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Good MTL restos with no alcohol?

it is not for religious reasons, if the food itself contains alcohol in the preparation that is not a big deal. I am looking for a place to take a friend who is a recovering alcoholic and I just don't want to take them anywhere where people are drinking alcohol. I remember there was a good Latin American place on Beaubien also that did not serve alcohol (or did not when I last went)

Good MTL restos with no alcohol?

Hi. Any suggestions for good Montreal restos that have good food and interesting drinks but no liquor license and that are not byob?

Frango on Mont-Royal

"the spicy chicken barely a tingle on the tongue."

You have to ask for their super spicy sauce. It's the one the furthest to the left. It is plenty spicy :-)

Chicken wings in the plateau?

I have yet to find a place with decent chicken wings in the plateau. My personal favorite for wings in Montreal is The Rio bar and grill in VSL on Decarie. Does anyone know a place in the plateau? Ideally with delivery cuz I am watching Nascar :-D

Portuguese Restos suggestions?

I am surprised no one has mentioned 'The Chicken Nazi" :-) Portugalia Rotisserie @ Rachel and Clark. Hole in the wall place with grumpy but friendly service that has the best portuguese grilled chicken I have had in town. Call first and they will toss your chicken on the grill before you get there: 514-282-1519