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Business lunch in Ottawa

Thanks very much for the recommendation. We went to Play and very much enjoyed the food!

Aug 27, 2014
Findin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Business lunch in Ottawa

Hello Ottawa Hounds!

I will be traveling to Ottawa on August 26th for some meetings, but will have time for lunch (with my boss!) before. Any recommendations for something good, but also not too long? We would be there at 12:15pm, but would need to be at Albert Street (near Parliament Hill) by 1:45pm.


Jul 22, 2014
Findin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Brazilian Pastel de Feira in Toronto

Anyone know where you can find good Pastel de Feira (the kind they sell at the markets in Brazil) in Toronto? If I could find some of those and a nice cold Guarana, I would be a happy camper.

May 27, 2010
Findin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sarasota with a Toddler

We will be in Sarasota over the holidays with a 22 month old toddler. She is pretty good in restaurants (at least on a relative basis), but I am looking for some suggestions on two fronts:

1) Restaurants that are relatively child friendly, with reasonably brisk service and fresh, well prepared food

2) We will be in town on Christmas Day, and any suggestions of a place for dinner would be appreciated. As you can imagine, a long multi-course affair won't work, so hopefully somewhere that is serving a regular menu vs. something holiday specific.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Dec 11, 2008
Findin in Florida

Where to eat? (University, between Dundas and Queen)

Welcome to the neighborhood! Nota Bene is excellent but pricey -- definitely not an everyday play. I will also "third" Ema-tei - friendly service and good food. There are lots of Indian places with good buffet on Queen West. The Queen Mother is good for Thai, also on Queen West. Not open now, but fun in the fall/winter is Osgoode Hall. Japango is another good Japanese restaurant on Elizabeth street -- better than Ema-tei for sushi IMO, although I would give Ema-tei the nod for kitchen fare (especially good donburi). One other "fancier" restaurant is Oro on Elm Street -- I have never had a bad meal there. Finally, there is the Sandwich Box on Queen West -- great sandwichs and custom salads.

Aug 14, 2008
Findin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Natural / Organic in Calgary

Hello all,

The family and I will be heading to Calgary at the end of the month, and would appreciate some recommendations. We have an 18 month old baby, so dining out for all our meals will be a bit much. We are staying downtown at the Westin, but have a car and don't mind a bit of a drive. I am looking for:

1) A place where we can buy some organic fruit
2) Good take out options (either restaurant or grocery type store) that use high quality ingredients (does not have to be organic, but hormone free meat etc)
3) Restaurants that are baby friendly (at least in off peak times) and have good food, again with an emphasis on high quality ingredients. River Cafe is a great example, and we will definitely be going

Price is generally not an issue - thanks in advance for any ideas

Aug 08, 2008
Findin in Prairie Provinces

New Whole Foods Location??

We shop at the Hazelton Lanes location regularly, and asked the store manager. According to him, the next one in the GTA is around Sherway Gardens. The was a rumour about a location on Avenue just north of Lawrence (demo site right now, where St. Hubert used to be) but unfortunately that was just a rumour. Pity, as it would have been a lot closer for us, and would have allowed a combo Whole Foods / Pusateris grocery run!

Aug 13, 2007
Findin in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Calgary with a Baby

Thanks for the reply. We are not going to be heading out to Banff or Canmore this trip -- we are mostly visiting with family and friends, but need some meal ideas for the other times.

Calgary with a Baby

Hello Calgary 'hounds!

I will be in Calgary with my wife and five month old baby from August 16-23, and am looking for some recommendations. We are staying at the Hotel Arts (119 12 Avenue SW), and have a car. Our daughter is at the point where she is ok in her high chair, but for a limited time only. Places that are nearby and baby friendly would be appreciated, as are places that do good take out!

We like most different types of food and price is not a major issue. A good breakfast place (basic bacon & eggs is fine) near the hotel would be a real plus!

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!

Lunch recommendation for Tues July 3

Thanks for the replies. I tried No. 9 Park, but they are closed for lunch next week. I'll give them a try next trip. I booked L'Espalier -- any recs from their menu?

Jun 30, 2007
Findin in Greater Boston Area

Lunch recommendation for Tues July 3

I will be in town next Tuesday (July 3) and have a lunch window available from about noon to 2pm. I will be downtown (Post Office Square area) and am looking for a lunch venue. Price is no object, and I am looking for something interesting / creative. Tasting type menu would be a plus. I don’t mind a short (~15 minute) cab ride, but would prefer to keep it to that.

Let me know what you would suggest!

Jun 29, 2007
Findin in Greater Boston Area

Copley Area challenge

Hello all,

I am a Toronto 'hound who will be in Boston between Sunday and Thursday of this upcoming week. I will be staying at the Westin in Copley Place.

My wife & daughter will be joining for this trip, which is great but leads to three challenges:

1) My wife is on a gluten free diet, which makes the standby pizza / pasta / sandwich places tough

2) My daughter is only three weeks old, which means that we sometimes only have 1-2 hours between feedings (which my wife prefers to do in private vs. in a busy restaurant)

3) I am tied up during the day, which means my wife is on her own for lunch

Any suggestions for places in the area would be much appreciated. Budget is not an issue, and we like most kinds of cuisine. I would appreciate two types of recommendations:

1) Places that are within easy walking distance (say 15-20 minutes each way) -- setting up car seats in taxis can be a bit of a hassle -- that would be baby friendly (especially lunch places)

2) Places that are within a ~10 minute cab ride that do great dinner takeout (in case we want to eat in without having to order room service)

The only place I have tried in the area is the Legal Sea Foods in Copley, which we will definitely visit, but other ideas would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Mar 13, 2007
Findin in Greater Boston Area