is worth pulling over for.

Their website is

Jackfruit, Guava... where do I find my favorite "exotic" fruits?

Anybody seen jackfruit or good tropical fruit selection in Maryland?

Korean Dumplings

There's a fantastic restaurant at 18th & S, NW in DC called, you guessed it, Mandu. They do a variety of dumpling fillings and I've yet to have one I don;t like. They are also advertising frozen dumplings to take home, so you can do for a double fix!

Moroni's - BPE

I went to Moroni & Brother's on Georgia Ave on Saturday night and was really happy with the meal we had there. The place was full but the service was warm & welcoming. The food was fantastic - we tried three different pizzas. The kids enjoyed theirs and so did the grown folks. I'm looking forward to going back for more. Want to try the Salvadorean dishes on the menu but it will be hard to order anything but the pizza.

Cheap middle eastern in DC

For grabbing a lunch try 24-7 at U & 14th. I like their falafel and if you order the platter the hot veggie sides are usually really good.

Chocolate/Novelty Shops?

ACKC on 14th St is a hot new chocolate shop and they have It's a Girl novelties. They're at 14th & Q NW. They have another shop in Alexandria. If you go, be sure to check out the hot cocoa selections - addictive.

ACKC Cocoa Bar

I love that drink too - It's called the Lucy. Highly addictive!

Fish Tacos?

This might be too generic but I really like the ones at Baja Fresh (any location). And they are cheap!

Vietnamese Coffee

I'm looking for a coffee shop that serves a good hot, sweet cup of this brew (the kind made with condensed milk). DC, VA, MD are all good. College Perk in College Park is the one I've found so far.

Udupi Palace

It is one of my favorite places and I know what you mean. I have found it to be a little erratic lately. Were you there for the lunch buffet or dinner? My favorite time to take new people is the weekend brunch buffet because they get to try a little of everything plus a dosa.

A clean, well lit place (with wifi, good coffee, etc. etc.)

This is a little off the beaten trail for the standard coffee/wifi crowd but check out Domku in Petworth. They have a great array of drinks, Wifi and comfy seating. Not sure about the hours though.

Delivery in Silver Spring

I've just moved to Silver Spring from DC and would love some feedback on local delivery places. I'm pretty familiar with the usual dine in places, this is more along the lines of pizza for the friends helping me paint or Thai before I have my kitchen set up. I'm not far from Fenton & Wayne. Any cuisine in the under ten bucks a person range would be great!

Zeppole for St. Joseph's Day?

I've got a friend visiting from out of town who wanted to make sure to get some zeppole this weekend. I saw the Post's recommendation for Marchones Italian Delicatessen in Wheaton. Anybody have other ideas?