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You Know You've Watched Too Much Top Chef When...

A little ancient of a post since the masters series was just one season - but here it goes:

You know you've been watching too much Top Chef Masters when - everything you now cook, you're DH says "that's sss-pectacular 3 1/2 stars" - or - your disssplay of side dishes was sssuperb - 4 stars. HA!

Sep 17, 2009
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Global Gatherings Update

Yes the service was slow but I thought the food was very good. I bought 2 ottomans from them and the quality was excellent. I'm sad to see them go.

Jul 08, 2008
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Worst restaurants in Westchester

I agree with laylag too. My experience was so similar - I thought you were the other couple we were with chatting on chowhound as we had the same story - ha ha. I think the same waitress was on. Although we sat in front so my experience was a little worse

Jul 26, 2007
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Mexican Place in White Plains

There should be more talk on this board about Hacienda Azteca. The ceviche is excellent, the quesdos are fantastic. Drinks are strong - expensive but it depends on how you look at it. Large and lasts a while just ordering a few. Food, atmoshpere - mole is a great recipe, love the suizas, very fresh ingedients that you can taste the difference - much better than any other Mexican I've had in Westchester.

Jul 22, 2007
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Asian Temptation- White Plains

I was at Asian Temptation with friends tonight. I was amazed by the service and the quality of the sushi We had the tri sushi (tuna, yellowtail, salmon) and the tri sashimi. A few orders of toro, the pink lady (fantastic) and the toro rolls. I would go back in a heartbeat. As I kept eating with a great bottle of sake, I kept saying "Am i in White Plains?"

My list: Blue Fin, Hatsuhana, Sushi Yasuda, Blue Ribbon, Jewel Bako, Nobu, Nobu 57, Sushi of Gari -- to name a few (in no order)

Mar 14, 2007
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