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Austin ! Looking for a trendy restaurant !

Tx Saeyedoc !

Mar 19, 2013
epicurienne67 in Texas

Looking for a trendy and tasty restaurant !

Tx Optimista. According to my reads, Paul Qui seems a star.

Mar 09, 2013
epicurienne67 in Austin

Looking for a trendy and tasty restaurant !

Tx SlickTheCat :-)

Mar 07, 2013
epicurienne67 in Austin

Looking for a trendy and tasty restaurant !

I'll be in Austin end of March... In fact, what is THE place to be/to eat in Austin ?

Mar 06, 2013
epicurienne67 in Austin

Austin ! Looking for a trendy restaurant !

I'm looking for a wonderful, tasty, trendy restaurant in Austin. I'll be there end of March.

Mar 06, 2013
epicurienne67 in Texas

Les Trois Petits Bouchons & La Montee de Lait

I went two times to La Montée de Lait... and meals are not equal. Some are wonderful, and for some others, the mix of tastes is a bit disappointed. Also, we are very (too much?) closed from each others. In that kind of resto, let me propose another one, that tastes are outstanding : LE JOLIFOU, 1840 Beaubien east -

Unique place to celebrate my 40

Next September, I want to organise a cool get-together to celebrate my 40. I live in Montreal but I don't know all places. I would look for the atmosphere first, but as well, for a trendy and warm place that wine and food are more than good. Maybe little tapas or bouchées. I guess we will be around 10 or 15 peoples... maybe less, I don't think yet to that.
Terrasses could be a good choice as it will take place the 22 of september, and often the weather is nice.
My first thoughts for that is "Suite 701" and I heard there is a great terrasse. I love the interior thought. I heard as well about the terrasse of the Nelligan but never were there. I like also the idea to be able to move from our seat to talk to all the guests.
Of course, I would like a place not too much expansive (not Le Toqué) to accomodate all budgets.
Your suggestions are more than welcome !


Montreal: HELP! Looking for great HOT CHOCOLATE (near St Hubert & Av Mont Royal)

I recently discovered JULIETTE ET CHOCOLAT, on St-Denis in the Quartier Latin. The atmosphere makes very student, but the hot chocolates are so great !!! They offer a lot of different for the tasting. Wow !!!

Montreal on Easter weekend..

In you are in the Old Montreal, I will share with you my favorites places.
For a cafe or bakery, there is the well known, trendy and so goood OLIVE ET GOURMANDO, on St-Paul. Also, I love to go to HOLDER, on McGill Street, in the Old. The atmosphere is trendy, lively and the food is great. A great place to see beautiful people while well eating.

what about these choices.

If I can say something is : DON'T GO TO LA QUEUE DE CHEVAL. It's a flashy and expansive place that not consider the food.
Yesss for LE PIED DE COCHON, JOLIFOU (my discover of the year), on Beaubien East and LA MONTÉE DE LAIT, sur le Plateau.

Best pizza in MTL

Mine is at Il Foccallio on Phillips Square, near La Baie.

Anniversary in Montreal

As you mention that it's for your anniversary, one place jumps in my head :
The XO, of the St.James Hotel in Old Montreal, 355 St-Jacques. Great food and the place is a splendor. It's opulent without that snobish attitude. My boy friend invited me for my birthday, and I felt as a queen.

I also recommend my favorites ones : AREA, on Amherst Street. (Great food, great chef) And La Montée de lait. Great new trendy place. Inventive food.