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How to Fix a Flubbed Tip

Along the same lines, I'd be curious to hear about over-tipping after over-imbibing. I'm sure it happens on occasion. Especially with cash.

Oct 18, 2011
LFP in Features

Seattle Steakation

Our Christmas trip to Mexico was cancelled due to the snow, so we are making the most of being stuck in snowy Seattle for our 'staycation.' Since our tickets were refunded and we have some vacation money saved away, we have decided to treat ourselves to some great steakhouse dinners.

We've been to Morton's, the Met and Jaks, enjoyed great steaks at Cremant, Canlis, Cafe Presse, Saltoro and Betty. We have reservations for the Met on Saturday and dueling reservations for New Year's Eve at Daniels and Capital Grille.

Any other 'must have' steaks we should try?

Dec 26, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Red Line Burger (Great burgers in Lynnwood)

I agree - they do a great burger here! The bacon is super crispy and they are very generous with it. The owners are super nice, hard-working and eager to please. It is a nice, clean place for a great burger

Dec 26, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Good coffee in NY???

This thread is great, but I am a Seattle CH visiting NYC next month and staying on the UWS (78th between Broadway and Amsterdam). We will have my aunt's apt to ourselves the first few nights and are looking for a good espresso/pastry shop in the neighborhood.

We have fond memories of staying in San Fran two years ago and shuffling down to Cafe Trieste every morning so are looking for that kind of place. Or, an Italian type 'bar' would be the ultimate comparison. Our favorite Seattle coffee shops are Vivace, Caffe Vita and Diva Espresso.

Any recs? Thanks!

Aug 20, 2008
LFP in Manhattan

Lynnwood, WA with Toddler

Most of the places I can think are probably more suitable for lunch: Tacqueria La Fondita for Mexian (in an old Taco Bell just north of 208th and Aurora) and a Yeh Yeh's for Bahn Mi just behind the bike shop on 200th and Aurora.

There is evidently good Chinese at Szechuan 99 on 200th and Aurora. It's behind Lynnwood Lanes, which has good fries, but I digress. There is also T&T Seafood for Chinese - at the Ranch 99 market on Aurora and 225th in Edmonds.

For beers - check out the Big E brewery. They are in an industrial park and brew up some pretty tasty ales. They have managed to make a pretty cozy little pub, check it out: Kids are welcome.

Jul 18, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

What do you do with salmon berries?

I have a lot of salmon berries in my neighborhood and have often wondered what to do with them too. I just consulted The Berry Bible by Janie Hibler (a great reference book btw) and she thinks they are too delicate to cook. Since most people encounter them on a trail, she recommends just enjoying them fresh since they are too fragile to transport.

Maybe use them to garnish a salad or mix them into some yogurt or what about a cocktail?

Jun 02, 2008
LFP in Home Cooking

Sea - Places you want to hate

Great thread!

My darkest secrets are:

Dick's Drive-in for a Deluxe and shake. If you go when they are busy (1:30 am is peak time), the burgers are pretty fresh. It seems like you have to be a native to truly appreciate this place. It is like a taste from my childhood. My dad even took me here on my wedding day. The bread is super squishy and the meat can hide some grisly bits, but I still love it.

Old Spaghetti Factory for spaghetti with brown butter & mizithra. I have ended up here a few times lately for kid birthday parties and even though the pasta is cooked well past al dente, the pile of mizithra cheese and loads of brown butter still make me happy.

Red Robin burgers are still pretty dang good in my mind. They use good ingredients but the noise there (the bar is slightly better), the color scheme and riducolous decor and uniforms make me kind of send me into a shame spiral.

I have been having cravings for Dominos pepperoni pizza lately, but I think I can manage on memories from 1992 for now.

May 23, 2008
LFP in Greater Seattle

Which cooking school or class series to take in the Seattle area?

I have taken a few classes at Cooks World near U. Village. Not all were great, but the Go Fish class with Steve Smyrstik of the Pink Door was great! I think their guest chefs like him are probably better than staff teachers.

May 21, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

[SEA] Dinner downtown after SATC premiere

I'm going with a couple girlfriends to the Sex and the City Premiere at the Meridian 16 next Friday. Where can we go nearby that would be appropriately fabulous for dinner? We'll be at 7th & Pike and in heels. We're willing to walk, but not far and prefer a place that takes reservations. A cab to another part of the city is of course an option too. We're looking for tasty food (though can probably manage with just small plates and appetizers) and of course great cocktails!

May 20, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Between Tulalip and Lynnwood

Heading up north Sunday afternoon and am looking for a good dinner en route back to the city. Is the Casino good? We could just head back into the city, but since we are out and about we want to try something new. Great Mexican, French or Italian would be our preference, but otherwise just want to hear about anything worth trying out. Thanks for your suggestions!

May 02, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Tried this recipe last night as my first attempt. I opted against recipes with cake mix, cherries, canned pineapple or nuts, so this one appealed to me. The dark rum also seems like a key ingredient.

I followed this recipe almost to the letter, except for cardamon I substituted 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp cloves. I think I would start checking for doneness at 35 minutes next time. It didn't overcook - but got pretty dark on top (bottom?) after 45 minutes.

Success! We almost devoured half the cake last night. How could I have lived 30+ years and never tried this cake?! Brought the rest into the office today and received good reports from all. I think I will still try 1-2 more recipes, but this one is definitely a contender. Thanks!

Apr 15, 2008
LFP in Home Cooking

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Wow - thanks everyone for all the tips and links. I had searched on this site, but since I can't seem to figure how to just search one board, I get lots of results for eating - rather than baking - PUDC. The long name probably doesn't help either.

Will be buying fresh pineapple today!

Apr 13, 2008
LFP in Home Cooking

[SEA] Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply.

I am also putting the word out there for restaurants & bakeries in Seattle that serve/sell PUDC. I posted on homecooking for recipes too, but want to actually *taste* this before I try to make it.

Apr 12, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I have been tasked with making this for my cousin's surprise birthday party in a couple of weeks. Her late mother made "the best," but alas I never tried it. From what I understand, a cast iron skillet and fresh pineapple are a must. I need some tips and recipes so I can start practicing. I don't even know if it is served warm, with ice cream, can you make ahead? Help!

Apr 12, 2008
LFP in Home Cooking

[SEA] Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I have never tried this cake but need to bake one in a couple of week for a very special person (it is her favorite). I am looking for the best version in Seattle, so I can sample and then test out some recipes and try to duplicate. Any recommendations?

Apr 12, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

March Madness [SEA]

The PI had a good competition a couple year's back called "Parched Madness." It rated sports bars. Check it out: If you search "Parched Madness" on their site you can read more detailed reviews.

Mar 07, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

(SEA) Brad's Swingside Cafe

Has anyone been lately? I remember it being very good 7-8 years ago, but haven't heard any recent reports.

Mar 06, 2008
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Gourmet Burger

Hey Hungrydude - I have been on a similar quest: I have tried many and have to say that Palace Kitchen is leading the race. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the burgers at Tap House Grill and Hales Ales. A special mention has to go to the mini duck burgers at Tilth.

I have heard the burgers at Jaks, Paragon and Sport are good - they are on my list of places to try. I was less than impressed with the Ram (oddly dry), Steelhead diner and Two Bells (not a fan of the baguette bun).

Good luck! I am following your thread and will be continuing my own tastings.

Dec 26, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Butcher Recs for Christmas Prime Rib in SEA

I have only purchased a prime rib once - from D&D Meats in Mountlake Terrace. It isn't free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free, etc, but is affordable.

I can say that this recipe was great - the dry-aging resulted in super flavorful meat:

Dec 03, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Top Ten List of Restaurants in Seattle...

Check out these past threads for some great choices:

Nov 27, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

New 30 for $30 (use to be 25 for $25)

Brasa exceeded all expectations. I have been wanting to try it for years, but with entree prices averaging $25, I've been waiting for a chance to go during the promo. The space is lovely and smells delicious from the moment you walk in the door. Hosts were very welcoming, took coats and got us settled.

My dining companion and I both had the 3-course special. I had the pork belly to start, which probably tops the belly I've had at Tilth, Herbfarm, Union - it was divine. Next was the short ribs. They were fatty - in a good way, so I pulled the meat apart and left the fat (kind of wish this is the way it was served). Dessert was a profiteroles with chocolate sauce. Everything was delicious, beautifully presented and seasoned to perfection. Two parts of our evening stand out:

Wine flight: Walla Walla wine flight for $20. Great selections and I think they offer a WW flight all the time. I was expecting 4-oz pours, but each glass was actually quite generous.

Quiet: Wall-to-wall carpeting, padded banquettes, tables spaced out all = a quiet restaurant. My companion is a non-native English speaker and we would have been drowned out in any other restaurant in the city. The decor is a little dated, well mid-90s isn't that bad, but I have to say I wish more new restaurants were using carpets and chair padding. it would really help with the noise factor. I'm only in my mid-30s but still find noisy restaurants distracting.

The service was great too - our server was formal but friendly and the support staff took care of us as well.

Nov 13, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Quinn's, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Good report. I had a similar experience:

Portions: Some seemed huge - fish & chips, burger, crispy chicken; while some were teeny - duck rillette, gnocchi. All dishes were listed under the "entree" category on the menu though, so you expect similarly sized plates. They should probably break them into small plate/large plate categories

The good: gnocchi with oxtail - too bad it was a teeny portion

The bad: Fries - soggy, gooey on the inside, sorely lacking crispiness on the outside. Gastropub, really? I think fries - gastro or not - are a key part of pub fare. Hopefully they'll make some adjustments here.

And the ugly: While our server was OK (it was busy, we had a wait a tad too long at times), the manager threw her squarely under the bus when he came over while she was explaining some of the menu items before taking our order and said, "I need to borrow your server. There is an emergency." Expecting to see smoke coming out the kitchen or an ambulance pulling up, the "emergency" was something to do with one of her other tables and a missed dish/check/whatever. Clearly NOT an emergency, clearly not something that a) the manager could have figured out on his own or b) he could have waited 1 minute 45 seconds until the server had taken our order. It took another several minutes before she returned and (clearly under some pressure now) didn't want to chat - just wanted our order. Why the manager decided to do this is beyond me and why he couldn't have just taken over and taken our order also is, well...confuddling.

I'll give it another shot - the prices on wine were good, they have some good beers on tap and the burger looked pink, juicy and delicious. Hopefully they'll get the fries figured out though, because as my husband pointed out, "If the fries aren't good, it really isn't a good burger is it?"

Nov 11, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Yakima: Favorite Weekday Lunch?

Antojitos Mexicanos - 2201 W Lincoln Ave (509-248-2626), is just west of N. 1st Ave by about 1.5 miles. Located in the corner of a tiny strip mall, they crank out the tastiest Mexican food we've had in the state. We tried both lunch and dinner here - burrito, tacos (lomo, pollo azada and al carbon), carne al carbon and a rainbow of salsas. GO THERE!

It isn't a fancy place, but nice enough for dinner and CHEAP. Lunch specials were about $5-7 and dinner entrees topped out at around $15. They serve margaritas and cervezas too.

BEWARE - I recommended this place to someone else recently and there is another place in Yakima with a VERY similar name. Make sure you are on Lincoln Ave.

Nov 01, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

What are you drinking right now?

Rogue Dead Guy Ale - nice amber ale with a nutty finish

Oct 22, 2007
LFP in Beer

Root beer keg

Try Gallagher's Where-U-Brew in Edmonds. They make their own rootbeer, but you may need to order in advance.

Oct 11, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Near South Seattle CC

Attending an all-day class at SSCC this Saturday and need a place nearby for a post-class brainstorming meeting withl good eats/drinks.

Any recs for good food (companion is vegetarian), good (not too loud) ambience and wifi (extra credit). Thanks for your help!

Sep 26, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Yakima--Good Lunch Spot on a Saturday?

Antojitos Mexicanos - 2201 W Lincoln Ave (509-248-2626), is just west of N. 1st Ave by about 1.5 miles. Located in a tiny strip mall, they crank out the tastiest Mexican food we've had in the state. We tried both lunch and dinner here - burrito, tacos (lomo, pollo azada and al carbon), carne al carbon and a rainbow of salsas. GO THERE!

It isn't a fancy place, but nice enough for dinner and CHEAP. Lunch specials were about $5-7 and dinner entrees topped out at around $15. They serve margaritas and cervezas too.

We have literally been searching for a chance to make it back to Yakima just to eat there again.

In Selah, King's Row burgers was great. Miner's seemed a bit overpriced, but we only had shakes there.

Sep 26, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Yakima area eats and finds?

Just returned from Yakima with a good spot to recommend:

Antojitos Mexicanos - 2201 W Lincoln Ave (509-248-2626), is just west of N. 1st Ave by about 1.5 miles. Located in a tiny strip mall, they crank out the tastiest Mexican food we've had in the state. We tried both lunch and dinner here - burrito, tacos (lomo, pollo azada and al carbon), carne al carbon and a rainbow of salsas. GO THERE!

It isn't a fancy place, but nice enough for dinner and CHEAP. Lunch specials were about $5-7 and dinner entrees topped out at around $15. They serve margaritas and cervezas too.

Barrel House - it was OK. Good beers on tap and big portions, but kind of pricey for so-so food. Good salad and cheese plates, so I would recommend it for apps and drinks over a full meal.

Drive-ins - we enjoyed good burgers, shakes and fries in Prosser, Selah and Yakima, so if burgers are your thing, definitely consider it an option.

Bottom Line: We looked at the menus at Cafe Melange & Greystone as nice dinner options, but given the reports over these boards it didn't seem worth gambling $20-30/entree. I don't the think the area is in line yet with the great wines being produced in the region, so go local - drive-ins and Mexican.

Aug 18, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

Birthday dinner in SEA?

My favorite "safe" choice lately is Nell's at Greenlake. It has nice, classy ambience and good service. They also have a parking lot, which can be handy for older relatives. The menu is online so you can check it out. They excel at the standards (steak, fish, etc) but also pull off some eclectic dishes really well too. I am sure they can easily accomodate special requests. I took my parents there recently and they are kind of old school in their taste (Canlis) and really enjoyed Nell's.

Do report back on what you decide!

Jul 23, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest

[SEA] Judith Weinstock (Kingston Hotel Cafe)

Anyone know/hear what this former Kingston Hotel Cafe owner is up to these days?

I just pulled out he Kingston Hotel Cafe Cookbook cookbook for its great blackberry pie recipe and remembered how great her food was & recipes are (not to mention her other venture the Streamliner Diner in Winslow).

Jul 15, 2007
LFP in Pacific Northwest