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Best Steak Portland area...

Thanks guys, we went to the Grill Room for dinner and the rib eye was amazing as was everything else. Our new favorite restaurant. I will try the Regency as well.

Feb 18, 2010
cootiec in Northern New England

Best Steak Portland area...

Hi All,

I'm very familiar with almost all restaurants in and around Portland but I swear it's hard to find a really good steak. Everyone has hanger steak or skirt steak but I'm looking for a really good rib eye, t-bone, porterhouse...etc. Any suggestions??

Feb 10, 2010
cootiec in Northern New England

Good hot wings in Portland, ME area?

Shack's Pub by Morrel's Corner on Forest ave has great wings, the regular ones are scorching hot or if you want them less so order the Billy Wings!

Dinner in Portland: Help

Hi Marty....I live in Portland and know all 3 restaurants. I'll tell you a little about each one...Fore Street is a large open sort of high end rustic place with open fire hearths. They use mostly local and organic ingredients and they are known for their fire roasted meats and seafoods. A very nice place if you're looking for that experience. Hugo's is very different, his food is unbelievably precious and unique. I know a lot about food but the Waiter had to explain what everything in each dish was, it's that unrecognizable. Which isn't to say it's not good, it's all very delicious but also expensive and small portions. It's very artistic and a good choice if that sort of food appeals to you. 555 is also very good. It's known for meat and seafood and is above average all around. I think if I had one night I'd choose Fore Street because it is down by the water in the Old Port part of town and 555 is up on the main drag
( Congress Street ) which is mostly not the most scenic place you'll see!!
Good luck!


Fine Dining in Portland Maine

Hi there...I see no one has replied to you so I thought I'd offer a few suggestions. You might want to try a restaurant on Commercial St. called Portland's, it serves steaks and seafood and supposedly has a nice bar. It's good size and might be able to accomodate your party. Many restaurants in Portland are fairly small.....if you like sushi there is a nice place on Commercial Street called Sapporo's, they have a nice outdoor deck as well. There are some nice pubs around too, 3 Dollar Deweys ( across from Sapporo ), Brian Boru, Gritty's, etc. They all have pretty good pub food.
Enjoy your visit.

Pat's Meat Mkt??

Pat's is in the Deering section of Portland, Maine

Pat's Meat Mkt??

Hi all,

Went to Pat's last Friday night for the first time in a year or so. I must say, we were very dissapointed with the food and service.
The menu still sounds interesting but none of the food was outstanding, it seems as if no one really cared anymore.
The mussel app which was always very good contained mussels which were old and smelly. Not good. My pork chop was overcooked and both fish dishes ordered had strange plastic like flavors about them.
The waiter was insincere, forgot our drink order and at his midpoint check on the meal asked, "how are the flavors, are they good"? An odd question.....
I'd like to hear any other thoughts on Pat's as this was always one of our favorite restaurants and we were really sad about this turn of events.