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Brazillian BBQ in PNW???

A few friends have told me this place is fantastic. have not been there myself though.

Apr 13, 2007
sleepyd in Pacific Northwest

How: Candied Nuts?

thanks! so jeremy, you roast them in the oven (coated w/corn syrup) then toss them in sugar after they're done roasting? just making sure i got what you're saying.

Thanks again!

Mar 15, 2007
sleepyd in Home Cooking

How: Candied Nuts?

would like to candy some pecans tonight. have tried a few methods already but none have worked that great for me. i've tried on the stove top with brown sugar and didn't like the result (melting first then stirring in the nuts). i tried the oven once by misting them with water then rolling in sugar, the nuts were done before the sugar carmelized so that didn't work. using maple syrup on the stove top works great but as much as i like maple flavor i prefer sugar.

any recommendations are appreciated!

Mar 15, 2007
sleepyd in Home Cooking

Any Recommendations for a Pizza Stone Brand?

FYI, I just ordered the Old Stone Pizza Stone 14x16 (the one recommended at Cooks Ilustrated) for $22.99 (free shipping) from Amazon. Great

Mar 12, 2007
sleepyd in Cookware