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In/Around Ossining

thank you all for the responses. I'm sure we'll be trying some of your suggestions.

And to Nancy C. my apologies for making it sound like I HAVE to (hand to forehead in disgust) spend the weekend in Ossining. My intended message was it was not a destination I/we had thought of, but rather one that arrived unexpectedly without much notice. We are actually looking forward to our visit very much! Thanks again for your suggestions.

In/Around Ossining

Having to spend the weekend in Ossining/Tarrytown - please tell me we might find someplace to have dinner on Saturday night without have to drive too far. We like local places better than chains ...... and since it's St. Patrick's Day, might even enjoy a good corned beef and cabbage. Any suggestions?

NCAA dinner and drink options in Buffalo

The Achor Bar - by far the best wings in Buffalo. Wouldn't go to Buffalo and not spend some time there.