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Thin crust pizza in NW Nassau County?

You have to try Eddie's in NHP and Sal's in port washington. Both are great.

Bayside lunch recommendation

Tried Press 195 and now have been there three times with my wife for dinner. Great casual place and the food is terrific. Service is hit or miss depending on who you get, but good overall. Try the Outrage IPA, the house salad, the fries with chipotle mayo. Good paninis include the pastrami ruben, the ham and brie, and the buffalo chicken. The burger was also excellent. Their secret is fresh ingredients and light; dry panini rolls. Enjoy!

Apr 29, 2011
donnyp in Outer Boroughs

A place on Long Island to hold a 70th birthday party

Out of all the restaurants mentioned below, and I've been to all of them except for Tesoro's, I would pick your original choice Stellas for your Mom's party. Ilsa is the lady who runs the place, and the waiter of choice for your party would be Kenny, who is excellent. Happy Birthday Mom! --Don

Mama's (Port Washington) is truly a Delight

Too bad! I was ready to try it! :) Happy Retirement to the Cho family!

Any recs for Port Washington?

Bistro Toulouse! Food, ambience, and service are great. My favorite in Port. (Hope it's not too late!) --Don

Bistro Toulouse
43 Main St, Port Washington, NY 11050

Rothmann's Steakhouse: Not Very Good

I always thought of rothmann's as a tourist trap steakhouse or a pick up joint. Try Bryant and coo per's down the road in roslyn. However, order your steak one level underdone as they sometimes slightly overcook. Although I am not the same kind of diner as you are, I did not read your requests as unreasonable and I too am surprised by the manager's reaction. Good luck and enjoy!

Any word on Trata Roslyn?

Been there twice with my wife. She likes it more than I do because she doesn't see the check! Decor and style is very nice. Service a little snooty and uninformative (dollars/lb of fish is good example), but otherwise fine. Greek salad without the lettuce is superb but you just need one to split and they should tell you that. Lamb was good. The Major Problem is that this is a fish place and the you can't order the fish because it comes out to about $60 for two pieces of sole with nothing else on the plate! I want to like this place but so far I just can't. Hey trata, it's a simple fix. Lower the fish prices!

driving from jfk to sag harbor - help!

How about Smokin Al's in Bayshore? Or Argyle Tavern in Bablyon? Here are the links:,
19 West Main Street, Bay Shore - (631) 206-3000

World Cup Friday morning - Port Washington area

Don't know if they're open in the AM, but how about Sullivan's Quay on Searingtown Road as you come down the hill into Port Washington (on the right).

Sullivan's Quay
541 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington, NY 11050

Take-out fried chicken in lower westchester?

Well, since the choices are "scrawny" for lower Westchester, how about Piece of Chicken on 9th Ave and 45th street in the city? It's take out only, but it may be worth your trip! Go there hungry, because the pieces are BIG. Here's the link:

Now, please help me out on Long Island!! :) Thx. --donnyp

Anything around Penn Station ?

Here's the place: great modern hopping irish pub with good food and music, off of 7th Ave (bet. 6th & 7th):

Stout Restaurant & Bar
133 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001-2903
(212) 629-6191

Apr 01, 2010
donnyp in Manhattan

Good chinese in Huntington, LI?

Hunan Taste in Greenvale, across from TJ Maxx's is the best over this way, to the east of Huntington. May be worth a trip. --donnyp

Ice Cream near West Hempstead

Well, there's Frozen Cup ice cream stand on Hempstead Tpk in Floral Park Queens, on top of the hill on the north side just west of Little Neck Parkway. Great summer ice cream spot, but not sure if it is open or closed this time of year.

Nassau county first date spot?

antipode - how about Roots in SeaCliff if things went well on your date? They are on holiday break now but will re-open Jan 13 or 14th I believe. Wed nights they have music which starts about 7:30. Small place with a great chef but very casual. May have to be over 40 to appreciate the vibe however.

Fun place to eat in Nassau County?

Hi Sara: fyi, I actually did like Millers (tried it last weekend) - just for wings and a beer. But you're right about the fried and the cheese (in this case, bleu)! Also right about the sports bar / middle america feel; but those can be good sometimes. However thanks for your recommendations. They all seem to meet my criteria to some degree, though the ones I've been to: (Besito, Coolfish, Novita, Blackstones) are on the "upscale" side fun. Please take this as a compliment.

Also, I always liked Eddies, "the home of bar pie", years ago, and now you've reminded me to go try it again (remember back when smoking was allowed in there??) I will put the others on my "to try" list and let you know how we make out - they all sound good! Thx again! -- donnyp

Fun place to eat in Nassau County?

Thanks chaz - this is not too far from me. I will try it and let you know! Thx. donnyp

Fun place to eat in Nassau County?

Luckily, my daughters order me around only 80% of the time, they being only 14 and 15. Does that make us too old for Miller's? Probably, but I'll try it anyway and Toby you do the same! Thank you and your daughter for the tips.

Fun place to eat in Nassau County?

Exactly re: the "you can't find LOUD" comment above. How about the same criteria, with just "good" food? West as far as Queens Bell Blvd queens and east as far as Huntington is within my range. Maybe an upscale pub kind of place which doesn't take itself too seriously? I used to like George Martin's over in Rockville Centre for example, but can't say the same for the one in Douglaston - too much attitude. I also like Cippolini, but think Toku (same owners) is too over the top. Actually looking for more casual / more fun than those anyway. Hopefully that gives you some kind of indication.

George Martin
65 North Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Fun place to eat in Nassau County?

Where's a fun place to go out for dinner in Nassau County? You know: loud, crowded, music, not uptight with great food? I've been to some fine restaurants here in Nassau County, but we seem to have a shortage of the above. Or maybe it's me and I'm just getting old? Whaddya think - help me out! Thanks!

Dao Asian Restaurant: Huntington

For those looking for reliable sit-down Chinese food west of Huntington on 25A, try Hunan Taste down the road in Greenvale (across from T.J. Maxx). Great service and food for a reasonable price!

Best diner on Long Island??

Try Louie's in Manhasset, on Plandome Road just past the train tracks on the left. Louie has a wonderful greek family who's been running this place for years and they know how to do it right - the sons Tommy, Peter, and Billy are the cooks and the counter guy. It is technically a coffee shop but it is Greek diner all the way - great for omelets or eggs, bacon, potatos any way you like 'em.

URGENT: In Search of Excellent Sushi [Long Island, NY ]

Just tried Rock 'N Sake in Port Washington - now my favorite sushi on the island. They've relocated from New Orleans since the flood, and have been up here for about two years. The fish was incredibly fresh with large portions for the sushi (cannot down it in one bite) - I tried one salmon, tuna, mackerel, and eel. Both rolls I tried were also excellent (spicy cruchy tuna and thai spring roll). Go try it as soon as you can - you won't be disappointed!

Garden City, LI - Jin East and Fanelli Pastry?

It's a bit of a drive north, but you may want to give Hunan Taste in Greenvale a try. My favorite Chinese in the area. Good luck!

New Spanish in Queens

We visited Cocina Latina for the first time last night. it was a terrific exerpience. The restaurant and lighting are done beautifully and give the place a warm golden glow. The staff was warm, friendly, and instructive, like you were one of the family. Tasteful modern salsa music adds a bit of festive atmosphere and keeps the conversations private.

The dishes were tasty, including the home-made empanada appetizer, the avacado and grapefruit salad, the pollo al horno, the steak with three dipping sauces, and the paella. Only slight negative re: the food is that the paella could have had more moisture and saffron flavor to it (slight bit dry) but was still a very good dish and beautifully prepared. Banana cream pie was a knockout - best ever with big chunks of banana, dense but not too much cream, and a buttery graham cracker crust. Now wished we also tried the flan; ah well, next time.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Cocina Latina is their location: across from the court house in Kew Gardens on busy Queens Blvd, and near a bunch of bail bond and check cashing places. However, if you drop of your guests at the door, go 100 yards, turn right and turn right, you'll have free validated parking in a safe, manned parking garage. Don't let this aspect deter you!! It is worth the trip as I know of zero other upscale spanish restaurants in a 20 mile vicinity, at least up by me in Nassau County Long Island. By the way, easy access from the Grand Central Parkway: take exit 15 Union Tpk exit.

I will be going back and I heartily recommend this spot to any who are craving delicious Spanish food in a warm inviting cozy environment. Try it out!!

Also, for your foodies and Food Network junkies, this from their website:

Cocina Latina Bar & Grill is set to open its doors on Saturday February 9, 2008. The restaurant is also set to be featured on Food Network's new documentary-style series, Restaurant 101. This new show follows ambitious restaurateurs who are in the process of opening a new restaurant. In this case, viewers will go into the heart of the action and get a behind-the-scenes look at co-owner Chris Dreams' race against time in preparing for its opening. Famed chef and author, David Adjey (Restaurant Makeover) is the series host. Dreams' receptive way of thinking allows him to benefit from Adjey's professional experience and advice. Restaurant 101 depicts the planning, hard work and perseverance invested by Dreams to launch this new restaurant. Viewers will also get a glimpse of everything else involved with getting this eatery off the ground, from designing the space, to the ribbon cutting event.

May 11, 2008
donnyp in Outer Boroughs

steak or burgers anywhere near Westbury???? Help please

Try Majors Steakhouse in East Meadow (off of East Meadow Road across from Eisenhower Park), Zorn's in East Meadow up the road from there (great chicken and ribs), and Frank's Steakhouse on Jericho Tpk (I think). Also, try La Parma (they have meat dishes) in East Williston for Italian, and Cozymels for Mexican over by Loews' Theatre and Target (I know its a chain but its good).

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

Italian near Great Neck: Italian in this area should be a lay-up but it isn't. I'm in Manhasset (next door to Great Neck) but I find I have to drive a bit to my favorites in the area - here they are for now: Stella's on Jericho Tpk in Floral Park - total throw back to the 70s in terms of decor, but the Stella salad, Chicken Romano, and Pork Chops with hot peppers are to die for. La Parma directly across from River Bay was the precursor to Carmine's in the city. Large plates of food - family style - ask the waiters for guidance. Chopped salad beats the La Parma salad in my view. Baked clams, penne marinara, and pork chops pasquale are winners. So is the chicken scarp. I never get to River Bay, because if I'm over there, we're at La Parma. Just don't go at 7PM - no resos and you'll have to wait. In Manhasset, try Cafe Continental - a bit clubby, but the owner and waiters are great once you're a regular and the food is solid. Haven't really found any good Italian in Great Neck but I'm sure there must be some. Believe it or not, I like Pancho's for mexican there. One other place worth trying nearby you is Vespa on Northern Blvd. And Aunt Bella's on Marathon Pkwy is a tiny hole in the wall with old-style italian food (try this one later in the list.) One more in the miracle mile in Manhasset - Il Cippolini - new york feel, good thin crust - hit or miss on the pasta dishes - my wife likes the risotto specials. That's it for now. Anybody else out there please chime it - we're bored and desparate too!