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Jose Maria (Segovia)

Thanks for your post, Neal. We haven't made our reservations yet for Wednesday evening but maybe we'll try another place. The board suggests Asador Bernardino for cordero lechal, anyone have experience with that place? We may end up at JM anyway, assuming we can get in (we'll call later today).

Oct 04, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Two weeks of eating in Madrid

Edit re: the review above (it jolted me awake!)--lomo is pork loin, not lamb. I think the dish name was lomo de ajo (garlic pork).

Sep 28, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Two weeks of eating in Madrid

We arrived in Madrid this morning, and after a jet-lag induced siesta, were out prowling La Latina for snacks by 7:30. We ended up at Tempranillo first, where we had glasses of jumilla along with some spicy salchichon and toasts with goat cheese, olive oil and zuchinni--delicious. The place was 1/3 Spaniard and 2/3 other and full by 8:15. We gave up our barstools to some abuelitas and headed toward Almendro 13 at around 9:00.

We were lucky enough to get a table in this busy place. We ordered the lomo con papas fritas (that may not be the exact name)--succulent cubes of lamb served atop freshly fried potato chips. The meat juices were absorbed in spots by the chips, creating a pleasant contrast of moist richness and crackling saltiness that went well with the small glasses of local beer. Nearly everyone but us was Spaniard, or at least fluent, at Almendro 13.

Thanks again everyone!

Sep 28, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Two weeks of eating in Madrid

Thanks for the great recs, I'm adding them to our list. I'll report back on the places at which we end up. I can smell the carne asada from here! -eric

Sep 22, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Jose Maria Segovia this weekend - are reservations needed

Please let us know what you think of it... we're hoping to be there on Oct 7 for dinner.

Sep 22, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Two weeks of eating in Madrid

My partner and I will be in Madrid for a couple of weeks beginning 9/27. We're amateur and fairly adventurous foodies, staying on C. Almendro for most of the time we're there with overnight trips to Segovia and Toledo.

Never one to shy away from a research project where my stomach is concerned, I have pored over these boards and other online sources to find what I hope are affordable, quality, delicious, atmospheric spots to try for lunch and dinner.

Here's my list thus far; note, the only places I really trust are those gleaned from Chowhound, so if you see any stinkers on my list please let me know:

El Ventorrillo Murciano (paella)
Ribeira do Mino (Gallego, shellfish)
Goizeko (seafood)
Taberna El Almendro, Txakoli, Juana La Loca, El Tempranillo, Txirimiri, Almendro 13, Orixe (tapas)
El Cantabrico (seafood)
Oreja de Oro (pig's ears... hmmm)
El Brillante (terraza)
La Venencia (sherry)
El Bocaito, Divina La Cocina (Chueca spots)
La Bola Taberna (cocido madrileño, lunch)
Taverna Miranda, Restaurante Puebla, Ojalá (lunch)
Viuda de Vacas (Almodovar, oxtail soup)
Casa Mingo (Asturian cider house), La Burbuja que Rie (Asturian)
Giangrossi (ice cream)
La Santiaguesa (pastries)
and of course Chocolateria San Gines.

Markets--I have Butterfly's great listing of neighborhood markets and info on the Mercado de San Miguel. I hope there's time to hit more than one... who needs museums?

I'd like feedback both on my existing list and on any additions to it, in particular amazing/can't miss places for:

Seafood/shellfish--my first romance with tapas was a simple bit of bacalao in a sweet pepper inflected tomato broth. I love all the frutas del mar.

Croquetas--combining two of my favorite words, "ham" and "fried." Me gusta.

Moorish-influenced cuisine--maybe a naive request since the cultures are so blended I assume many "Spanish" foods are Moorish-influenced, but if there are any places where the influence especially evident and tasty...

Asturian, Galician, or Cantabrian bars/cafes/restaurants of particular charm.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Sep 19, 2009
geoquiz3000 in Spain/Portugal

Green Mesquite - best BBQ I've had in months

I like Green Mesquite too, especially for their smoked turkey. My favorite comfort food is their baked potato stuffed with smoked turkey, sour cream, chives, cheese & a little bbq sauce. I also like the Bubba Taco Basket with pulled pork, smoked turkey, or chopped beef. There's also something in the flavor of the pinto beans that I really like but can't figure out. Their onion rings, okra, and huge tea belly-washers are good too. The waitstaff, especially the Saturday crew, is really friendly and efficient too.

Nov 01, 2008
geoquiz3000 in Austin

Best Tres Leches cake in Austin

Russell's Bakery on Hancock has a delicious coconut tres leches cake. I also like the Chez Zee version (also coconut) which you can buy as a whole cake. They're fairly pricey ($40-50 for a 10" cake), but when I've tried to replicate these cakes at home I've failed miserably. They're both tall coconut-astic layer cakes.

May 03, 2008
geoquiz3000 in Austin

Please don't hate me... any place to get veal bones?

I want to make veal stock and need some bones... CM said they randomly get them in but never seem to have them when I'm there. Any reliable source?

May 02, 2008
geoquiz3000 in Austin

CIBO is closed

The three times I went the food ranged from spectacular to bad. The atmosphere was kinda stark and echoey; a relaxing and attractive setting makes me feel better about the price when I'm slightly disappointed in the meal (this is what saves Fino for me sometimes). Service was good, but it's also hard to feel great about a dining out experience when your party is alone in a cavernous restaturant.

May 02, 2008
geoquiz3000 in Austin

El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

I'd suggest waiting a few weeks--the original was similarly disorganzied at first but it turned out well. If this location becomes anything as busy as the one on Manor they will not notice that a few early customers get irritated and decide never to return. I'm glad I gave them a second chance.

May 02, 2008
geoquiz3000 in Austin

Maru has great sushi!

I've been 3 times now, once for dinner and twice for lunch. I agree with the comments on the freshness of the nigiri sushi. I found the yellowtail belly and flying fish roe delicious in particular though I'm no expert. Also tried the bento with the beef teriyaki (sweeter than I like, but tender meat and not much fat), served with four pieces of a small Cali roll, several well prepared (non-greasy) tempura (shrimp, green bean, onion, and my favorite, sweet potato), a small salad (skipped it), some rice, all prefaced with very good miso. Service was polite (slightly nervous?) and efficient. Decor and lighting are not as soothing as they could/should be. Maru was 2/3 full at lunch (Thursday and Friday) but mostly empty for a weeknight dinner. Seemed relatively inexpensive (~6 piece sushi lunch was $10 or so, teriyaki bento was maybe $8) for the quality.

Mar 10, 2007
geoquiz3000 in Austin