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Nassau County

The chicken is raised at a poultry farm in the Hudson Valley. Lola's owner is said to own the farm. While I have no facts to support this idea, I suspect there are other restauranteur owners as well. The reason I mentioned it is that the chicken is the best I have ever tasted! Amazingly, last weekend in the Poconos I was able to eat chicken raised at Campanelli's farm and it was equally wonderful! I am very happy for these small poultry operations.

Lola also makes a roasted brussel sprout dish that goes beyond any I have ever had, or made.

Nassau County

Just a small correction. The coal oven pizza place in Port Washington is named Salvatore's.

Stuart - did you get to try Baxer Flats last summer? See my post below if you didn't,

Nassau County

Since I wrote this yesterday, I decided to try Cafe Buenos Aires. It is in Huntington, and therefore not in Nassau County. It was a fun environment, although very noisy. The bartender and Maitre D' were both very nice. It has the same ownership as Bistros Citron and Cassis, La P'tite Framboise, and probably a few other restaurants. They are all very well done restaurants where you won't get a bad meal. I must say, however, that it is no where near as good as Las Vinas. The bartender pointed me to the Gnocci hot tapas dish and he was right. It was great.

While contemplating this post, I remembered that the fairly new Mitch and Toni's is co-owned by the former chef, Mitch, from Bistro M in Glen Head. Bistro M was a fine, fine restaurant. I haven't eaten at Mitch and Toni's often because it is somewhat pricey. So, I can't vouch for how really good they are. They do have a cheap beer night and they offer a lot of different beers.

Lastly, I haven't been to Fortune Wheel on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown of Hempstead Tpke. for many years, but if it anything like it used to be, it is very good. The make (made) wonderful Dim Sum and very good Cantonese Food. Now that there is no Shanghai Pavillion, it is (was) the best Chinese food I could get out here.

Nassau County

My three favorite restaurants in Nassau County are New Chilli and Curry, which is Hakka cuisine combining Indian and Chinese (quite different and delicious), Sri Pra Phai (love that crispy fried watercress) and Las Vinas in Manhasset.

I am surprised no one has mentioned Las Vinas, but who would have imagined there would be such a good restaurant in Manhasset, of all places. Las Vinas is Peruvian, serves excellent tapas, including Jalea and 4 different ceviches, and main dishes too. Every dish has so much flavor in it! Yum. Everyone we have taken there has loved it. You really have to try the place. Biscuits and Barbecue is worth checking out, too. It's a cajun enterprise and the Alligator sausage is scrumptious. The collards are good as are so many other dishes they serve. My son got their banana pudding last week and it was very special. It is in a tiny diner in Mineola. Check out their review in Anton Press papers.

There is a Dosa place on Route 107 in Hicksville called House of Dosas that is all vegetarian. If you like Dosas, you will like this place.

I live in Port Washington. Wild Honey is very good for well-prepared modern food. I don't know what else to call it. Both Bistro Etcetera and Kazan just received good reviews in Newsday. Kazan has Uzbeki food. La P'tite Framboise (sp?) is constantly crowded with a wait. And Chez Noelle has been called the best French food on the Island. Joan Remick even liked it. During the summer there is a clam shack on a Marina in Manorhaven called Baxter Flats. They cook up the freshest fish and it is excellent food. You can bring your own wine. The only seating is outdoors. Another must try.

Port also has a fun and tasty event called the Soup-er Bowl every year on the Saturday before Superbowl Sunday. About 10 - 15 local restaurants serve up samples of one of their soups, all for a $7 admission charge. Check it out. Look on Patch or the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce website.

Port has some very special bakeries, too. Main Street Bakery and St. Honore are two of them.

Keep looking. You will find good food. And then let us know what you find.

LI Restaurants with Manhattan feel?

When I think of Manhattan restaurants I think more of the authentic, even exotic, foods available than the urban flavor. After moving to Port Washington 21 years ago I found I really missed the availability of unusual cuisines. Port has had a few great restaurants over the years, but like everywhere, even Manhattan, most are cut from the same mold, and rather boring. We are in a renaissance here right now. When I set foot into Rock 'n Sake the first time I thought I was really walking into a Manhattan restaurant. Very cool, right down to the Godzilla movie projected onto the floor of the bathroom! And the food is good, too.

I am ever so grateful that there are more new places that are unique and delicious. Shanghai Pavillion is offering the best chinese food in the whole area. And it's not one from column A and one from column B. There are dishes I can recognize from all Chinese restaurants, and others I don't see on the Island, such as dry-sauteed eel with leeks and red-cook or szechuan style buffalo carp's tail. Most of what I have eaten there has been very good. They have a problem with service though with more people to serve than staff to do it.

We have two French Bistros that have been open about a year. Our favorite one is Bistro du Village. It feels much more like a City restaurant than a Port Washington one. The food is great and, while expensive, they do not have their liquor license and you can bring your own wine, therefore keeping the total cost down.

My favorite (somewhat) new place is in a greasy spoon, little changed from what was a Greek coffee shop for decades, called Mama's Delight. Mama cooks from her background of being both Korean and Vietnamese, and having worked in the kitchen of a Greek diner for many years. She makes a lot of vegetarian food and has many varied tofu dishes. Last night my jusband and I shared a seafood pancake and a radish dumpling stew. I haven't ever seen food like this offered before. It is healthy and satisfying in the way good home cooking is.

Eating in Port has gotten a lot better. We don't have to miss the City for our everyday eating forays as much as we used to.

Best Hot Fudge Sundae in New York

Thank you so much for these answers. I have been wondering if there still was any real, good, hot fudge left around anywhere. Can anyone recommend a place closer to Nassau County? Man, the stuff at Baskin Robbins doesn't even try to be hot fudge!

Oct 07, 2007
starny in Manhattan