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Harmony View Bar & Gril

Is this restaurant nice? Me and my girls are going out this Friday and we wanted to try some place new that wasn't too expensive. We've decided on this but i just want to make sure its a fairly good choice and what the best entrees / apps / drinks to order? thanks!

Apr 03, 2007
CHANELigible in Manhattan

Best Mexican in Manhattan

In your expert opinions, what are the best mexican spots in nyc where the drinks and ambience are just as good? thanks!

Mar 28, 2007
CHANELigible in Manhattan


i'm going to parea with my friends in a couple weeks. i've never really eaten greek food and i have no clue what to order but i want to look like i know my stuff and not order something i'll hate. anybody been there? is the food good? what's the best thing/s to order? best drink? thanks!

Mar 26, 2007
CHANELigible in Manhattan

Carmine's vs. Marchi's

Okay, my parents' anniversary is coming up and they'd like to go to Marchi's because, well, they've been going there for years and its been dubbed the "special occasion" restaurant. But i've been there and i wasn't really thrilled! I liked Carmine's, and so do they, especially since the meals are huge so you can share. They're taking the whole family out so nothing too expensive (not more than $40/person). Which restaurant would be best? Carmine's or Marchi's...or some place else?? thanks!

Mar 14, 2007
CHANELigible in Manhattan