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late night dining after show

We are going to see a show tonight at 7:30pm at the colonial theater and would like to have dinner after. I know this is quite the challenge since a lot of restaurants close at 10pm (sigh). Any recommendations?


Dec 06, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area

Need help, dinner tonight!!

ok, so I am going out with some friends of mine tonight, and I would like to take them to a fun, decently priced place on my side of the river (so unfortunately not Cambridge). We have some people joining us for drinks after as well. Good wine list is a plus. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

Aug 29, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area

Thinking about going to Salts for my birthday....

any opinions? Any recommendations on dishes? Or should I pick a different place? I want a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, nothing stuffy or too "fine dining".



Jul 08, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area

Visiting Scottsdale, tell me what I can't miss....

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the replies. I am into all cuisines and budget is pretty open. I am visiting a friend who lives there and has a car, so we do not mind traveling at all.

Jun 24, 2007
swede in Phoenix

Visiting Scottsdale, tell me what I can't miss....

I will be visiting Scottsdale for 3-4 days for the week of the 4th. Please advice me what restuarants I can't miss. I eat anything except I am not big on the whole new "foam" thing alot of chefs seem to dig.


Jun 23, 2007
swede in Phoenix

repost: birthday celebration with rowdy and somewhat picky eaters

hi again everyone, and thanks to those who responded to my last post. All I want for my friends birthday is a place with good food, good wine and where we won't be "shushed" for being a little loud. I know there are some good places in cambridge but we would really like to stay "on this side of the river". Great food is the most important thing though. Thanks for any suggestions.

Apr 12, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area

Birthday celebration

ok, so my best friends birthday is coming up and we want a fun and more lively place, since I know that we can get pretty loud as well. I have a feeling that Clio, No. 9, radius and all those places will be too quiet for our small but slightly "rowdy" group. needs to have really good food though since we are all sort of "foodies", and she can be picky sometimes. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks a bunch!

Apr 10, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area

Going out for dinner with girlfriends and.....

one of them does not eat seafood, and the other one is getting married so she does not want to spend too much. The rest of us couldn't care less. But I need good recommendations for a place in Boston, no suburbs with entree price range of $16- $25 or so. a cool chill place to hang out and where we won't get "shushed" for being loud. Thanks for any recommendations!

Mar 13, 2007
swede in Greater Boston Area