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Your favourite "magic" few-ingredient recipes

Linguini stir in halved cherry or grape tomatoes, sliced avocado and olive oil.
Salt and pepper. Perfection!

Jan 10, 2011
MoxieMarlo in Home Cooking

Looking for Recs in Progreso & Merida

Merida - or just outside Merida has one of the luxury haciendas my husband and I stayed at for our honeymoon 2 years ago, and we had magical meals here:
The hacienda San Jose is incredible - the scenery is unparralled, and the restaurant is just incredible with very high ceilings, and white sheeting billowing in the archways. A woman nearby (a few feet away is bent over a fire making fresh tortillas). There were a few parties of big-wigs that came in just for dinner while we stayed there, otherwise it was mostly guests. The food is top-notch, but I cannot remember specific dishes I had now.

We didn't find much of interest in Progresso.
If you wanted something onthe way from Tulum to Merida, and go by way of Chichen-Itza, I have a good recommendation in Vallidolid - there is a hotel there on the main square of downtown, and the food there is amazing, and incredibly cheap.

There was a great place in

Nov 12, 2007
MoxieMarlo in Mexico

Playa del Carmen-5 nights

Los Carboncitos - Just off 5th, can't remember the street exactly right now. Great cheap eats.
Check out this board for Playa info:
There are lots of different types there, but you get answers fast, from people who live there, and/or travel there too much!!

Jun 17, 2007
MoxieMarlo in Mexico

Recommendations on the best ceramic pepper grinder.

Oddly, I have had the same salt and pepper grinder for the past 10 years.
I bought it at IKEA. They were about $8 each. I am looking to upgrade for a different reason. Now why they didn't think of this sooner.... Grinder mechanism at the top - anyone try that? (no mess on the counter top)
Kuhn Rikon Vase Grinder

Mar 12, 2007
MoxieMarlo in Cookware