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What discontinued products do you miss?

Trader Joe's frozen green chickpeas!

Nov 19, 2010
lr1917 in General Topics

Asian market near Springfield, MA?

Looking for an asian market near springfield, ma, any suggestions? I have been looking for a spot to buy tofu skin, and I haven't had any luck. Thanks!

Nov 19, 2010
lr1917 in Southern New England

Where can I purchase good popcorn kernels for home use?

I'm a big popcorn eater, and I really want to purchase kernels that make the puffy - brain type popcorn (think screaming yellow zonkers!) Does anyone know where I can order this, or what it's called? Thanks!!

Mar 12, 2007
lr1917 in General Topics

Saigon Grill on UES

Does anyone know if this is ever opening? It's been under renovation for a year, and I'm totally craving some Vietnamese!

Mar 11, 2007
lr1917 in Manhattan