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Best Eggnog

MMmm! Great stuff!
What a crowd pleaser. Shouts of "Best Egg Nog EVER!"
Made in August. Debut on Thanks giving. Did both the egg whites and the heavy whipped cream and served with fresh grated nutmen & cinnamon. No ice.

The Cognac is critical - gives tone of character to this Nog, so find as solid $50 bottle of true French. No EJ or Hennessy please.
Makers Mark and Meyers Rum as well.

Cannot wait finish on Xmas. People love it!

Dec 17, 2008
stutch in Recipes

Fleur de lys previous location?

Hey Jen

As far as I know, they have always been on that odd block. And definitely before the fire. In fact they expanded with the side room after the fire.

Sep 08, 2007
stutch in San Francisco Bay Area

what to bring on a 12 hour flight

For Coach:
Good sandwich. Bit of nibbles. Candy. Eat after takeoff.
Then AmbienCR 12.5 mg chased with a shot of rum or vodka. You will sleep 8 solid hours.
Wake up have onboard coffee/tea, change socks, freshen up, then land.
Arrive feeling fresh and ready to go!

Also curtails jetlag. Fool proof.

Mar 12, 2007
stutch in Not About Food

Where can I purchase good popcorn kernels for home use?

Arrowhead Mills has good organic popcorn. Whole Foods or Fresh Direct. Been using this for a couple of years. It may not be giant sized but pops up big, light and fluffy. When cooked with extra virgin topped by melted Strauss butter and a Lawry's garlic salt....mouth waters..must go make a bowl!!!

I am with you. Microwave P'corn just doesn't work.

Mar 12, 2007
stutch in General Topics