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Hotspot! - Great Food Great Scene: Need Recs

I would also check out Mamacita's (sp) on Chestnut in the Marina. It's great people watching and fantastic (upscale but not too fancy) Mexican fare that was well worth our 90-minute wait.

lower east side - after dinner

hello, we have a group of 3-5 from san francisco going to dinner on the lower east side next friday night - at the orchard - and are wondering where we should head out after that, in the lower east side, or somewhere nearby. someplace that is kind of a 'scene' but not too pretentious, fun, kind of a velvet lounge type of place with good cocktails and atmosphere. i realize this is not a restaurant-specific question but if you can help at all, much appreciated!

Apr 12, 2007
ashleyk in Manhattan

Rathbun's vs. Wisteria vs. Watershed

Thanks so much - I was wondering about the neighborhood Wisteria is located so this is really good to know that we can walk around before/after dinner.

Mar 15, 2007
ashleyk in General South Archive

Rathbun's vs. Wisteria vs. Watershed

Hello, am coming to Atlanta from SF next week - staying downtown at Ritz C., and am planning a small dinner with a few former colleagues from NYC. Am looking for some Southern food but not too Southern, nice but not too fancy, and not too loud. We'll be cabbing it so not too far of a drive. Any recommendations/preferences among these three restaurants? I am really drawn to Wisteria as the ambience and menu looks amazing but I don't want anything too casual. Watershed looks great but is it too far from downtown?? Rathbuns looks like a no brainer but is their food 'Southern' enough to really get a taste of Atlanta? I am a big fan of home-style cooking being from the Midwest so presentation is not as much of an issue, but I do want it to be nice and not too homestyle.

Any input or suggestions among these three restaurants - which one we should pick and why - would be greatly appreciated!


Mar 15, 2007
ashleyk in General South Archive

Group Brunch Venue

Hello - Several family members will be travelling to Austin (from KS, CA, AZ ,CO) the last weekend in March for my cousin's wedding at Lake Travis. My mom is also turning 65 a few days later, so we want to have a brunch for her on Sunday, somewhere around Lake Travis (or the part of Austin closest to Lake Travis), and may have anywhere from 10-20 people there.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a private room where we could hold a brunch? I really would like to find something quaint - not a private room with no windows or ambience - that is moderately priced. It needs to be somewhat near Lake Travis or between LT and Austin.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Mar 14, 2007
ashleyk in Austin

Sandwich in financial district

I agree, Specialty's is one of the best sandwich shops in San Francisco, in addition their incredible cookies. Very good value.