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Places to get a Good deal for Rib Eye in Westchester?

You're 20 minutes from 3 of the best butcher shops in the surrounding area. Prime meat cut to order while you wait.

Places to get a Good deal for Rib Eye in Westchester?

James, where do you live?

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

"Show the prices side by side is outrageous".....I think it's stupid!!! If the owners look at this forum they should roll back the Scarsdale prices immediately considering the fact that most of the opinions on the food, service and prices is negative.

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

I think Ben's in Scarsdale is trying recoup the cost of the building. The project took over 1 year and the décor and furnishings look expensive.

Cookies! (lower Westchester)

The best Italian cookies, Artuso Pastry Shop, 270 Mamaroneck Ave.

Anthony Bourdain visits Da Bronx

Plenty of good food in these neighborhoods: Arthur Ave.....Morris Park.....Norwood.....Pelham Bay.....Woodlawn & others.

Nov 06, 2014
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Anthony Bourdain visits Da Bronx


Oct 09, 2014
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Anthony Bourdain visits Da Bronx

A total waste of an hour of anyone's time. There is so much more to the Bronx then what was shown. The neighborhoods, the places to visit and the fine restaurants should have been shown. They showed a 2 second shot of Addeo's Bakery so they were on Arthur Ave. Boo on A & E and Anthony Bourndain!!!

Oct 08, 2014
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Buffet Type Brunch Lower Westchester

Would like to host a 25th Wedding Anniversary party for about 30 to 40 guests. I notice that many places now have menus rather than buffets. I would prefer a buffet type brunch. Recommendations would be appreciated

Grocery Shopping on Arthur Avenue

I think we're going a little off topic, "Grocery Shopping on Arthur Avenue". San Marzano standards should be discussed under a separate topic.

Apr 11, 2014
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Queston about Pagoda on Central Park Ave [Scarsdale]

We were there about 5 weeks ago and did notice that something was different. When it first opened, many years ago, it was very good, then it changed hands and it was good now it seems to have new owners again and it is terrible. The food was greasy, cold and not well prepared. The wait staff were more interested in cleaning green beans at a back table in the dining room.

Need good Arthur Avenue, Italian restaurant for Saturday night.

This is the Arthur Ave location:!res...
Excellent food & reservations.

Jan 31, 2014
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Italian Kitchen - Ardsley - gone?

Drove by yesterday and saw the windows covered with something that gave the impression that it is closed.

Whole Cooked Turkey - Astoria

I should have made it clear...........yes, Astoria, NY.

Nov 11, 2013
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Whole Cooked Turkey - Astoria

Any recommendations where to purchase a cooked turkey in Astoria?

Nov 11, 2013
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy Mortodella

If you ate it in Italy you must get the imported mortadella. Most of the delis on Arthur Ave, in the Bronx carry it.

Sep 24, 2013
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy zucchini flowers in Dutchess County

What was the stuffing and just curious about the price for that dish.

Arthur Avenue

I thought it was impossible. They are alive and well......I just called and spoke with Orazio and he working the curd.

Mar 16, 2013
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Fairway not coming to Greenburgh

GREENBURGH, N.Y. – A report that the New York City supermarket chain Fairway Market is coming to Greenburgh is false, town officials said.

Officials at Greenburgh Town Hall were reportedly stumped when they received a phone call from the Westchester County Business Journal last month, asking if Fairway's second Westchester County store would soon be located on Knollwood Road.

"There is no truth to the rumor that Fairway is coming into the Town of Greenburgh," Thomas Madden, commissioner of community development and conservation, said Friday evening. "That is just a rumor. As far as I know, Fairway is not coming to Greenburgh."

Saved Boards?

I agree. I'm only interested in New York boards so must I go to "All Boards". Please make a change to keep things simple...........Thanks.

Jul 01, 2012
JohnAM in Site Talk

Jade Gardens Gone

Those mattresses have been there for 2 weeks. I bet some of the help slept in the basement.

Grilled Paella

How do you get "the smoky flavor from the fire" unless you use a charcoal or wood fire. I don't see the advantage of a gas grill as opposed to making this on a gas range.

Apr 09, 2012
JohnAM in Recipes

Jade Gardens Gone

Yes, it is a direct quote from Paul Feiner's email blast.

Jade Gardens Gone

In an email this morning from the Greenburgh Town supervisor, Jade Garden, at 156 Central Avenue will be remodeled by a new lessee and converted into a sports bar. The work should commence shortly.

H Mart coming to Hartsdale!

Town Supervisor, Paul Finer, sent this email today: H MART OPENING SOON---H MART will be replacing Pathmark on Central Ave in Hartsdale very soon. The sign stating H Mart was placed on the building yesterday. The Building Department advises that the supermarket should open within the next two weeks!

Arthur Ave on Christmas Eve Day

bob96, I remember Christmas Eve shopping on Arthur Ave for many, many years. Italians always waited till the last minute because it would be "fresh". I always wanted to know if they thought that the fish was caught that morning!!! Even today, with refrigeration and freezers, they still wait for the last minute. Buon Natale!!!!!

Dec 23, 2011
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Fresh suckling pig - where to go?

Any of the butcher shops on Arthur Ave, in the Bronx should have or will get you a suckling pig

Nov 28, 2011
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Catered Thanksgiving Dinner

Who would you recommend for a catered (take-out) Thanksgiving Dinner for about 15 people. Lower Westchester County (South of 287). Preferably some place that you've tried and what foods did you have?

Where do I find slider buns in queens?

Most supermarkets have them.

Jul 21, 2011
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs

Tra Di Noi or Emilia's? Best cake bakery on Arthur Ave?

The best cakes are from Artuso Pastry on E. 187th St., 718-367-2515. Call in the morning and ask for Joey.

Artuso Pastry
670 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458

Jul 14, 2011
JohnAM in Outer Boroughs