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MSP - St. Paul's Payne Avenue

I can't wait for your report. I've driven down there several times but end up at Mama's. Let us know what you find.

Avenues of Food in the Midwest

The central intersection of that area is Concord and Robert St. I believe.

MSP - Old fashioned butcher shop?

Which one of the shops mentioned would be the best for getting bare bones for making beef stock? Has anyone tried to get these locally? Not soup bones but bare bones that are roasted and then simmered for stock.

Chinese Take Out-South Mpls

I also moved into the city a few years back and welcome. I'm not actually too fond of the chinese take-away options in SW mpls. Around Nokomis I would check out Singapore!

Inexpensive dinner tonight (Monday) in Mpls

I would go to Brasa. Not too far (but still a drive from DT). Certainly not asian. If you haven't been there this year they've added beef to the chicken and pork. Two people can get out of there for $40 if you don't drink.

Barbary Fig, St. Paul: candid review

Do we have anywhere in the TC for a Moroccan dining experience? Couscous with Tagines and things like that?

Jfood needs help in MSP

Unless you're leaving right at 5pm, all of Minneapolis proper and the inner-ring suburbs are 20 min from Eden Prairie. St. Paul is only 30 minutes. Use the car and use Google maps and you'll have a good time. MSPD hit the best choices for EP and Edina.

Kid-friendly & fun -- MSP

Snap! and Pop! are kid friendly places in North East Minneapolis next to each other and owned by the same people. I like the standard fare at Pop, uninspiring pizza at Snap! Both places are kid favorites. Have games on the table, etc.

MSP - Brickhouse BBQ

Has anyone been?
I couldn't find any mention of it in this board. Does anyone know if they have a liquor license or at least 3.2? (I hate to sound like a drunk but if I am going to convince a bunch of friends to gather for a destination restaurant, it will at least need beer) Barring liquor does anyone know about the menu? It's kind of tough to order takeout unless a place puts together a quick menu online. I hope this place is good. After reading the posts about Market BBQ it just points out how starved we are here for a little BBQ competition in these towns. Also it would be great if the North Side could pop up a nice restaurant scene. Has anyone tried Sauced?

Finding James Norton's City Pages (Twin Cities)Column?

Ah-ha That's too hard. But I will try it. They also have an email thing that comes out every Friday that one could sign up for.

Jul 30, 2008
mnitchals in Food Media & News

Aribel's closed (MSP)

First Course was one of the first places to roll out the 1/2 price bottles of wine thing. And they have a kid menu. I would write a longer post about it but it's not worth writing about anymore.

Wow! I wonder what the owner said to you Kilgore! Restaurants like Pierre's and FC have to compete with those of us looking for new experiences. It must be tough to be in the biz but that's the way it goes.

Aribel's closed (MSP)

I tried writing to Dara to get CP to cover Aribels, but I think that was around the time she was leaving. CP can have a huge bump on a place. The seem to have created a ton of business for Kebobs which is in almost as bad of a location (a dying strip mall in Bloomington next to the naughty store where they sell things for bachelorette parties) I like their new format that seems to give mention of more than one place a week. (I hope this post doesn't get moved) Another place that I feel is in danger is First Course on South Chicago avenue. I think they are feeling the heat of all the new neighborhood bistros in the area. I would tell people to rush there but we didn't have the best meal last time we were there. Is there any reason for gnocci to be one bnig mess of goo instead of individual pieces? Am I missing something? Could it be Tuscan gnocci or something?

Aribel's closed (MSP)

I like Pierre's but they could use an updating of the menu or more inviting specials or maybe a seasonal, local approach. Some of its biggest fans could be the Lake Harriet trophy wives who oogle over Pierre at the wine bar.

And I will miss Arabel's as well. I hope they can try out a better location.

Good Spots in Armitage Neighborhood (MPLS)?

It's a good thing you are a beer drinker because there are very few spots down there that have a full liquor license. Sandy's Tavern is at 6612 Penn in Richfield is an OK dive. Otherwise Reggie pretty much covered it. It's a pretty dry neighborhood. Very nice but not a lot of bars.

MSP Chow-Worthy Summer Happy Hours?

Palomino. I can heartily recommend the $4 mojitos and somewhat recommend the $5 pizzas.

MSP: ISO the elusive east st paul taco trucks

There are hot dog carts on Nicollet mall so there must be some provision for mobile hot food. But alas, I guess we'll have to go underground to get our tacos. Remember when tacos are illegal only the criminals will have tacos.

The MSP labor challenge

For my wife it was Rudolph's BBQ for the first and the other 2 were induced. My favorite spicy Indian Dish is the Mixed Veg at Tandoor India. Make sure to order it hot.
Good luck and don't let having a kid slow down your chowhounding. My kids say they hate spicy and wierd foods but they go nuts for the Squid Curry at the Villiage Wok.

MSP: ISO the elusive east st paul taco trucks

Wow! I had no idea we had Taco Trucks here! I first heard about these in the movie Chop Shop. It sounded like such a good idea that I wanted to move to Southern Cal. Arcade & what cross street? I have not seen any in mpls or anywhere else around here.

MSP--Where to eat near the Convention Center/Hilton Tower

The #18 bus is actually a better choice for checking out eat street. #17 only goes as far as 24th. #18 runs much more often too. It's not too far and a cab ride would be cheap enough not to raise any eyebrows on an expense report. I do encourage you to check out South Nicollet to get a true taste of Minneapolis. Anthony Bourdain commented in the the new afterword to Kitchen Confidential that there is better Vietnamese in Minneapolis than in New York. Quang is the original. Jasmine is very good and Ngon Bistro is the slightly upscale new standard bearer.

7 sushi (Minneapolis)

I had never heard of this place but you've saved me from trying it. Has it just opened?

MSP - Aribels in Richfield, MN

Did they have any wine/beer on the menu? It was reported here that they had lost their liqour license awhile ago and I thought that would be the end of them. It really is a wonderful place and they are so gracious. I think they may occaisionally do a decent business with dances/special nights for the African expat community.

MSP Indio

The flautas are very good and they are available on the Happy Hour menu for $3-$4. Also on the HH menu are chicken tinga tostaditas which are really more like a version of chilaquiles. The place is really beautiful on the inside but I think that suburban looking block doesn't really do them justice.

MSP canning supplies

The Cub Foods at 60th and Lyndale carries the supplies as well (jars, lids, paraffin, pectin). I think the stuff is in the row with saran wrap and aluminum foil and baggies and is toward the back wall.

Great and open late in MSP

Ok. Well are you looking for something dive-y or upscale? Are you staying near the
MOA? If a drive and dive-y are OK. I'd go to the Village Wok near the University.

Village Wok
610 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Berry picking in Central Missouri

Check out this site Farms are listed by state and then by county so you should be able to find something in your area.

[MSP] Aribel's: Guyanan in Richfield

No it's just a thick rub on the meat.

(MSP) Best Pork Chops in Town?

One of my favorite dishes in the entire MSP area are the pork chops at First Course. Applewood smoked. They come with some shoestring potatoes that might be a little froo-froo for your husband but they are good.

First Course
5607 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Dango in Twin Cities?

I tried to add a places link but failed. :(

Dango in Twin Cities?

Sounds like a job for United Noodle. I don't know what a dango is and I don't know if they have them but United Noodle does carry a fair selection of Japanese edibles.

minnesota: best red sauce italian rests

Broder's isn't red sauce italian. It's gentrified. Red sauce places don't serve anything but red sauce on their pasta and they usually have hokey Eyetalian-American decorations. Buca is kind of a chain themed on that. A lot of the classic Red Sauce places are gone now. Totino's in NE for example. Yarusso's and Mama's certainly fit the bill. I would nominate Mama's as my favorite and most typical red sauce place. Although I would say that a lot of Mama's appeal comes from the atmosphere and somewhat from the food.