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Best espresso in Central/Southern Westchester?

Can anyone recommend a place that serves a great shot of espresso in central or southern Westchester? I have not yet stumbled on one.

Best Espresso in Southern/Central Westchester?

This week's NYT article abt espresso in NYC got me wondering - where is the best cup of espresso in Central or Southern Westchester? I haven't had a decent one yet, though haven't tried many places.

Dinner delivered in Carmel Valley area

Thanks so much. I just got them a gc to that restaurants on the run place. It's perfect, gives them more of a choice.

Feb 25, 2010
sararudh in San Diego

Dinner delivered in Carmel Valley area

My friend's daughter is very sick, and I want to get her family a gift certificate for a great restaurant that delivers in the Carmel Valley area. Maybe Italian or continental, and preferably, one with a website with menus. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Feb 22, 2010
sararudh in San Diego

Which meat grinder do you recommend?

I want to grind beef and chicken. I have a kitchen aid stand mixer. Does anyone recommend the attachment that grinds meat? Or another product? Thanks.

Nov 03, 2009
sararudh in Cookware

Orlando fine dining in/near International Drive

My husband and I have a couple nights off from the kids when we visit Orlando. We're planning on one night at Roy's, and would love recommendations for a very nice other place. Japanese, french would be great. We're staying in the Intl Drive area and would need to stick close to there. No Disney, of course....

Mar 19, 2008
sararudh in Florida

Orlando fine dining near Marriott hotel on Vista Grande

We have 2 nights on vacation to splurge and go out without the kids. Can anyone recommend a really lovely restaurant (french, italian, etc) somewhat near the Marriott on Vista Grande? We've been to Roy's, any other suggestions are much appreciated.

Mar 13, 2008
sararudh in Florida

Night out with no kids

We have a night out while in Orlando. We're staying at the Marriott vista grande (I don't know what the neighborhood is called, it's near Sea World). Can anyone recommend a very nice place to eat? We don't get to do this often, so the nicer the better. Continental or french would be best. THanks!

Mar 15, 2007
sararudh in Florida