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Great Sourdough

how near is near? within 5 miles:

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?

Radio Africa & Kitchen could work. Good food. Call and work with Eskender

Another possibility is Patio Espanol Restaurant on Alemany.

ISO of good chocolate cake in E. Denver/Aurora area

Can anyone recommend a really good local bakery that does simple cakes with deep flavor and no gobs of frosting? A dark chocolate, hazelnut raspberry or mocha is on my mind.

Also if you have recommendations on a simple and good restaurant (of the go-to type) in the above mentioned area, please share. Ethinic is OK, but shoud be pretty authentic.


Aug 19, 2014
intomeat in Mountain States

Not Dim Sum brunch after getting off plane

agreed. good recs. ( Townsend Cafe = Town's End Restaurant & Bakery ☺)

Regional Chinese roundup 1.0 (early 2014)

Yes, Lulu's is quite good, and plus it is walking distance from Concord BART station!

While they call themselves Sichuan, surprise of surprises, their XLB is very authentic as proclaimed by several of my native Shanghainese DCs.

Excellent off the beaten path affordable Cantonese at Yum's Bistro in Fremont

We had steam crab over sweet rice in a bamboo steamer lined with lotus leaves and crispy skin chicken stuffed with sweet rice at Yum's twice in three weeks! The two preps of sweet rice are very different in flavor profile. We liked both. Yum's is yum! (Pre-order required for both dishes.)

That steam crab dish is not on the menu that we could find. Wonder if it is the same as your "The shaoxing wine with egg white version steamed (with a little garlic)..." (don't think ours had egg white, though.)

Agree that fish is not their strength. Over cooked (steamed) and not as fresh as it could be. Will try geoduck stir fried with chives when chives are in season. Thanks.

dou ban jiang in ebay or sf?

East Bay, on Warm Springs Blvd. (not sure the name of the town)

San Mateo: best Chinese near 92 & El Camino after 9pm?

a bit off topic, but Ji mao cai can be found at Sha Bistro also.

dou ban jiang in ebay or sf?

'Marina Food Market" has two brands of the Pixian kind, as pictured.

CA Olive Oil recommendations

Ah, NVOOM Co, a long forgotten OO. Will have to go by!!

China Bee in San Mateo?

Dim Sum Go-To Guide 2013

Sha Bistro has Pumpkin & Red Bean Cake(南瓜餅) Same thing? Never had it at Sha, though. (

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

Lulu's Kitchen is tasty. Authentic Szechuan cuisine. Not everything on the menu is crazy hot, if that's not your thing. Clean interior, conducive to having conversations.

Grocery Outlet Wine Sale, May 8-12

Saw a few at Concord GO. Any good?

ISO cheap, yumminess around Outer Sunset near GG park for lunch [San Francisco]

Loi's Vietnamese Restaurant (2232 Irving) is good and very reasonably priced.

Good for a group in SF

We've had several "large" group gatherings at Radio Africa & Kitchen ( You can check out the well priced menu on their website. We always had the tasting menu and everyone raves about the food. Talk to chef/owner Eskender, he'll toss in a 15-20% discount!

Happy noodles [San Mateo]

Their "handmade noodles" is not really handmade. Machine made in a supplier factory off-site. Their dishes have authentic sounding names but are not at all authentic. Authentic sounding names draws in the crowd and higher prices. Just OK if you're in the nabe and desperate for food.

fresh rice noodles

It is still there, as of last month.

Hand pulled noodles and knife cut noodles? Best options in SF (or BART accessible)

Order 50% more food than you used to. They kept about the same price.point but reduced quantity. Quality is still solid.

Restaurant ideas in Hayes Valley

Is Il Borgo (Fell & Laguna) in Hayes Valley? Good Bolognese sauce; love their lobster ravioli. Very friendly staff.

Cuba Linda, New in Concord


Alternatives to Great China?

- Fish "ball" with not so crispy fried fish skeleton. Frozen fish cooked overly oily with celery and carrots. The fish "balls" were okay.
- Gai lan with garlic, oily, again.
- some sort of fried tofu. run-of-the-mill, meh.

Wait person offered us a small bowl of the $10 soup gratis. Good, but nothing special. Also offered free mango colored ice cream for desert. No mango taste whatsoever.

Alternatives to Great China?

IMO, still nothing special. Ordered 3 items from from Chef's Specialty Menu and nothing was special. Found food to be overly oily. Asked about lobsters and crabs, wait person says they are pre-ordered items. Items on Chef's Specialty Menu are not particularly cheap either. Including T&T bill was close to 40. Charges 10 bucks for a typical free soup found in most Chinese restaurants in the bay area.

Custard Pie

Used to go to Eastern Bakery on Grant. Haven't been for a while, though. Tried a few other places along Stockton, but not impressed. Lack of flavor (too much filler/starch?) Haven't tried Red House yet, but will do so soon.

Eastern Bakery
720 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

Custard Pie

what's your favorite place?

Mini baked pork buns and egg custard tarts - where to buy for party at home

TC Pastry on Irving has both

TC Pastry
2222 Irving St, San Francisco, CA

Beijing/Northern Chinese in Sunset

Beijing Restaurant noodles and pancakes seem to shine. They make them in the back as people order them.

Beijing Restaurant
1801 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94112

Beijing/Northern Chinese in Sunset

In our last couple of visits to the Alemany location, we noticed the quantity has reduced significantly for about the same price. (Cumin Lamb was less than half of what we usually get!) When we were there last month, we ordered about 1/3 more food than usual. Guess it's a way for them to up the price without really up the price. Anyone shares our experience?

I was told that Jin's mother cooks at the Sunset location, but we've never been.

Hachiya persimmon preserve

I tried to cook down 5 perfectly ripe hachiya persimmons in a sauce pan. The persimmons were totally ripe, translucent and soft all over. After cooking for about 2 hours, the astringency returns. Don't understand this one. Does anyone have a good recipe for making hachiya persimmon jam?

Dec 21, 2011
intomeat in Home Cooking to ripen??

as cornflower says up thread, "he freezing approach softens the persimmon but doesn't do anything to diminish its astringency" But may be the astringency is limited to the pulp.

Dec 21, 2011
intomeat in Home Cooking