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best roti and jerk chicken?

Curry house is terrible trust me I am west Indian, Montreal doesn't not have the same quality of West Indian Restaurants like Toronto( you can take a chance and try almost any restaurant in T.O) here unfortunately we don't have the same luck. For roti try Tropical which is located on Decarie on the same side as Wendy's just below Queen mary, Jah Mek way which was on Queen mary closed "What a shame the food was awesome best OxTail I ever had"

Burgers cooked less than medium in Montreal

Still not safe!

Burgers cooked less than medium in Montreal

I just don't get it.....why don't people get informed about safe eating practices, rare,med-rare anything less than well done for a burger is not safe the burger does not have to be charred but it has to be cooked, high praises go out to those Resto's that don't offer a cooking on burgers.

Where is the best happy hour spot in the city?

5-7 Where is the hottest spot right now, I know Publix use to be very hot but apparently it closed, club 737 use to be a hot spot too???

How is the Food at Bistro on the Avenue??

A landmark restaurant in Westmount for over 15 years how is the food and service???

Has Anyone been to Restaurant Raza lately on laurier

Fantastic peruvian / french cuisine

Best pizza in MTL

SORRY TO TELL YOU GUYS & GIRLS!!!! The best PIZZA is in the WEST END of Montreal
Pendelis in NDG /Bonora also in NDG / But the best pizza you will find in MANZO pizzeria in Lasalle try it once and you will be hooked his subs are out of this world! try the manzo special!

bars in Montreal?

try Sophia
3600 Boul Saint-Laurent
Montreal QC, H2X 2V4 Phone: 514-284-0092