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Diabetic bakeries or eateries

Low Carb Grocery in Markham, they also ship. I like their Mama Lupe's Tortillas and Chocolite treats, quite low on net carbs. Tried one of their Baker's Deluxe breads, it was relatively good, and much better toasted.

What' the most aromatic butter u can get in Toronto

Culinarium has it in three types - salted, non salted and whey, about $6-$7.

Chantarelles at Costco?

went to Warden last night, none there.

Grocery Chains - Favourites?

Second that, always trekking to it from wherever we moved around Toronto.

ISO Speculoos

I got them at Sobeys sometime back in the winter.

Tofu Shirataki noodles

Not in Durham, but Galleria at York Mills & Don Mills has them as well, various widths.

Duck confit at Costco!

Did anyone notice it at the Warden location ? Could not find it last week.

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

as far as I can see, she is not in her usual spot.

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

I got my refund from them, about a week ago - it was done by Diana.

Are there any deli's that make their own sauerkraut?

ABC Euro Deli on Sheppard & Pharmacy is a Romanian deli store that makes his own sauerkraut as well.

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

She was there yesterday - around 12.00 or so.

The jerk chicken and mango salad was great, but on whole wheat, not my best idea :).

Toronto's Best Halvah

Highland farms has a few types of halvah. I prefer the Greek one, cannot remember the name though right now (not Krinos), it's in the cheese deli section. The Lebanese pistachio one would get a second place because of too much sweetness - but it has extra pistachios as well (this one is in the International foods aisle).

Brick Street Bakery in FCP is open (finally)!

Just had it for lunch, crunchy and yummy !

Asked about opening hours and they said they are open since 7.30 and soon to start at 7.

Help me find marzipan (almond paste) in Toronto

Saw it at Sobey's and Highland Farms as well.

What are the Best Non-US Cooking Magazines

It is called Food & Drink magazine, and you can get most recipes online. Ontarians can pick it up for free from the liquor stores :).

Jun 30, 2010
corinaci in Food Media & News

Where to find loose leaf linden flower tea in Toronto (or online)?

You could try here if they import it, it's a traditional Romanian herbal tea.

Where to get European Orange Fanta???

Glad it worked out :).

Where to get European Orange Fanta???

You can find it at ABC Euro Deli as well, Sheppard & Vic Park area.

Where to find food from Spain in the GTA?

Scheffler's had them as well.

It looks there will be a new Spanish food store on Mt. Pleasant - "Pimenton", now at paper-in-the-windows stage.

Ingredients on hand website=recipe

My favorite for this would be Most recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet, and they have user reviews as well.

Dec 15, 2008
corinaci in Home Cooking

flavoured coffee beans in Toronto?

Costco had hazelnut vanilla flavored beans that I bought last year (mom loves them), not sure if they have it now.

Wildly Delicious Warehouse Sale

Went by yesterday, but the chocolate mix is sold out. The rest of the items are still available, plus some oils and vinegars as well.

Best Places to Eat in Yonge Eglinton?

They're actually really good, we tasted most of the stuff on their menu.

caramelized onions

You can find them in Chinatown or any Asian supermarket around the Thai ingredients, also they have fried garlic flakes.

STLM - Great quality organic eggs?

Hi acd, where do you get the eggs from ? Thanks !

Where to find frozen tempeh

Big Carrot sells both fresh and frozen.

sliced roasted turkey

Costco has bags of smoked turkey breast slices in their deli section.

Resto suppliers

Barnes & Castle has those bowls in various sizes and at super cheap prices - I got mine from the Eaton centre location.

Joe's Pastizzi Plus or Malta Bake Shop

Malta bake shop pastizzi are available in a few flavors also at Highland farms - do not recall the price though.

Where to buy rhubarb in Downtown/East TO?

I am pretty sure I saw rhubarb at Highland Farms in Scarborough a few days ago.