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In Toronto for 10 days for work. Need recommendations

Breakfast: walk a bit and go to CORA'S on Blue Jays Way
Grocery Store: Longo's is right near you.
Beer/Liquor: right beside Longo's
Lunch: quick-fix all on Queen's Quay

Bloor West Village restaurants

Try Dr. Generosity.
Great family restaurant. Good Food/Staff

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Michael: they melt in your mouth! Seriously good eats. I think you get 3 mini-burgers
They also have more under $10 things not mentioned on their website.
Last time I had another type of burger, can't remember the kind, but it was wow-wee.
Nice bar-keeps too:)

South of Temperance (OFFICIALLY CLOSED:(

South of Temperance CLOSED

WOW. A friend of mine was just there a few weeks back. Great food. Nice atmosphere. Patio ROCKED! Sad to see it go :(

Guess they had an offer they couldn't refuse.
On their Facebook page says they are looking for a new home.



Lemon Liberte - so good

They give out FREE COUPONS on their Facebook page:

Right now just for Saskatchewan and Manitoba!

They had Ontario coupons a few weeks ago. Good for a FREE 4x100g serving
Keep watch:)

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Try Morton's (sit at the bar)
They have "Bar-Bites" for under $10
And good to people watch:)

Does a place like this exist?

What about Mistura?<BR>
Upstairs is the Sopra Upper Lounge<BR>
NOTE: the Sopra Lounge website is LOUD MUSIC (not okay for work)

What's the best sushi place close to downtown?

Oyshi Sushi (Harbourfront)
12 Queens Quay West Toronto, ON M5J 2V3
(416) 216-0709

(It's kinda hidden and across from the Westin Harbour Hotel. In-between a courtyard. LOOK for "the Kitchen Table" corner store. it's right beside that )

I love this place (see photo attached)
I normally call-ahead for pick-up as it is very busy in there!
I have dined-in also. YUMMY!

Large Group looking for Downtown Toronto Restaurant!

Try South of Temperance. nice place. good food/value. nice big patio (heated). good vibe
20 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Melting Pot - a new restaurant in Richmond Hill

Friend of mine, his daughter works there
Intensive training. No "3 days before we open" training
Trained staff 2 weeks prior.
Chef Corbin Tomaszeski is attached.

Mother's Day BRUNCH (list of places)

Hi Fellow Chowers!

Thought I would post this in case anyone needs the skinny on what's OPEN for Mother's Day Brunch

This is courtesy of BlogTO

LIST below: ........(feel free to ADD yours



Globe Bistro
Globe Bistro and its two sister locations--Earth in Rosedale and Earth Bloor West--are offering a Mother's Day prix fixe brunch for $29 (or a three-course prix fixe dinner for $35). The special brunch menu features scones, smoked rainbow trout on rye toast, red fife crepes, Wellington County prime rib roast and a selection of desserts.

Windsor Arms Hotel
The Windsor Arms Hotel offers a Mother's Day brunch at $70 for adults and $45 for children 12 and under, set in the consummate elegance of the hotel, as well as a Mother's Day tea taking place on Saturday and Sunday for $55 per person.

Lula Lounge
Those with dance-loving mothers should take note of Lula Lounge's Cuban Brunch, a blend of standard breakfast offerings served in buffet form, live music and a salsa lesson for just $15 for adults.

Treat your mom to a buffet brunch between 11 am and 2:30 pm, including soups, salads, and main dishes such as pan-roasted lamb loin, red wine poached beef tenderloin and balsamic glazed salmon, with decadent and brunch-appropriate sweets such as French macarons and brownie lollipops. The cost is $45 per person.

Crown Princess
Rather than a traditional brunch, consider dim sum at Crown Princess. With a vast menu that spans from seafood, to chicken and duck, to pork and beef, you're sure to find something that'll satisfy your Mom. Want more dim sum options? Check out our best dim sum in Toronto list.

Splendido is offering a prix fixe brunch menu for $70 per person between 11am-3pm with a complimentary glass of sparkling rose for mothers in attendance. The menu includes house cured atlantic salmon, brioche crusted halibut, roasted rib cap and three lush desserts to choose from.

Origin is already filling up for their weekend brunch, which has savoury dishes like steak and eggs served with crispy noodles, and breakfast sweets such as french toast with maple vanilla syrup, whipped cream and berry compote.

Frank at the AGO offers the perfect one-two-punch for Mother's Day. First, treat her to a Spanish brunch menu inspired by Picasso and featuring tostadas, frittatas on tortillas, and steak frites espanol, then stroll around the gallery and take in the work of the master himself.

La Societe
La Societe serves up a richly decadent brunch between 11am-3pm, which includes French toast filled with caramelized bananas and topped with maple syrup, P.E.I lobster benedict with toasted brioche, and as befits a bistro, monsieur and madame croques.

The Grove
Newly opened restaurant The Grove is still finessing their brunch menu, but what will certainly be on offer is English breakfast fare such as french toast with preserves, devilled crab on toast, and poached eggs.

The Drake Hotel
The Drake Hotel is offering two brunch options: a Mother's Day prix fixe for $28 including dishes such as a lobster scramble, or a family-style blues brunch for $32 which includes a concert by soul singer Melissa Bel and brunch classics.


Table 17
Table 17 serves brunch on weekends from 10:30am-2:30pm, and they're bound to be busy on Mother's Day for their Neapolitan eggs--poached in tomato and basil--and pain d'ore with cinnamon creme anglaise and cinnamon, as well as typical-with-a-twist breakfast cocktails.

L'Ouvrier offers a diverse brunch menu, filled with the basics such as yogurt and granola and french toast with house-smoked bacon, alongside a salad brimming with golden beets and watercress and a comforting grilled cheese sandwich with aged cheddar on raisin walnut bread.

Wondering what to get your carnivorous mother? Check out Beast, who are known for their meat-heavy menus, and their brunch doesn't disappoint with its plates of poutine with bbq water buffalo, eggs benedict with smoked trout falafel, and challah french toast topped with duck confit.

Keriwa Cafe
Keriwa Cafe's brunch has been (rightly) garnering rave reviews since its launch, and on Sunday between 10am and 3 pm, you can enjoy Aboriginal-inspired dishes such as brown butter eggs Benedict with red fife biscuit, confit pork belly and dill crepe.

Barque Smokehouse
For delicious barbecue, head west to Roncesvalles' Barque Smokehouse. Their array of not-too-breakfasty dishes such as pulled pork cake, chicken wings and cornmeal-crusted halibut is perfect for a mid-afternoon of indulgence.

Marben's brunch features an assortment of sandwiches such as Janet's chicken sandwich--a simple mix of skinless breast and veggies--as well as salads, egg dishes, oysters, charcuterie and bread pudding french toast. Be sure to order a little something for your Mom from their short (but potent) list of brunch cocktails.

Very Strange Experience at Yours Truly...And We Didn't Even Get to Dinner

I hate when that happens:(
New place and the Chef is the 'boss' for back and FRONT of the house
Seems like the Servers are walking on 'eggshells'

This should NOT have happened
but with your review and a tonne of others on the Internetsssss
They will need to 'pull it together' or soon they will be in the dust in a few months

What a waste of space!

After Batali Bust, Arguments for and Against Tipping Out

PS........Batali was STEALING tips. end of story!
He was "withholding tips to cover expenses"
Bravo that they sued his fat ass!

Mar 12, 2012
NoFixedAddress in Features

After Batali Bust, Arguments for and Against Tipping Out

RE: Brennius's Comment .......that the article is NOT about tipping out

Um the lawsuit IS about "tipping out".....
"""stematically withholding tips to cover expenses. As the New York Times reported, the lawsuit said that restaurants owned by Batali and partner Joseph Bastianich deducted 4 to 5 percent of total wine sales nightly from the tip pool"""

I don't mind tipping out.....what I do HATE is when the Owner tips HIMSELF out. This happened to me once. I was in training and the Owner would take the tips and give HIMSELF 4% ......a-hole

Also I hate when Owners don't pay the kitchen staff. When we would tip went to bussers/hostesses and bartenders.

What I hated about the Kitchen Staff was that on a super busy night they would YELL, SCREAM, Belittle the staff....and then at the end of the shift EXPECT to be TIPPED OUT??? NO WAY!

How would the back-of-the-house like it if THEY were serving and acted like that to their customers? The customer certainly would NOT tip on their lame attitude.

If I ever owned a restaurant I would be a stopped to tipping the kitchen staff. I would pay them above average wages.

I would only have tip-out for bartender/hosts and bussers

Mar 12, 2012
NoFixedAddress in Features

FREE Macaron Day TO

Coinciding with Macaron Day taking place in Paris, NYC and other international cities, Macaron Day in Toronto celebrates these delicate confections in support of a local charity.

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 when participating patisseries across Toronto will come together to offer complimentary macarons to customers.

To receive your macaron, visit a participating patisserie and simply mention you are celebrating Macaron Day TO. Participating locations will provide one macaron per customer at no cost, with quantities limited by location.


LIST of LOCATIONS Participating:

WHERE to BUY Ceramic/Appetizer Spoons???(Toronto)

Cleaned out the Bowrings at the Eaton Centre
Got BLACK spoons, (super classy) same style....and not the big big app spoons
SO easy to pop food in yerrr mouth:)
PS....they go for 99 cents each at Bowrings. And are purrrrrrrfect :)

WHERE to BUY Ceramic/Appetizer Spoons???(Toronto)

The white spoons pretty much sold out at Bowrings
But they have the same style in BLACK
Called the store....these are selling out fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allan's Misty Mints

but you should go today.....last day of sale
Go to the Shoppers Drug Mart website
Search the Flyer (NOT the new one, the old one)....
The One Dated: Saturday, December 03, 2011 to Friday, December 09, 2011
They are LISTED on Page 7 of 17

Sale ends today, then the new flyer starts tomorrow

Who knows...they may be the same price starting Saturday


Merry Merry to you!

WHERE to BUY Ceramic/Appetizer Spoons???(Toronto)

WOW Thank you Thank you Thank you ALL!
My dim brain couldnt think where to get
ALL your suggestions......PERFECT!
Merry Christmas!

WHERE to BUY Ceramic/Appetizer Spoons???(Toronto)

Hi everyone
A friend of mine needs to buy those 'white ceramic appetizer spoons' for an Xmas Party

I checked out Kitchen Stuff Plus (online) and they don't seem to have them
Crate and Barrel has them (online)........but need a place closer to either downtown OR
Preferably a place in Vaughan or Richmond Hill would be best for him to go to

Any suggestions, much appreciated:)

Stock (new Trump tower)

Announcement VIDEO:

Stock Trump Toronto Website:


need to drink some good espresso in Yorkville

Yes very very very very very good Coffee etc here:):):)

Best Steak Restaurant in Toronto - Suggestions?

I know everyone on here will list something else


I love Morton's
4 Avenue Road at Prince Arthur
-right across from the Four Seasons Hotel

It is my go-to place for steak.
I always get the "Bone-in Filet Mignon"
(not on the menu, you have to ask for it
)I think it went for about $55
The bone-in makes it so juicy & moist, along with the char-grilled flavour

It is absoooooooooooolutely fabulous

I have never had a bad experience there
Always perrrrrrrfectly cooked (I get it med-rare)
It is pure perfection!

I have never made reservations there
But you may want to in case....and perhaps 'request' the Filet Bone-in
Only once, did they not have it. I have had it about 6 times now

Have a pre-drink at the bar.....great to watch the bartenders and people watch
The staff is really nice. Great Service. Always the same faces, which is rare in a restaurant.
The dining room is warm, inviting and always hoping. A+++++++++

PS.....I did go to Jacobs once, but not my thing.

Senior's downstairs diner has best BLT's ever!

The downstairs level is the DINER: casual & open morning to evening.
Upstairs is more upscale & only open for lunch/dinner.
Downstairs: Mon-Sat: 8AM–8PM
Upstairs (Dining Room): Mon–Fri: 11:30AM–2PM
Dinner: 5PM–11PM Sat: 5PM–11PM

See attached photo of their MENU (found on the net:)

Against the Grain Urban Tavern (opening early May 2011)

YIKES (review from Toronto Star)

Guess it would be safe to have a beer on the patio ;)

Against the Grain Urban Tavern (opening early May 2011)

New Upscale Tavern opening up on the Harbourfront

Slated to open Beginning of May 2011...reno's still being done when we passed by it

Same owners of the Mill Street Brew Pub

NO menu up on website yet, but looks like the space is going to be huge

25 Dockside Drive, Corus Quay
Toronto, Ontario

Recommendations for Sunday Lunch for Group of 30yo Friends

South of Temperance is GOOD!
Good vibe. Hip. Your style. Great staff. Nice Owner
and...........awesome fooooooooooood!

Bad service at Canoe

Yep. Any restaurant that is up there in the clouds pretty much sucks
ie......Canoe, CN Tower.....

And Canoe is constantly training new staff. Can't seem to keep them

Angelo's Hot Table - Yonge & Harbour

Hey all
This may be a 'strange' question.......but is it a SIT DOWN place.......or is it a Pick-up and go place
Tables or stand-up?


Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

Website here:
Toronto Star:

Sara Kuntz
Catering Director
Belong Catering at Evergreen Brickworks
416 527 6557