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Durham/CH grad weekend

I have been to Panciuto several times and no one has ever rushed me out. I usually stay 1 1/2 hours or so. What did you eat that was salty? I have had their shrimp and pasta, pork, salads, and some other stuff, but it has not tasted salty to me. Maybe it was an off night, I have been to Elaine's and had lousy service and not so great food, but I gave them another try - much better the second time.

Panciuto in Hillsborough, NC

It is really very good. There are not too many choices - maybe 4-5 apps and 4-5 entrees (sometimes more) but they are all different and can probably satisfy whatever you are looking for. Atmosphere is elegant but also relaxed. Don't expect to eat and run - the food is not prepackaged so it takes a little longer to prepare, but I think it is well worth the time spent. It got a great review from Greg Cox at the N&O and I have heard others who have eaten there say good things as well. It isn't cheap - apps run 8-12 and entrees run 21-28, but you get what you pay for. Hope that helps. (Sorry this is so late in replying - was away and finally had time to check the site.) Hope you go or went and had a good time!