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vietnamese restuurants in San Jose

My wife and I had good Vietnamese food years ago - fairly near a museum and or the main library. They had a type of noodle roll - sort of a pillow with meat on top - that we don't see in SF.

Any suggestions? We're heading for San Jose today!


Dim Sum Price war on Clement betw 10th and 11th

Yesterday (Dec 28 09) we ate at Tong Palace; (next to it is House of Banquet. The latter is fairly new and is rather flashy on the outside - it advertises dim sum for $1.95 a piece.) We are loyal to Tong Palace.

Anyway, when our bill arrived, our friend who was paying for all of us was surprised at how inexpensive it was. It turned out that Tong Palace had lowered its prices to $2.00 a piece. Everything was good, as well. We will go back.

Quince or Chez Panisse


Quince or Chez Panisse

Thanks everyone - from the diversity of opinions, I guess it will be up to me and the rest of the family to decide. Personally, I like the idea of one dinner. One child would prefer Quince based on the fact she's never been there; the other has not been to as many high end places bur sez Chez Panisse is fine with him any time. My wife and I are notoriously indecisive. Oh well. We'll see. Robert Lauriston: any reports on CP without Alice what's her name on the scene?

Quince or Chez Panisse

We're going to have a family birthday party in a couple of weeks; we went to Chez Panisse about 13 years ago and liked it (it was a Monday, their least expensive night; this time will be a Wednesday). I've also heard that Quince is good. I gather both places should be calm enough to hear ourselves talk, at least on a week night (no hard liquor at either one.)

Which is the best bet? I read that Alice Waters is on leave from Chez Panisse - has this affected the food or the service?

Any similar places that come to mind as being better than either one but in the same price range?