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SC: Gullah!

Miss Dye's is wonderful!!!!!!!!

Jul 09, 2011
sexaybeba in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Penguin Isle has horrible service don't go around there if it's still opened that is. unfortunately there aren't too many restaurants around the area. we own an oceanfront home in duck and we have to drive 20min to nags head to go somewhere decent & everywhere is crowded with families of 20+ all with little kids, thus making the wait even longer. the obx is horrible

Mar 12, 2007
sexaybeba in Southeast

Paula Deen's restaurant

that "restaurant" is like a pig troft, sorry. it's NOTHING special. It's normal and nothing "paula dean" like. i wouldn't reccomend it, a waste of time.

Mar 12, 2007
sexaybeba in Southeast

Recommendations for Winston - Salem

yeah i miss dewyes those cake squares are addicting. yet they know they can profit off of this, thus losing a large clientele to places like ketchie creek

Recommendations for Winston - Salem

i'm a little late but next time maybe... village tavern, twin city chophouse, the carriage house

Hilton Head Island - help w/ non-chain recs

well you don't have to worry about that, if you've been to hhi before you'll realize that the only "chain" restaurants are
1. fast food
2. outback
3. longhorn
4. applebee's
annnnd that's pretty much it for on the island
hhi is local restaurants.
i'd go to sea shack (yet it's being crowded with tourists) / red fish/ something along the lines of that

Pan de Muertos (Day of the Dead Bread)

very attractive for the holiday

Mar 12, 2007
sexaybeba in Recipes

Drunken Affogato (Ice Cream Shots)

couldn't someone choke on the nuts? & what if they are allergic and you don't know it? nuts are tricky! sounds really good though! I'll try sometime without the nuts thanks

Mar 12, 2007
sexaybeba in Recipes

What Do "Kosher" and "Halal" Mean?

i thought kosher always meant "blessed by a rabbi"?

Mar 12, 2007
sexaybeba in Features