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Group of 20 in the Fall

Thanks! I'll jump on these recs.

May 10, 2007
LCB in Austin

Group of 20 in the Fall

I know it is early to be thinking about this . . . but:

I'll be making my way to Austin in the fall for a conference and am charged with organizing a dinner get-together for a group of 20 friends. Almost everyone in the group is in their 20s and 30s. Something Austin specific, good food/liquor, and walkable from the convention center area would be particularly helpful. The last time I was in Austin I was taken to Moonshine and found myself reasonably pleased (although the entrees were a little less impressive than the rest) and will hold it in my back pocket if I don't hear a strong suggestion for another place.



May 08, 2007
LCB in Austin

Dinner for 30 High School Students?

Thanks for the many suggestions . . . I'm going to spend today making my way through them and (hopefully) set something up for our group!


Mar 19, 2007
LCB in Greater Boston Area

Dinner for 30 High School Students?


I will be bringing a group of 30 high school students to Boston in a few weeks. We would like to take the group out for a "nice" dinner for our last night? Suggestions? Here are the parameters . . .

We will be staying nearish Copley Square and would like to be able to walk or T it to the restaurant. Some sort of family style option would be nice -- but not necessary. We have carnivores, vegetarians, and a vegan. We can spend up to $25 per person. We would really like to not be limited to chains.


Mar 14, 2007
LCB in Greater Boston Area