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Clean Italian food for Pre-Marathon

If you are looking closer to the start line, Tomasso in Southborough is excellent.

Apr 13, 2013
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Looking for a nice place for lunch in New London, Ct.

Once a year my husband's family graces us with his presence. This year we are meeting partway so the New London, CT area is a target. Can anyone recommend a nice place for lunch? It doesn't have to be upscale (though could be) but should be less family/more refined since A) they are European snobs and B) we are likely to want to linger (though I DO double tip to make for the lack of flip).

Other close-by suggestion are very welcomed. Many thanks in advance!

Apr 13, 2013
Bhc in Southern New England

Romantic Waterfront Restaurant in Providence Area?

Mum and Dad (in Cumberland) are looking for a romantic waterfront restaurant for a special dinner. Any suggestions? Newport, So. County, et al are out......(for this occasion anyway). Many thanks!

Aug 11, 2011
Bhc in Southern New England

ISO dulce de leche

I have, in a pinch, used the Borden in cans available at Market Basket and when it is a component of a dish it's really not bad, surprisingly. You can make it yourself quite easily by pouring a can (or two) of sweetened condensed milk into a baking dish, covering, placing in a bain marie (place your baking dish in a larger pan and pour in hot water until it reaches halfway up the side of the dish with the milk inside) and cooking for an hour to an hour and a half until uniformly dark and caramelized.

There are MANY directions floating around out there where you are instructed to cook the SCMilk in a CLOSED can in either boiling water or a crockpot. You do NOT want to do this. Even though there are countless people who will tell you "it's fine", it takes just that ONE can with an air bubble or some spoilage (creating gas) and that can will explode - and I mean EXPLODE - and injuries are SURE to ensue.

Jan 14, 2011
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Fabulous Brunch at The Lodge in East Hampton

Been there a few times for lunch. Always good. Brunch FANtastic!

Just $25 includes unlimited Bloody Mary's or Mimosas. We opted for the Mimosas and they were pleasantly delicious - appeared to be and tasted like fresh squeezed and they didn't use plain jane champagne.

Offerings were:

-fresh and tender mini bagles with sides of butter, cream cheese, and Bon Maman mini jars of preserves.
-large cuts of assorted bagels topped with cream cheese, dill, capers and some seriously delicious (mild, sweet and very flavorful) smoked salmon.
-fresh baked assorted muffins
-hot, tender and yummy Eggs Benedict (the english muffins were toasted but soft but there isn't a way around this for buffet eggs benny)
-lean but juicy and flavorful sausage
-some of the most delicious, delicately smoky, just salty enough and CRISP bacon I've had in a while
-pancakes and french toast which we didn't try but they were looking very yummy and saw a LOT of them go by on other plates.
-tender in the middle, crunchy on the outside roasted potatoes a la home fries with onions and red peppers.
-a hot pasta salad that we didn't try
-two more hot dishes we can't recall but saw disappearing.
-an omelet station where you could choose from cheddar, swiss, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions, steamed baby asparagus, red sweet peppers, spinach and tomatoesas fillings. My omelet, which I asked to made on the small side, was tender, cooked just right and the fillings (I had mushrooms, cheese and asparagus) were all cooked to perfection and were delicious,
-cold pasta salad with baby green beans, very fresh and sweet tomatoes, parmesan shreds, olives, red onion with just a touch of a light and not at all oily dressing - very yummy!
-freshly made (in front of you) Belgian waffles with sliced fruit and whipped cream if so desired.
-bowls of berries; blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, fresh and NOT in sugar - YAY! I sampled the raspberries and they tasted as if they had been picked that morning. There were a couple of semi-golden raspberries in there and they brought me back to my grandmother's berry patch.
-a large bowl of tender, sweet and NOT sweetened cut up melons and grapes. Very fresh tasting and refreshing.
-strawberry "shortcake" wich was small circles of what I would swear was Gram's hot milk sponge cake lightly layered with a delicate pastry cream and sliced strawberries with just enough sugar to get the to juice. I could have eaten about ten of these was I not so full!

Too many restaurants slap together Sunday brunches, using leftovers from the week or the special sale items from their wholesalers. The Lodge CLEARLY treats Sunday brunch as a "real" meal and goes the extra mile to make their offerings on par with their other services. As a formed restaurant owner, I am always impressed by freshness and the predominant use of good high quality and in season ingredients. Here in the Hamptons it is not uncommon to findplaces offering premium goods offered at premum pricing just because they can. Clearly The Lodge is more interested in serving good food than taking advantage of the season and its visitors.

Now if they woud just come to Boston!

Jun 28, 2009
Bhc in General Tristate Archive

Boston Hound in Metrowest: Stop the Chain Restaurant Madness

Brazille on 126 just south of railroad tracks - brazilian bbq, good LOUD music weekend nights.
PapaRazzi - yes it's a "chain" but each spot is a scratch kitchen and it shows; outstanding food, they can make any change to any item for sensitivities or allergies
Big Fresh - fabulous salads, too
Rasoi - IMO the best Indian around
400 Plus Club on Franklin Street in Framingham - GOOD italian - WAY WAY better than the Chateau (blech) or La Cantina (feh)

Jun 16, 2009
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Boston Hound in Metrowest: Stop the Chain Restaurant Madness

I believe talks are in place between the woman who still owns it and a new person. I don't know about a firm date but rumor has it that they want to reopen in the summer. I will do some more digging and report back when I have some 411.

Jun 16, 2009
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Off day at Lakota Bakery?

So I had heard so much about this place and having run my bi-monthly Penzey's run, I stopped by yesterday. Well, not only could I not see what the craze was about, I thought the cookies were TERRIBLE!

My friend and I each got three different cookies so we could have a sampling. Not one of them was good. And we are both serious bakers. Specifics below:

Apricot Linzer - this cookie SHOULD have been a buttery sable topped with a flavorful apricot jam. Instead we got a soggy, gummy base topped with a very pretty sampling of what could have been ANYTHING; it had virtually no flavor.

Chocolate Ginger - while it had a nice cocoa flavor, the total lack of any ginger flavor left it tasting completely bland, as if not only the ginger was missing, but the vanilla and salt as well.

Florentine - Florentines should shatter, leaving a toffee flavor rich with nuts and a smoky melting of chocolate. As with the other coated cookies (see below), the chocolate on this cookie tasted waxy and bland. The cookie was chewy and sticky and bent in half before it broke.

Lemon Macaroon - This was overwhelmingly sweet, so much so that neither of us could finish our half. The lemon flavor was good but was completely overpowered by a tooth achingly sweet icing and a coating that, while I am sure was made from white chocolate, tasted like those nasty candy coating discs they sell at WalMart.

Big Mac (chocolate dipped almond macaroon) - I had high hopes for this cookie as it appears the most in reviews for this bakery. However, more of that strangely waxy not-very-chocolately chocolate covered an almond macaroon that was so heavily dosed with almond flavoring that it made the backs of our throats burn.

My friend also tried a walnut crescent and pronounced it gummy and bland and dropped it back into the bag.

So, did we hit them on a bad day? While she and I are major bakers (we both bake at least five times a week) and I am a former food professional, and I know we can be picky in that we will say "Oh, this would be so good with _____" or "I would love this with a little more _______", we were shocked that this bakery would get any good reviews turning out what we tried yesterday. We both agreed that if *we* ended up with final product like what we had, we would throw it out rather than serve it to friends.


Jun 16, 2009
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Where have you always had a bad meal?

UGH - I am nearly 100% in agreement with these comments. Seriously, Legal's? Get a grip - you just aren't the only seafood place anymore and you really need to NOT charge people $20+ for a teeny lobster roll that isn't anywhere near as good as the ones at the little ice cream place in Framingham Centre! Your schrod had worms this past weekend (I pointed it out to the server and she said the chef said "thank you" for pointing it out. Good thing I know it just happens.) Your salmon doesn't taste all that good and even your chowder is a hack now.

British Beer Company - I so wanted to like you, you guys are so nice, but your food just plain old sucks. We gave you three tries, had widely different things each time and they were all awful. We're done/.

PF Chang's - Please. Chain food at twice the price and ten times the attitude.

Durgin Park & Hilltop - Every person who hasn't been to Massachusetts/Boston wants to go. I try like hell to steer them elsewhere but it's always on their list. (Still? People, really!)

Olive Garden - I am almost gagging as I am typing the name. Here at home we call it the Diarrhea Garden because everything they show on the ads looks like it would force you to spend a little quality time in the loo. This is the very fave place of someone I was looking in on one weekend and thus was "forced" to go. BLECH! And for the rest of the day I had the awful taste of baking soda in my mouth. NEVER AGAIN!

Jan 31, 2009
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

What restaurants don't we talk about enough?

We LOVE Something Savory in Arlington. John and Jodi from the old Green Street Grill own the place and the food is as every bit as delish as the old Green Street. It's small, so be sure to go early, but everything is out of this world. They are open for lunch, too. They are right on Mass Ave conveniently in the same block across the street from Penzey's.

Jan 31, 2009
Bhc in Greater Boston Area

Best fried Calamari?

Honestly, the best calamari I have had (and we love it so we try it often) is at Naked Fish. It is VERY tender, has a nice briny flavor and is always, always perfect. It is called Coconut Calamari and does have coconut in the crispy, never greasy coating but unlike other "flavored" coatings this one complements the flavor of the squid instead of overpowering it or providing a disguise for poorly made product. Very tasty! (Goes great with a Lemontini!)

If you haven't been there, they have a neat "Tapas" menu at the bar with a nice assortment of some tasty items.

Mar 14, 2007
Bhc in Greater Boston Area