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Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

YES. But this is one of those restaurants where:
1) you will smell of bbq grill for at least 2 days following your vist
2) service is...well, just don't expect too much.
3) parking is almost impossible

but the food is great, and well worth the wait (especially on weekends)

Thai Boom or Ayara Thai - Which is Better?

I swear by Thai Boom. (I'm going to get a lot of s#!t for this but....) So much so that I had trouble finding better food when I was IN Thailand this past winter!! IMO, its just THAT damn good.

Your Fav Yakiniku place...

Okay ladies and germs, time to expose yourselves, who among you eats at Gyukaku? hmmmm?? Personally, I don't think there is anything YUM about that place. I'm not saying it's bad, but I completely stopped eating there when I found my new ICHIBAN favorite yakiniku restaurant.

I've been going to Gochi in Encino (SFV) for the past 3 or so years now and have never been let down.
The staff is really nice and very attentive, the chef used to be a butcher so he knows his cuts, aaaand they have a good selection of meats (beef, chicken, pork) and some sea foods.

If you're into Yakiniku as much as I am, I would strongly recommend checking it out.

17970 Ventura Blvd, Encino, 91316 (cross street: Newcastle)
(818) 774-9621

There is normally no need for a reservation but if you're going on a weekend, you may want to call ahead just in case.

Looking for the best pizza in LA

I'll add myself to the Vito's crowd. I've haven't really enjoyed a good slice of pizza anywhere else.
And about Mozza...I understand the hype over the chefs and all that, but is it really THAT good? perhaps someone who's been able to actually get a reservation can write up a brief review?
Finally, Mr. Taster, why the "protect chowhound boycott avatars" signature?

Mexican, Peruvian, and Thai in/near North Hollywood

For Peruvian food take a look here, lots of suggestions: (don't let the title fool you, Pollo Inka still sucks)

King's Fish House

Hi Kitchen Queen, uhhh, I'm pretty sure you were referring to me on your post, but uhh, hehe, I'm a guy :D
By the way, thanks to everyone else who posted, I'm thinking of taking a trip to King's to try out some of the dishes you mentioned. Not all by myself of course!!

Looking for great bread in L.A.

Cool, thanks wizardx and ubergeek. I'm going to try Le Maison de Pain tomorrow but I'll make sure to hit up a the ones you guys recommend at a later time.

Udon/Soba in SFV

You have got to be kidding me right? Kyushu?! Really? I mean, I guess since we don't have many Ramen restaurants in the Valley this might be a popular (and by popular I mean only) choice, but I would strongly advice against it.
If I were you, I'd hop in the car and take a drive over the hill to Ramenya or some of the other ramen spots already mentioned in another post.
Don't even get me started on Nippon Ramen. Just plain old bad.

EDIT: god it's late...I forgot to add an Udon restaurant I once went to on the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic. Can't remember the name but its on the 3rd floor of that complex on the corner.
YAWN! Im out!

King's Fish House

I can't believe I'm still up posting, but I wanted to know what people thought of King's Fish House in Long Beach. I've been there a couple of times and as long as the you order the stuff that's in season, the food is quite good. I would go as far as recommending it, but I have yet to try more of their dishes.

More Okonomiyaki Style & Technique [Split from L.A. board]

hey Alexfood, my first experience with Okonomiyaki was with Hiroshima style and that hooked me. When I visited Osaka I went to a small restaurant my friend frequented and the owner was so badass that he let me keep the spatula! HAHAHA!

Mar 23, 2007
onigiriyumyum in General Topics

Looking for great bread in L.A.

Well, as a good Peruvian, there are two things I can't live without, one is rice and the other is BREAD! ...this is why I spend hours at the gym trying to keep from looking like a french roll.

...and make me sad. all the way in SF?! ... ... ... ROAD TRIP!

El Pollo Inka

El Pollo Inka

like an alfajor huh? hmm. the only thing i can think of is a slice of Pionono maybe? its like a roll of manjar blanco or dulce de leche and a thin cake...maybe not.
see: http://bocaditosyreposteria.wordpress...
I'd suggest having the Lucuma ice cream for those of you who have yet to try it. It's a little textury but very decilicious.

Looking for great bread in L.A.

I personally don't think I could live without bread, and it's kinda hard coming around really good bread in the Valley. I've tried Breadbar but I wasn't all that impressed. I've had way better bread in Lima (Peru) and I'm hoping for a place that sells French rolls just as good.
So, where is this ACME place that is so highly recommended here?
I'm going to Maison du Pain tomorrow to test it out.
Did I mention how much I love bread? well, I love bread. YUMYUM!

El Pollo Inka

have you tried the anticuchos at Los Balcones? pretty tasty, gotta tell ya! But yes, I would wait at Mario's any day.

Any GREAT chinese on the west side??

Is it just me or did TR (1) increased their prices (2) decreased the quality of their beef?...I don't really go there anymore for these two reasons. In any case, thanks for the heads up about UC's, I don't think I'll be looking at that place the same way!

Any GREAT chinese on the west side??

Has anyone ever tried Uncle Chen's on Ventura? Every time I go to Tony Roma's across the street I see it but I haven't had the chance to check it out. I actually ate at an Uncle Chen's in Santa Barbara (I think it was SB...kind of a long time ago) and it wasn't all that bad. I try to stay away from Chinese food, but sometimes you just get that craving.

El Pollo Inka

ABSOLUTELY! How could I forget Las Quenas...good times Ubergeek.

El Pollo Inka

hehehe, its always those hole-in-the-wall places that have the best food. If you're ever in the SFV you should also try Machu Picchu in Van Nuys. Now talk about a hole-in-wall, jees! The food is good...not the best, but definitely worth a try.

6465 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 997-3394

okay, i've had enough...I'm getting hungry and its too late to eat.

lunch spot in beverly hills- outside dining

I like Il Fornaio. Its perfect for a Sunday brunch.

301 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, 90210
(310) 550-8330

El Pollo Inka

forgot the addresses:

Los Balcones del Perú
1360 N. Vine Street
Hollywood, California
(323) 871-9600

5786 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 466-4181

El Pollo Inka

Let me be the first to say that Pollo Inka sucks! I'm no expert, but I am from Peru and all I can say is that if you've only had food from this restaurant you haven't had Peruvian. I don't know where you live, but if you're around the LA area you should definitely try Los Balcones del Peru in Hollywood, by far the best around. Start with the anticuchos or the Papa a la Huancaina, and for the main course try the (always popular) Lomo Saltado, or their Choros a la Chalaca. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...and it's past 10pm. Only my grandma's cooking comes closest...and that's frakkin saying something! This place is awesome. They unfortunately don't have Cuzqueña beer (at least the last time I went they didn't) but Cristal works just as well.
You can also try Mario's on Melrose. The place is jam packed every time I go but its obvious why. Try their Saltado de Mariscos.

Best Argentinian Food in the SFV?

I just realized this post is from 2005...

Best Argentinian Food in the SFV?

I definitely agree with my fellow Chowhounds when it comes to Buenos Aires. The food is incredibly tasty and I guarantee you won't find anything closer to 'real' Argentinian food. I would also recommend the chicken milanesa, if you're not too hungry though, I normally go for a few empanadas or spinach pie. Oh, and the chimichurri among the best around.
One word of caution, unless you root for Argentina, I would strongly advice against showing up during an important soccer match. Trust me ;)

Personally, I'm not much for Gaucho Grill. You might also want to try Lala's on Ventura blvd. in Studio City. The food is good but unfortunately, the last time I was there I almost slapped the waitress for being so incredibly dumb. Lala's on Melrose has a better vibe.

Restaurants in Santa Monica

double exclamation marks on Musha! the owner is hilarious and the food is awesome! Good luck getting a table on Friday and Saturday nights though.

J-town or elsewhere with extensive sake lists?

You know there were a couple of restaurants that I have visited that had pretty decent sake menus, one was Yuu on Sawtelle, they had a pretty good selection of sake (most were a bit on the expensive side though...then again, you get what you pay for!) and the other is Japon Bistro in Pasadena.

2101 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
310 478 7450

Japon Bistro
927 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA

Okonomiyaki at Gaja (review+pics)

Thank (insert deity of choice) for people who like to go out to eat and tell others about it! I frakkin love this site! and thank you Abby for your post on Gaja. I'd never heard of it until now, but the way people are talking about it, I'm sure to give it a try. I haven't had good Okonomiyaki since I went to Osaka. Okonomiyaki, YUMYUM!

Nominations for outstanding yet under-the-radar LA pastry chefs?

I have a patissiere that I ALWAYS go to when I'm in the mood for not-so-sweet sweets. Amandine on Wilshire blvd. and Bundy. The owner is Japanese but trained in France. I would strongly suggest trying their strawberry moose pie, their killer cheesecake (honestly, its one of the best i've ever had), or their fruit tart. Try their quiche too. YUMYUM!

Any ramen place better than Daikokuya?

first post! woohoo! I gotta say I like to go to Ramenya when I don't feel like making the drive to Shinsengumi in Torrance...but sometimes I just gotta have a taste of that soup base! yumyum!