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Torero Tapas

Has anyone tried Torero tapas/paella in the Italian Market - walked by today for the first time - great looking menu

Jan 25, 2014
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

What's must eat Atlantic food?

If you're in the area and traveling to Peggy's Cove, Rhubarb Restaurant (8650 Peggy's Cove Road - a few minutes from Peggy's Cove) is now under new management. I tried it last night and was blown away - very fresh fish, homemade pizzas, biscuits that I actually had a dream about last night, and craft beer on tap). They opened a bakery as well (so you can buy those ridiculous biscuits for the road) and are selling the chef's compound butters, bbq sauce, and other goodies. Awesome and so much better than almost anything else on Peggy's Cove Road (also try The Finer Diner!).

Monday Birthday Lunch After Barnes Museum

La Croix would be my pick...Food is consistently good, the staff is excellent and it's a relaxed pleasant atmosphere overlooking Rittenhouse...less stuffy than 4 Seasons in my view...

What about Le Bec? Haven't been there in its new incarnation but they serve lunch and certainly priced no worse than 4 Seasons...

Nov 30, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Bistrot la Minette

ditto - La Minette is exceptional on several counts - the quality of the food, the nontraditional options on the wine list and the knowledgeable servers (ask them about the wine list!).

Nov 29, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Need a venue near the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Try R2L - it's the restaurant at the top of 2 Liberty which is right downtown...stunning views, esp. at sunset - probably the highest vantage point of any dining establishment in Philly - good food - and I know they have private meeting rooms that looked fairly large.

Nov 29, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

A Baltimore and a London 'hound seek South Street surprises

You might try Zahav for dinner - it's not far from South Street - and while there's plenty of good middle eastern food in London, it's really just where the restaurant takes it's cue - it's not "traditional" in any

You should also take advantage of our local "iron chef" Jose Garces - you won't find better burgers than at village - it's not close to South Street but South Street itself isn't much of a food destination in my opinion. It's more for lunch than dinner.

London isn't known for Mexican food - so you might want to look at some Chowhound postings on that topic...

Nov 29, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Roasted Green Chiles

Any ideas about where I could buy canned or frozen roasted green chiles in Philly?

Jan 05, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Looking to Buy Pig Cheeks for Rillettes Recipe....Wegman's Malvern does not have them..

Try Canulli's in the Italian Market!

Jan 04, 2012
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Sushi in Boca/Delray/Boynton

Need a recommendation for the best Sushi restaurant in the Boca Raton / Delray / Boynton Beach environs!


Mar 06, 2011
rafi2000 in Florida

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

I'm with you on Zahav - it's Israeli street food priced like it's waiting for its third Michelin star...I LOVE Israeli street food mind you...and they do some of it well - but the dishes are TINY and the prices high. The fresh made pita is great - and I love the Limonada (basically a bourbon mojito)...maybe next time I'll just sit at the bar eating bread and drinking...

Jun 20, 2010
rafi2000 in Philadelphia

Halifax Restaurants

My wife and I were recently forced to extend a visit to Halifax by a couple of days, which meant that we HAD to try more than our fair share of some of the best restaurants in the city - oh well, c'est la vie! On this trip we tried Gio, Press Gang & da Maurizio...we've tried Fid in the past and liked that...

Gio was the best of the 3. On first impression (I'll update after the next trip!) Gio compares favorably to any restaurant I've tried - anywhere - not kidding. The chef is willing to go out on some very interesting limbs and yet the food is accessible and plentiful. The restaurant is in the Prince George hotel (which I would recommend as one of the best in Halifax - which isn't saying TOO much, since there are not any great hotels in Halifax - but it's the best of the good hotels that we've stayed in). the space is very nicely done - local glass-art adorns the walls, the lighting is mellow but not dark - it's casual-elegant - dress for a fun evening out, but don't worry about a tie if you're a guy - Gio is low on ego, high on quality...

Starters: PEI oysters - with two excellent home made sauces - one a spicy almost bbq sauce (I'm not kidding - but it worked) and the other a fantastic mignonette (sp?) - and an asian salad that blended thai and japanese flavors (seaweed, and some peanuts in there somewhere - really well done)

Mains - Duck - done 3 ways - including a very nice confit - with fantastic sauces.
Osso bucco - done with sweetbreads, and marrow bone - very nice.
Most mains offer two or three interpretations of the same protein on the same plate - which is a trend I'm seeing in lots of places - and which I like a lot as I get bored easily!

Dessert - something called "Yum" - an ice cream sandwich made with a gingerbread style cookie - the pastry chef is excellent here - mixing flavors offering desserts as complex, but as satisfying as the mains. My wife loves chocolate and there were three menu items that could have satisfied her desire - including a chocolate chili tart.

Gio also has a very well rounded wine list.

Press Gang - I've been here twice. It's a great space - a series of smaller rooms that evoke a colonial-era restaurant - drink enough and you'll start to worry about being knocked unconscious and waking up on a ship sailing out of Halifax harbour. They have a very nice raw bar - though they were out of oysters on this visit (hard to get them when everything is frozen solid!). I enjoy the apps here more than the mains - which are fairly standard fare. Seems like everyone in Halifax is offering "Brome Lake Duck with sour cherry sauce" - they're good - but not great. Go for the raw bar offerings and the scallop dishes, which they do very well (though not the gnocchi with scallops - great scallops - gummy gnocchi!). They do a good job with lamb too.

da Maurizio - one of the best italian restaurants in town. The atmosphere is elegant - the food is solid - the prices high. They had a Brome Lake duck too - which we actually ate and enjoyed. I had a good piece of halibut with capers and artichokes - good sauce, but the fish was a little oily (floured before pan frying). The pasta was very good - homemade - we had fettucini with a lamb ragu that was excellent. Pasta portions are on the smaller size - meant to be an intermediate course between antipasti and entree - next time I might order two instead of an entree. The menu is very fulsome and there were some good looking veal dishes. I'm a little spoiled living in Philadelphia, where we have a lot of good Italian restaurants and having spent a lot of time in Toronto, where there are a lot of GREAT Italian restaurants - but this was a solid dining experience - and in Halifax if you're craving homemade pasta and willing to pay the price - not a bad choice.

A note about prices - all of these restaurants (as well as Fid) are in the same range - entrees in the mid-20's to 30's - if I had to choose only one to go to, Gio would be it - but I'm looking forward to trying Fid again on my next visit and I've heard great things about Fiasco but haven't tried it yet.

Here's an idea for an evening out - leave the car in the parking lot - you won't be able to drive after this anyway and all of these restaurants are in close proximity

- go to Press Gang first - sit at the bar and have a couple dozen oysters and some chilled white wine or a beer (try some of Nova Scotia's many excellent vineyards' offerings!) - then move over to Gio and tuck in to a meal there...followed by a night-cap at the Bitter End - excellent tunes and martinis. You'll forget all about the money you just spent and you might just wake up on a ship headed out to sea - where you'll be able to spend a long time wondering how the chef at Gio figured out all those amazing flavor combinations!

Mar 17, 2007
rafi2000 in Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia dining summer 2007

BV - I highly recommend a visit to the Grand Pres winery near Wolfville (over near the Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley) - they produce some excellent wines - there is a restaurant with outdoor dining on the premises - and it's a beautiful spot.

Mar 11, 2007
rafi2000 in Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia dining summer 2007

Any thoughts on Fiasco or Fid?

Mar 10, 2007
rafi2000 in Atlantic Canada