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Boulder Speciality (wine, cheese, etc.) Shops

Frasca in Boulder was just named one of the top 100 restaurants in the country. They're pricey and I haven't been there, but if they were named one of the hundred best, it might be worth a check out.

Apr 19, 2015
hurc81 in Mountain States

Where's the best bowl of pho in southern NE.?

I second Thuan Loi, and I drive from Connecticut twice a year for it. On the contrary, though, I LOVE Mr.Tran, he's a sweetheart and I respect the fact that, in Vietnamese culture, food and dining is a social event. I appreciate the fact that CapeCod Guy likes pho, but it might be nice if he learned something about the culture and regarded him with the respect that an older gentleman deserves.

Thuan Loi Restaurant
1300 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Feb 02, 2011
hurc81 in Southern New England

For all you Carol Peck's Good News Cafe fan in Woodbury, CT

Just what we need, more snoot in Woodbury.

Feb 02, 2011
hurc81 in Southern New England

Chow in Fall River Mass.?

The CT donut place that you're referring to is Phillip's in Woodbury. Their donuts have been nationally recognized for years. The place was sold about two years ago, to a townie, who would not close the deal unless Bud (the original owner) included the recipe for the donuts. Now called Dottie's Diner at Phillips.

Oct 13, 2008
hurc81 in Southern New England

Cape Cod Report

You missed two of the best places on the Cape to eat - literally around the corner from each other in Hyannis. Harry's, which is authentic Cajun food with really great blues and jazz bands that play there, and Brazilian Grill- Brazilian BBQ with something for everyone.
There's a lot more to the Cape than just seafood. Some of the best food there is anything but.

Good eats on Eastern Long Island

Can anyone give good recommendations for food on either the North or South Fork of Long Island? Two day getaway to the Long Island vineyard region - looking for some outstanding food to match. All suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance!

Best Indian food Newhaven Area.....sugessions ?

Surprised to hear that, unless they've gone downhill recently.

If you're tired of New Haven and want to travel a little farther afield, 25 minutes will land you in Newtown, home to Kolam, which is where we go (as we're from north of New Haven) when we're jonesing for Indian. Friends of ours from India recommend as well.

Scargod's Good Chow: New Haven, CT area

It was a year or so ago, but tried Wild Ginger and although the food was good, it was very pricey for what it was.

Lesser known hotdogs in CT

There's actually one in Bridgeport also.

Apr 23, 2008
hurc81 in Southern New England

There is still no authentic Brazilian in CT...

Thanks for the tip! Sometimes we'll travel for food. :)

Waterbury CT Chow Report

Perotti's in Middlebury - best pie next to NH

Oct 05, 2007
hurc81 in Atlanta

There is still no authentic Brazilian in CT...

Because, as COMPUTER savvy as I am, didn't think I'd have to worry about ordering something that's STANDARD Brazilian fare. Done rodizio much?

Frank Pepe's in Manchester, CT

Friends, hubby and I all went last Thursday - all think its much better. Not greasy and undercooked like NH site.

I had take out at the new Pepes on Saturday night

Wow - and that was what night?

Friends, hubby and I were there on Thursday night - and the pies are MUCH better than in New Haven - but then, we like our pies well done, and all of us agreed that it's just way better than NH site. I don't like the pie in NH - too greasy, and not done enough. Seems like they rush through so many orders that they don't take the time to prepare them correctly.

Seems to me that they tried to duplicate the NH site as accurately as possible - worked for us.

Didn't see any evil looking people there either.

You may want to try them on another night. Or maybe, as you mentioned, you're just too petty.

seeking great food near New Milford CT

If you;re into BBQ, try the Cookhouse right in New Milford - none better!

Any must-haves/eats/trys on Cape Cod?

I have one for you only IF you're a carnivore - Brazilian Grill in Hyannis. Authentic Brazilian rodizio, where they keep bringing the food until you tell them to stop. Their salad bar is great too - I live for their butternut bisque soup! Friendly, convival atmosphere, but you will need reservations, especially if you're there on a weekend - otherwise it's a 2 hour wait (and rightly so).

Mexican Food Hell.

I will second the recommendation for Ay Caramba, although if you're also looking for atmosphere, you'll be disappointed, especially if you're seated next to a completely pretentious, snobby couple who think they're all that because they know the owner. Tables are close enough to hear other's conversations, which I can't stand,(ever heard of indoor voices, people?) but the food was great.

The best place that I know of for Maxican food in the Connecticut area (and I've eaten Mexican all over the country, including CA) is a little place on RT6 in Woodbury. Woodbury's a small town, but it's got some slammin' restaurants - Carole Peck's is there. Continue on the road that Carole's is on for about 2-3 more miles and on the left side you will see a two story bright green building with a large sculpture of a bull outside - the place is called Jav's. Great salsas, they have a big salsa bar, and some are really spicy - and they will kick it up if you ask. They've only been open about a year, but the owner had all the tables and chairs handmade in Mexico and the place is really pretty. The owner's a nice, hardworking man who came here a dozen years or so ago to seek the Americn Dream. I say good for him and have at it - my husband says thank god we finally got some authentic Mexican in town! Check it out and let me know what you tink. It's worth the drive from the NH area.

There is still no authentic Brazilian in CT...

Having a husband who works on Sunday nights, I decided to take my family to Braza's on Farmington Avenue in Hartford for Father's Day last night, June 16, '07. All I can say can be summed up in one word - trainwreck.

Now, maybe I'm a snob ( don't think I am), but if you're claiming to offer a certain type of cuisine, it only makes sense to me that SOME of the people working at said restaurant should represent that culture. I had a feeling that we were in trouble when we walked into the place and I did not see one Brazilian face in sight. The place has terrible acoustics, so you had to shout to make yourself heard. The hostess told us that, although we had made a reservation for 8:30 (OK, we were five minutes early) that there were no tables available, and to "wait in the bar". I told her that my son wasn't of age, and she said, "Oh, that's OK, you have to get out of the way for the "flow" of the restaurant". Excuse me? There were plenty of tables outside, not being utilized.

So we go to the bar where we were promptly forgotten about. My husband and I were just debating as to whether we should just leave and go to East Side when the hostess tells us that our table is ready. I should probably interject here and say that it's pretty obvious that my dad wears prosthetic legs and walks, or hobbles, with a cane. She proceeds to lead us to two flights of stairs. My husband is in the process of telling her that my dad can't manage the stairs, and we are now all crowded about the staircase, blocking traffic, when the manager starts shouting at her, "What's wrong? What's the problem?" At this point, I say that she is trying to seat us. Incidentally, here's a table right next to all of us that's available. Gee, it's for six people and we're only four, so my dad has to stand up another ten minutes before they finally seat us.

At which point the waitress comes, introduces herself (blond and blue eyed, NOT Brazilian) and asks if there are any special cuts of meat that we want. My son and I respond with "chicken hearts: (traditional Brazilian meat) Oh no they don't have those, it didn't sell with the American public. I'm American...
My husband then asked for farofa - don't have that either (traditional Brazilian side) "We Americanized the menu". Um, then you're not doing rodizio...
At this point, my husband is trying to be charming and tells the waitress "obrigadao" (thank you in Portuguese,) and she just laughs at him. I said that she probably doesn't know Portuguese, and she says, rather nastily, "no I'm Irish". OK, so am I, but I'm savvy enough to know that a REAL Brazilian restaurant is staffed with people who speak Portuguese, and appreciate it when their customers do as well. A few words in any given lanaguage (like thank you) go a long way.

We had our little green card, which signals for the meat to come, for about ten minutes before anyone showed up to serve us any meat at all; they just kept passing the table by. We just wanted to see how long it would take. My husband asked the waitress for vinagrette ( a traditional salsa type Brazilian meat dipping sauce), and she brought him a bowl of vinigairette salad dressing! Not the same thing! At which time he asks if there is anyone there who is Brazilian, and the hostess says maybe three people, so he asks to speak with one and about ten minutes later comes back to the table with what he was looking for. By this time, the meats have begun arriving, but he has none, because he wasn't in his seat.

None of the meats were impressive, the pork on two different servings was still pink, so needless to say, we didn't eat those, and they served ribs with BBQ sauce, which I have never seen in traditional Brazilian.

All in all, I have to say that IMHO there is STILL no authentic Brazilian in CT. If you want a REAL rodizio, it's worth the 4 hour plus drive to Brazilian Grill in Hyannis MA. The staff is completely Brazilian, everyone is gracious, unlike at Braza's, and they appreciate it when you speak five words of their language and ask for something that "normal Americans" would never eat. Don't waste your time OR your money,as I have never regretted spending so much for such horrible food and service.

Good restaurant in Granby/Bromont?

Whats agood restaurant in these towns? Only here one night and wish it to be memorable - but not too pricey. Thanks!

May 17, 2007
hurc81 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Gauchos- Manchester NH, total waste of money.

The best Brazilian rodijio that I know of is the Brazilian Grill in Hyannis, on the Cape. We've been going there on vacation every since it opened about five years ago, and they're always improving. My son and I love chicken hearts, they will bring us an entire skewer once we ask and love the fact that we take 'em all! Their variety is great (although no duck or rabbit that I've seen), great buffet to match - which has the best butternut squash soup in the world - God, I want that recipe! and very friendly people. Always have a great experience there. One hint - you NEED to make reservations on the weekend - otherwise you'll be waiting a couple of hours. Sometime during the week you can get lucky and walk right in.

Waterbury CT Chow Report

If you're willing to travel outside of Waterbury to Middlebury, Perrotti's on Store Road rivals anything that Wooster Street in New Haven has to offer. Both thin crust and Sicilian (thicker), which is my taste. Homey atmosphere, neighborhood gathering place, and the owners are wonderful people.

Apr 26, 2007
hurc81 in Atlanta

New England Road Trip - Be Our Guide?

In Cape Cod, if you are meat eaters, there's no place better than Brazilian Grill in Hyannis. Was there last week on vacation and wonderful as usual - they do rodijuos - brazilian barbecue - which if you're not familiar with, and are big eaters like we are, is quite a treat. Something for everyone.

In Connecticut, New Haven pizza is a must - try the Spot - right next door to Pepe's - same owners, but lesser known and the pies are better. If you're willing to travel half an hour north, visit Carole Peck's Good News Cafe in Woodbury (stop by my house and say hello now) - she's rated as one of the best chefs in the country. Have a wonderful trip!

1st Time in NO--only 3 days--What can't I miss?

I highly recommend Brennan's - it's a great restaurant!

Apr 25, 2007
hurc81 in New Orleans

Waterbury, CT-Area Rehearsal Dinner

I second JohnnyCT - check into Dolce Heritage in Southbury. We had our wedding reception there and the food was simply stupendous. Don't go under the assumption that us "small towners" can't cook - Carole Peck's in Woodbury is nationally reknowned and she's in a town of less than 10,000. Just because it's "city" doesn't make it better - the very wealthy area of Woodbury, Roxbury, and Washington gave rise to some of the nations's finest dining establishments. I have traveled all over the US (yes, to Atlanta too!) and my little corner of the world has restaurants that rival any other area of the country.