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Whole Foods--Portland, ME

I went with my boyfriend to the Trattoria yesterday for lunch. We ate at the Sushi bar. I don't believe the prices were ridiculous but I definitely left hungry. And what's with the employees not being allowed to accept tips? But horrors of horrors at our "health-conscious, environmentally friendly Whole Foods", they served my boiling hot Bridal Bouquet Tea $3.50, in a POLYCARBONATE cup.

Overall, I must admit I had fun shopping there after lunch. I did leave feeling very poor and a little sad. It doesn't seem right that only wealthy people can afford to shop there.

Whole Foods--Portland, ME

I love that "a giant overpriced disneyworld of a grocery."

Poppy Seed pastries

Thanks for the great Poppy Seed Filling Recipe! I made the filling last night and layered it between buttered layers phyllo dough. Then I made a yummy sugar/honey/lemon glaze to put on top. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it! I'm so glad I found this blog. Thanks again.

Mar 13, 2007
anyasmifya in Home Cooking