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has anyone been to Mass Ave yet?

Hmmm. My friend went the other night and he is 38 and loved it. Is that still considered young these days because I would love that! He didn't even try the burger or the fondue, I think it's just something that urban daddy chose to write about. Name is definitely funny! I am going to check it out soon and will report back.

has anyone been to Mass Ave yet?

wondering if anyone has been yet

Prove Me Wrong About Brunch

I was suppossed to go to upstairs on the square for brunch but they were closed because of a kitchen fire. I ended up across the street at OM; I loved it !!! I went there expecting the brunch to be super expensive, with small portions and also expected it to be really pretentious, but I was totally blown away by the amount of food for the price, the relaxed but attentive service and how nice our experience was. Our brunch started with a complimentary bowl of mini pastries from Iggy's bakery. I had the Avignon scramble, which was scrambled eggs mixed with wild mushrooms, boursin cheese, herbs and topped with hollandaise. It also came with chicken apple sausage and sourdough good; I know I gained 5lbs, but it was worth it. My dc had the vanilla cusatrd french toast with mixed berries, homemade berry sauce and whipped cream. We both had cappucinos (sp) ? and we started with the bloodymary, which was delicious and had a serious wasabi kick to it. By the time I walked out I was full, a little tipsy and in a relaxed sunday brunch food coma. I got more info about a vegan tasting that they do; sounds interesting.

Looking for vegetarian options in & around boston

im new to the vegetarian world. any suggestions as to where i should go??
any great restaurants offering options worth checking out?

51 Lincoln quite good

i have been a fan of chef jeff fournier's since he was at sophia's. thankfully some of his liquor and food pairings have made it to 51 lincoln. the limoncello & scallop is amazing. i think the room is really welcoming, but i was not a fan of the person than answered the phone and could not give me directions from the Mass Pike, and only knew "95". I think that Jeff is smart enough to pull thru in the FOH and the 51 lincoln will last.

La Verdad

i ventured in last week to a soft opening as well. of course the service needs some tweaking but it was nice to see some industry regulars there. interesting what the former Tiki Room has become. The same AMAZING Toro corn the bbq'd tacos were very yummy. I won't like, i don't necessarily like the dough for the tacos. i think the stand out front will be so much fun for the sox season, but i can't picture the place jam packed during the games. who knows. i have to say, my least fave was the margaritas :(

Boston restaurants with low wine markups?

i think that rialto and upstairs on the square both sell veuve for the same price, so I believe OM is not alone on that one. I just had an $8 gruner veltliner there that was phenomenal. i've seen a few values on their list. silvertone is a rare restaurant that wine lovers like myself are blessed to have in the city.