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Can I leave the car at a great restaurant and WALK to the opera tomorrow night???

Have in the past done Dobson's (okay), Grant Grill (good), W Hotel (not memorable), etc. I'd sure love a new recommendation.

Mar 09, 2012
Flaubert in San Diego

Lobster by Air?

The prices are plummeting, so the report goes. Does that mean individuals can get good prices for big, live lobsters from Maine? Who are the best purveyors?

Dec 10, 2008
Flaubert in General Topics

Thanksgiving dinner in New Orleans?

Arriving on the redeye, we won't be able to cook. Any suggestions in French Quarter environs? Two teenage boys might like turkey, but mom and dad would prefer something less traditional accompanied with fine wine and more reflective of NO culinary artistry.

Oct 14, 2007
Flaubert in New Orleans