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Sonoma County - Outdoor Dining and Patio recs

Thanks for all of the suggestions. We gave the coastal loop a try today. It was a warm and sunny day so we headed out this morning via the Wildflour bakery. We purchased two loaves of bread - 1 loaf of country wheat - sour and 1 loaf of borguesse (with jack and chedder cheese, roasted garlic, rosemary and potato - for tomorrow) and had breakfast and coffee there. I had about 25% of a sticky bun which was perfectly cooked with ample amounts of raisins and walnuts The Taylor Maid farms coffee was a perfect compliment to the warm sticky bun. My wife had a strawberry, chocolate and ginger scone which was superb with fresh unsweetened strawberries and soft candied ginger. I had been to the wildflour a number of years ago and after this most recent visit, I'll be heading back more often.

After a slow drive to the coast and some time trekking Hwy 1, we stopped in to the spud point crab company for lunch. We tried the crab cakes and chowder (with the bread from wildflour as recommended by chocolateninja). The chowder was rich but not too creamy with roasted garlic, very fresh tasting potatoes and a noticable thyme flavor. The clams were soft and not in the slightest bit fishy - great. The addition of the dense bread decisively put the experience to the top of my top 5 chowder list.

The crab cakes were ok, soft and not fishy but not exciting either. I'm not sure they were worth the 9.95 price - as it took a healthy shake of tabasco to brighten them up. When I go back, it will be chowder ony for us.

We then drove down Hwy 1 toward point reyes station. After a few stops and a stoll along the shops there, we visited the Cowgirl creamy to try some cheese and my wife had an ice cream. A nice looking shop but I wasn't impressed with the ice cream - vanilla bean fully textured but not memorable.

We were well beyond stuffed after the trip, so there was no more room for any other food stops. However, the patio at The Station House looked fantastic and the place was quite busy for 3:30 in the afternoon. Can anyone tell me more about that place? is it worth a try in the future?

Thanks for all the recs folks!

Sonoma County - Outdoor Dining and Patio recs

I've only recently returned to sonoma county and haven't had alot of opportunity to dine out because we have twin daughters.

We are looking to find some new places where we can take the girls out to lunch on a nice weekend like this one to eat outside. We've been to and love:

El Patio (Santa Rosa)
Willi's Wine Bar
Russian River Brewing
Taylor Refresher (St Helena)
The Red Grape (sonoma)
Bear Republic Brewing (Healdsburg)

Have also been to but haven't been impressed with:

Can anyone give any suggestions for things we may not have tried but should - any cuisine, any price but places where a kid can make a small amount of noise preferred.


New to Santa Rosa

Hi - I've just moved back to Santa Rosa, CA after a multi-year mistake in texas =) What are some of the must try restaurants these days? - cheap or upscale


Help - 1 day in montreal - Need a few recs

thanks for the recs! i'm heading out today via florida/carribean but I'll report back with my experiences when I return!

Need Rec's for St John's, San Juan and St. Thomas

We will be in san juan antiguo and were planning on doing a walking tour. if there is anything local worth trying - that would be my preference. Otherwise I'm open if thats not really a possibility

Help - 1 day in montreal - Need a few recs

Hello I'm a food lover from Dallas Texas - please don't hold that against me :) - and I will be passing through Montreal on Sunday April 1st heading out after lunch Monday April 2nd.

Can you give me any recs for a place to have dinner sunday and lunch monday (I'm on a slightly limited bugdet <30 per plate)? Any other suggestions or things to see would be greatly appreciated. From the previous posts it sounds like I should check out the Jean Talon Market for sure...

I am staying at the Marriott Chateau on De La Gauchetiere


Need Rec's for St John's, San Juan and St. Thomas

Hey I need some help. I'm a chow-fan from Dallas and have been talked into taking a cruise in the carrabean. (not my normal vacation type - but I'm going to make the best of it). Can you guys give me some recommendations for

St John's
San Juan
St. Thomas

I have a little less than a day in each and am hoping to find, eat and do something un-missable. I'll be there the last week of march.

Thanks! Daniel from Dallas