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Restaurants in Dublin/Pleasanton

My wife and I have recently moved to the Dublin/Pleasanton area, and we're trying to find some tasty places to eat. I'm dismayed by the amount of chain places in the area, and I'm trying to find locally owned places to go. Thanks!

Breakfast out toward GG Park

Heading out to GG Park Friday morning. Any suggestions for a good breakfast out that way (coming from East Bay, so anywhere good along the route from Downtown to GG Park is fine). Thanks!

Where to Buy Low Cost Beer/Wine for a Wedding

If you live in the North Bay, Bottle Barn is a wonderful place in Santa Rosa that's stocked with many low-priced wines and beers.

Bunch in Downtown S.F.?

Looking for a good place for my fiancee, her sister, and their cousins for bunch this weekend. Any ideas?

Dinner for 150?

Mel --

My fiancee and I are seriously considering Marines for our wedding/reception. Could you tell me a little about your experience? We've got a wonderful feeling about the place so far, but we haven't had a chance to talk to anyone who also had a wedding/reception there.

Thank you!

Child friendly, large-party friendly in North Beach

I'm looking for an Italian place in North Beach that could take a party of 12 -- with five children (one toddler) -- where we wouldn't be a serious disruption to the other diners. Any suggestions? Thank you.