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Eating in London while standing up (i.e., not sitting down)

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!

and if you have more ideas, keep'm coming ;-)


Feb 15, 2012
bcnstony in U.K./Ireland

Eating in London while standing up (i.e., not sitting down)

Hi Fellow Foodies

Following a recent spinal surgery, I'm walking around feeling great, but have trouble sitting for more than a few hours a day, and will likely remain in this situation for another year or two, if not permanently.

So I'd love it if you could share your favorite restaurants, bars, and what-not where I can eat standing up. We're not talking a kebab on the go, but somewhere with plates, knives and forks.

I'll start.

My most recent find is 40 Maltby Street (both the address and the name of the restaurant). The food is delicious, with dish sizes ranging from tapas to light mains. Their egg mayonnaise was deceptively simple but also decadent. While they have seating, the back wall has very high chairs/stools, and it's comfortable to eat while standing, even if your fellow diners are sitting. For two people, two glasses of wine and 5 small to medium plates runs around £50 and leaves you completely stuffed.

And if the wine isn't enough, you can walk 50 feet to Kernel Brewery (Saturday only), which is a place to enjoy amazing beer in their outdoor 'beer garden', if you count a lumber yard as a beer garden.


Feb 13, 2012
bcnstony in U.K./Ireland

An affordable dinner in London?

I ate at The Landau last night. We booked through toptable and had the 3 course meal, as the bellmeister suggested. For what we paid, it was an amazing bargain in central london. The dishes ranged from good to very good (though not amazing), and getting a glass of champagne was a nice touch. About half the customers had on suits, but I was wearing a nice button down and jeans, and didn't feel too out of place .

My date and I had wildly different opinions on the service. She loved it, and while I thought it was impeccable and the staff experienced, it was too froofy for my taste. For instance, we ordered the ravioli appetizer, and were brought one ravioli each! But then they made a big show of pouring mushroom soup over the lonely ravioli, and then another waiter drizzled 'almond essence' into the soup. Took 3 waiters to bring and create what turned out to be mushroom soup with a single ravioli in it. Give me a break - just call it soup and have one waiter bring it!

Sep 18, 2008
bcnstony in U.K./Ireland

Any good French restaurants in the central NJ area?

I went to Sophie's with a few friends (and sampled from their dishes) and found the place very acceptable, but not great, or even really good. Passable, safe, sufficient are words that came to mind. Won't head back.

Jun 25, 2008
bcnstony in Mid-Atlantic

Pleasantville, NJ Report (near AC, NJ)

We also went to the Crab Trap Restaurant at Sommers Point, for Sunday lunch. It was one of those places with a great view, a loyal clientele of senior citizens, pleasant but distracted and slow waiters, and passable food. I'd hardly recommend it, but if you're dragged their by your relatives, it's not the worst thing in the world.

Jun 01, 2008
bcnstony in Mid-Atlantic

Pleasantville, NJ Report (near AC, NJ)

I just spent a few days in Pleasantville, NJ, visiting family, and as there wasn't much on the boards for this area, I thought I'd add something. Pleasantville is exit 36/38 on the GSP.

Short version: Avoid Tilton Inn. Definately go to Bonefish Grill (Pleasantville) and Ventura's Offshore Cafe (Northfield)

Our first stop was the Tilton Inn on Tilton Rd. It was a gloomy sports-bar / restaurant. My Aunt ordered a cheesesteak with extra oil, and I ordered the Grilled Veggie Wrap. Whether the fault of the waitress or the cook, the extra oil ended up in the veggie wrap, leaving me with one of the least appetizing meals I've had in a long time. The wrap dripped oil like a fresh plum drips juice. Oh - and my Guinness tasted funny, and the service was off. If in doubt, avoid, or confine your selection to bottled beer.

We went to the Bonefish Grill the next night. It looked nice enough, but I'm always suspicous of strip-mall restaurants which usually turn out to be just mediocre. I was shocked and happily surprised by Bonefish, which was so good we headed back the next night as well. I sampled their Crab Cakes (4.5 stars, with Thai sauce that made them 5 stars), Salad (3.5 stars), Crab Meat Corn Chowder (totally 5 stars), Grilled Tilapia (4 stars with 5 star veggie sides), and Shrimp Diablo (4.5 stars, a bit heavy on heavy cream but oh so good). Even their free bread with oil included an added dollop of top notch real pesto to flavor the oil (4 star bread, 5 star oil).

Their drinks were both tasty and interesting (one cocktail included a glowstick) and their servers' uniform was a chef's shirt, perhaps emphasizing the importance of cooking. Expect to pay between 14 for Shrimp Diablo and 25 for Lobster Tails / Seasonal Fish.

For lunch we went to Ventura's in Northfield. Ambiance was nice for a bar / restaurant, and I was also very happy with the food. Specials included a chicken/pesto/arugula wrap and a mahi-mahi dish, and I told them to substitute the Mahi-Mahi for the chicken, which they happily did. The result was a shockingly messy wrap containing complementary flavors of fish, vinaigrette, pesto, and arugula. The dishes on nearby tables looked tasty and well prepared. My aunt had a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, and (a fan of burgers) was very happy as well.

May 31, 2008
bcnstony in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for Recommendations in Stowe, Vt

I'd like to second tkln's recommendation that you avoid Red Basil. I was there last weekend, and the food was certainly decent, but the prices were horrendous. $17 for vegetarian Thai noodles. In NYC I wouldn't pay $10 for that. Most of their entrées were $20 and up.

My friend ordered a dish that included a small bit of peanut sauce. He asked for more, and when the bill came, they had charged him $2.50 for that. We firmly told them to take that off.

Finally, they added 20% (not the usual 18%) tip to our bill, even though the menu never mentioned this. We paid them the bill to the penny, no more. Never, ever go there unless you are so wealthy money is not important.

TonYong Thai Cafe (SF Chinatown) report

I went there today, based on this recommendation, and found the food very good, the ingredients fresh and tasty, and the staff friendly, if a bit english-challenged. I asked to wash my hands, and they pointed to the kitchen sink, so I had a good chance to check out the cleanliness of the kitchen, and it got a 9.5 out of 10, which in Chinatown is really an 11 out of 10. I'm definitely going here again.

Boxed Wine?

I've tried a bunch, as I often like to drink a single glass of wine with dinner, and find a whole bottle to be impractical. I would rank the 3 liter boxes as following:

Killer Juice is the best (about $22), with great cabernet sauvignon, and decent chardonnay
Banrock Station (as mentioned above) ($19) has good Shiraz and I like their Merlot as well
Trove is just below Banrock Station

I've only had Black Box's chardonnay, and I don't really like whites as much, so I'm going to hold off rating it.

Finally, there is a brand that ships in square, 1.5 litre boxes. I forget the name, but definitely pass on it. Sour, chemical taste.


Mar 12, 2007
bcnstony in Wine