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Good Eats in Santa Clara?

Also in Santa Clara is Neto Sausage. They make great sausage burgers and have recently expanded to a full menu that looks good.

There is a small farmer's market in Santa Clara on Saturday mornings I believe at Benton and Jackson(?)

For BBQ I'd recommend the Line Shack just south of Santana Row. They've got really great authentic Texas brisket (Sliced, smoked, no sauce)

For Mexican I really like Jiminiz Taqueria (I think renamed Viva Taqueria). Well made mexican favorites with authentic ingredients.

Great BBQ!

Wandered down here today and tried some brisket. This is very very good BBQ, real Texas style.

Brisket was tender and seasoned well. The huge pink smoke ring was a sight for sore eyes. Perfect on its own, it didnt need sauce just as Texas BBQ should. I found the sauce a little sweet for the brisket, it would work better with ribs I think. I got red beans & rice, cornbread, and chili for sides. I really liked the red beans and rice. The cornbread was pretty good, dense with bits of corn. Chili was alright, good bit of spice.

Now if they're cajun seafood is as good as the BBQ then I'm set. Definitely a good find for southbay BBQ!

The Line Shack
826 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

Portuguese sausage - where to find in Marin/SF?

Neto's Sausage in Santa Clara makes a mean linguica. Their proper store may be too far, but your Costco might have it. I saw a big pack at the Sunnyvale Costco.

Please help an Austrian tourist to find great food in Santa Monica

For the best American fast food experience you should head to an In N Out. Big chain in SoCal that has arguably the best fast food burgers. Extremely reasonable (~$5) too for when you're in between steak dinners :). All the locals returning home stop at the one next to LAX.

Mexican food will be your best friend for cheap and quick eats in LA.

For BBQ I'd recommend Baby Blues on Lincoln a few miles south of Santa Monica. It's not the most traditional but it has a bit of everything, very newbie friendly, and they have some great Southern desserts (Ohhh banana pudding & key lime pie)

Just about every other post is great advice, you can't go wrong.

Some general tourism advice: A car is highly recommended. You CAN do the city by public transport but you'd save a huge amount of time with a car. The city's major tourist sites are spread around. For some amazing views I'd go to the Griffith observatory and the Getty museum. September will almost certainly still be HOT... like 90+ F.

Jul 06, 2009
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Review: Mo-Chica Peruvian, Is J. Gold ever wrong?! w/ PIX

Good news indeed. I saw this place when it was putting in signs and just had some agua frescas. I think it replaced a philly cheesesteak place that looked decent but was only there for a few weeks?

Is it really open that late? I hope so since all the other places (Except Thai food) close around 6

Jun 28, 2009
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

The great liquor stores? And agricole rum?

I'd go with Beverage Warehouse. They have the widest selection I've seen so far. Almost positive they have several agricole rums, but i forget what specifically. You can check their stock list.

Beverage Warehouse
4935 Mcconnell Ave # 21
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Jan 30, 2009
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Downtown LA for breakfast

The two biggies are of course the Pantry and Philippes. Both good old school diner breakfasts.

I'm sure there are a lot of hole-in-the-wall type places with really cheap prices, but I don't have a good idea.

Dec 03, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Broguiere's Nog Sightings?

Ralph's Downtown has it. So maybe the "Fresh Fares" do. Unfortunately it was $7.99!! I'll try MILK where it'll probably only be $5 or 6

Nov 23, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Fredo's Phillys, After Dan (Pasadena)

I went for the first time the other day, so I've never experienced a "dan" sandwich.

Although I have nothing to compare it to; I will say it was a darn tasty sandwich

Oct 07, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Good eats near USC

All the walking distance eateries have been hit pretty well... Chichen, Taquiza, Viztango, etc.

I'll add that Caveman Kitchen on Vermont the first corner south of the 10 is a pretty tasty burger and rotisserie chicken joint. Polo Norte is a good jamba juice substitue in the same strip mall.

Some more quick drive destinations:
Langer's for the best pastrami in town. Just drive up Hoover->Alvarado till you hit MacArthur park.
Phillips BBQ - Real. Delicious. BBQ. The quickest stop is probably Adams/Crenshaw

Oct 02, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Laws about selling home made liqueur?

Almost 100% sure its illegal to sell your own liquor. The taxman loves alcohol and they'll do anything to tax it. I've heard that one bar that distills its own liquor has to actually sell it to the state, ship it off, buy it BACK, then they can sell it.

Now I think that bars and restaurants can get away with making their own liqueurs (infusions) because they are merely adding flavor the the alcohol. Since they don't distill or otherwise mess with the ethanol they are ok... infusions are like a big cocktail anyway right?

Of course if you don't have a liquor license, selling drinks is not likely going to fly. And trying to resell bottles is whole nother mess.

Maybe if you GAVE your creation away to the restaurant it would be little different than an in-house creation. I probably wouldn't go telling your ATF friends though.

Jun 30, 2008
trojandude in Spirits


Another one I know of is LA Fish Mart. It's not big, but the ice is free. They have real Kobe beef there as well (what I went there for). You'd have to get there real early. I was in around 11 AM and it was closing up shop with nothing but some mussels.

Jun 16, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

good low end liquor

Vodka - Can't beat Titio's. Great stuff.
Monopolowa - Polish potato vodka that you can get for 1L for $9.99 at TJs is probably the best value ever.

Rum - Barbancourt 5 star - a delicious sipping rum aged 8 years you can get for $19.99 (Rum is surprisingly affordable if you find the lesser known good brands.)

Bourbon - Big fan of Evan Williams, normal stuff is easily on par with Jack at a fraction of the cost

Tequila - Oreindain Ollitas - now this one is difficult to find but its a great value at <$20 for 100% agave.

Jun 08, 2008
trojandude in Spirits

Foolproof drinks in the clubs

Would have never thought of that, sounds quite good! I'll test that out soon.

Jun 04, 2008
trojandude in Spirits

Where do you shop?

Trader Joes for most stuff. One of the my favorite overlooked features is perfect sizing for one person.

Local "Superior" mexi-mart for cheap produce and things you can't get at TJs, also great for fresh tortillas and sweet bread. Finally, simple Ralphs for sales/coupon stuff.

I'd go to more farmers markets... but i usually sleep in too late.

May 27, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Foolproof drinks in the clubs

What is the most foolproof thing to order in the bane of a cocktail enthusiast - the bustling nightclub?

Things have to be simple here. In these places the music is blaring, the bar is a layered 4 bodies deeps, and if ever get the bartender's attention you have to yell your order. In general you're being very generous calling em "bartenders." The classics are generally out, you'd be lucky to get someone who knows what a manhattan is let alone make one to an acceptable level. I mean I've had a failed vodka/cranberry... that was rather amazing.

Any drinks ought to be super simple - 3 ingredients or less OR something so universally known that every barkeep can make it. Something so simple that it can't be ruined by the worst pour in the universe. (We're probably going to be stuck with fratboy stalwarts like long island ice teas, but thats alright)

Heres some things that I've had success with

"Taste" category:
Malibu + Pineapple: Tastes good no matter how poorly its made. It's generally not too sweet because the cup full of ice waters it down. Unfortunately it is very low on the ABV.

"It'll get you drunk" category:
Long Beach - Variation on the long island ice tea but with cranberry instead of coke. Rather crude and pedestrian but it gets the job done. Usually barkeeps have so much experience making L.I. ice teas that this works well. Probably one of the best values for the very big $.

May 27, 2008
trojandude in Spirits

Seeking interesting cacacha drinks in LA

I believe mae de oro is the gold ;) standard of cachaca you can get in the US. Pitu is bottom of the barrel stuff in Brazil, but at least its the cheapest stuff here too. Leblon is basically hyped up Pitu.

Mccormick & Schmicks makes a caipirinha if you're in there. They use Leblon, but the muddling is for real.

Apr 11, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Nobu Malibu or Go's Mart?

Haven't been to either, but I know Go's Mart does not have decor or environment if thats what you're looking for. Strip mall joints make me feel like I discovered something hidden ;). I have heard Go's has some amazing sushi though.

Feb 22, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Sabor a Mexico is Closed!

Poor Sabor A Mexico. I drove by and was shocked the sign was missing as well.

I hope they find a nicer location. That was just a weird spot, even if freeway adjacent ;).
Keep us posted on their relocation.

Feb 05, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

P C H eats

I recommend Malbu Seafood right on PCH. It is just past Pepperdine, maybe a mile.

Really good seafood. I'm not normally a fish and chips kinda person, but theirs are great. Its huge slabs of fish too. Nice outside patio, casual take and eat.

Jan 29, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Jeans-Free Dining in L.A./O.C.

No dress code, but you're unlikely to see jeans at the Water Grill. Mostly business suits and opera goers.

Jan 16, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Best Mac and Cheese - LA

+1 Baby blues. Also try the mac and cheese at phillips bbq - cheese insanity.

Jan 12, 2008
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Tamales Wrapped in Banana Leaves?

This is probably a stretch, but I've had plate dinner yucatan banana leaf tamales at "gracianas" in san fernando. Small little mexican restaurant on glenoaks/hubbard. Its a special, not available everyday though. I dunno if you're looking for large orders to go, or if this is even near you. Its a good local joint, not worth a long drive though.

Dec 15, 2007
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Which high-end restaurants tolerate kids best?

I've seen Spago being really good with kids. A lil guy, maybe 2, came in and they made him special spaghetti and a ridiculously good looking ice cream sandwich. I wanted the ice cream sandwich for dessert...

Dec 12, 2007
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

Pei Wei Santa Clarita, yum!

Pei Wei will probably get blasted here, but I think its a really good chain. I wouldn't pretend to call it authentic, but its far and above panda. Probably a better offering in santa clarita.

Nov 24, 2007
trojandude in Chains

Grocery Store Open LATE Near Downtown?

Wow what a scheduling conflict, why would they do it on homecoming day? Just have the kids mooch a few drinks off some tailgaters. haha no i kidddd. Carl's Jr should be open too.

The downtown ralphs is a good idea. The USC ralphs is also open till 1 am. It opens early at 5:00 or 6:00 am So you could swing buy in the morning as well.

Oct 31, 2007
trojandude in Los Angeles Area


Mmm mmm rum

Some great choices listed. Heres a few I've tried.

Aged - Barbancourt is great. Beautiful sipping rum. A downright bargain at $20 for 5 star.

White - I've had good experiences with Cruzan white. It's aged so it has a bit more flavor than most whites. Flor de Cana white is also nice and clean. (Just avoid Bacardi, once you've had good rum you'll never go back)

Agricole - I *think* Porfidio rum is agricole. It has a great fresh sugarcane aroma and taste. A very grassy/caney finish.

Dark/Molasses - Cruzan blackstrap. Wow the molasses punch is strong, such a great flavor.

Try this simple but tasty drink:
1/3 Cruzan blackstrap
1/3 orange juice
1/3 soda water

Oct 19, 2007
trojandude in Spirits

Tried Grey Goose Pear Vodka?

Ignore for a moment that grey goose is completely over blown and all that $ is marketing...

The initial pear taste is nice. Present without being overpowering - good flavor. However, the aftertaste is really artificial and that ruins it.

Oct 04, 2007
trojandude in Spirits

(good) Catering on the cheap? ~60 ppl

Thanks for the replies, I've got options for nearly every genre.

Those hawaiian food places look really good, I've been meaning to give Shakas a whirl.

Any another good bbq places that cater?
Any recommendations for a conservative cold food option like sandwiches?

Oct 04, 2007
trojandude in Los Angeles Area

(good) Catering on the cheap? ~60 ppl

Hey all,
My work is having our once in a blue moon meeting and we're looking for some good food to see us through lunch. There will be around 60 people and the budget is about $500 for everything.

I'm looking for some place that does mass food orders, not proper catering. Just the food is A-OK, the drinks and plates will be separate. If they delivered that would be a huge plus, but someone could go grab it if its reasonably close. The location is USC - central LA.This will be on a Sunday around noon - hopefully most places are open. I don't foresee food preferences being a big challenge so I'm open to everything. Heck even something from San Gabriel could work - but real chinese may be a tough sell.

Some previous lunches included: Subway, Ribs USA, Panda Express, Togos....

I've been tossing around some ideas, has anyone had some experience or know if some of these places cater?
Chichen Itza - practically next door but how are the prices?
Phillips BBQ - Cost and no delivery?
Sabor A Mexico - do they do large orders?
Vito's - saw someone mention them, probably too far away though.
Baby Blues - Seems too inclusive and expensive, do they do non on-site orders?

Oct 03, 2007
trojandude in Los Angeles Area