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What Should I Order at India Quality?

Thanks for the feedback Jenny. We had saag paneer and rogan josh. We weren't feeling particularly adventurous, and they were very solid renditions.

What Should I Order at India Quality?

Thanks kobuta! Appreciate your input.

What Should I Order at India Quality?

Will finally eat at India Quality tonight, and am wondering about their strengths and weaknesses and/or specific dishes to have or avoid?

Thanks so much!

Fenway/Kenmore: Good, cheap restaurants?

I second:
El Pelon
Rod Dee
Tasty Burger

If you have time to explore close neighborhoods the options increase. For example, decent to very good options in Brookline and many more in other hoods. Also, most branches of the green line go through Kenmore Square. You could hop on to Chinatown... Search the boards for good cheap eats there.

COPPA : At the Top of Its Game

Couldn't agree with you more. Also there for an early Saturday dinner. Rainy night and totally packed. We shared a number of really excellent dishes: duck prosciutto, zucca passata (Italian pumpkin hummus), roasted cauliflower (although I would have preferred more cauliflower and fewer croutons - but the flavors were spot on), spaghetti carbonara with sea urchin. Nice to see that Bissonette was in the kitchen. Food was superb! Very memorable night.

ISO grocery delivery in Cambridge other than PeaPod

What about Farmers to You

Need Turkey Parts ASAP

I've never been to Mayflower, and their website says they have frozen turkey parts -- that will work. Thanks much!

Need Turkey Parts ASAP

Any suggestions on finding turkey parts this time of year? Boston/Cambridge/Somerville are best. Thanks so much!

Bao Nation

Bao Nation is open - not in Libby's Liquors, but in the Dosa Factory space. Have not been in, but noticed it when I was in H Mart.

September 2014 Openings and Closings

Bar Boulud opens tonight...

Apple picking?

I was thinking about Carlson's in Harvard, based on a thread I found last week. I'm not looking for a "carnival" like atmosphere, which is how some orchards have been described.

SF Bay Area hound needs fun foodie stops near Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center

Bumping this thread up. Would love sushi or ramen recs near this hotel - Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center. I'll only have one night solo for dinner, and walking distance to hotel is necessary. Thank you!

August 2014 Openings and Closings

Chef Chang's House has opened in the former Wine Cellar space on Mass. Ave in the Back Bay. I wonder if it's the same owners as the former Chef Chang's in Brookline which is now Sichuan Gourmet? And if so, is that a good thing or not necessarily?

Second Date - tasty but not too pricey

How about Trade, Nebo or Row 34?

Sources for soft shell crabs? Steep prices?

I had that too, and in agreement with you. I did buy soft shells at new deal last week - $6.99 each and they were decent sized and oh so tasty. Labeled "Jumbo" I believe.

Late May Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

Thanks for starting this. FYI - here's a link to the schedules:

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Had the soft shell at ICOB. One crab, fried, with corn salsa, arugula on an aioli. Very good, very happy. (Although I generally prefer sauteed to fried.)

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Thank you!

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Any ideas on who has them on the menu? Boston or central sq preferable. Thanks!

Best place for fried seafood/fisherman's platter?

Hey 'hounds - What about the Sail Loft? I think that's a good bet there, no? Not talking about the full menu, but fried food. Haven't been in eons, but it used to be solid for a fisherman's platter...

Boiled Crawfish

Yes! He was just putting them in the window yesterday late morning when I was there.

Ikura on Newbury Street is fantastic

Thanks for the report. I was wondering about that and Umai on Newbury and now I have some intel.

ISO Romanesco Artichokes

I haven't. And while not Boston, I would suggest checking at Russo's in Watertown.

Lamb on the menu-who's got it?

The braised lamb neck at West Bridge is delish. It's one of the larger dishes, meant to share.

January 2014 Openings and Closings

Yeah - bummed about this. Just had take out Monday :-(

An excuse for me to *finally* try India Quality in Kenmore.

Market Basket 4% off

I haven't been to Market Basket. What's the quality of their produce and poultry? Do they sell grains in bulk? Do they sell organic? I know, I just need to make a trip and scope it out. But I'm wondering what makes them great aside from the low prices I'm hearing about? Thanks so much! And I'll report back if/when I get there.

Where should I go for lunch tomorrow?

I'm also looking for a lunch place. Boston or Cambridge preferred. Have had great lunches at West Bridge, Strip Ts, Myers + Chang, Coppa. Looking for something new for lunch - preferably not a sandwich - and glass of wine with a friend midweek. Any suggestions?

Whole fish in Boston?

Recently had the crispy whole fish with green curry at Myers+Chang. It was delicious!

Sustainable Sushi?

Yes and no. I agree about the importance of being an educated consumer, if that matters to you, but there are places that have higher standards for what they are buying and serving. (And it's not just sushi, but that's what I'm after here)

Sustainable Sushi?

Anyone in Boston who's doing sustainable sushi?